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Important Acronyms


Important Acronyms
International Organisations
Giga, Terra, Exa?



Only the most important acronyms about computer, chat, Internet, networking, and phones. If you don't find it here it can't be that important - at least not common knowledge even when talking to "experts".

A piece of advice: you almost never need to know the long form of an acronym but what it really means. We tried to give some hints in the following table.

12-Lookup displays the following acronyms in a one-click-accessible window. You may sort up and down, by category or acronym. To find an acronym all you need to do is type in the first letter at the top of the table. 12-Lookup will jump there immediately. This makes finding an acronym faster than searching on the Internet!


Category     Acronym    Meaning
Hardware1394Fire Wire Bus
UnitsµMicro (10^-6 = 0.000 001)
Names7DwarfsSleepy, Dopey, Happy, Sneezy, Grumpy, Doc, Bashful
PhoneAAEAlgemeine Anschalterlaubnis
Phoneab-PortAnalog Phone Line (a=0V, b=+60V)
SoftwareACLAccess Control Lists
SoftwareACMAudio Compression Manager
OrgACMEAmerican Corporation (that) Manufactures Everything
HardwareACPIAdvanced Configuration and Power Interface
OrgACSEAssociation Control Service Element
HardwareADCAnalog Digital Converter
NetworkADMDAdministration Management Domain
NetworkADSIActive Directory Service Interface
InternetADSLAsymetric Digital Subscriber Line (2-8 Mbit/s)
SecurityAESAdvanced Encryption Standard
MediaAFanisotroph filter
HardwareAGPAccelerated Graphics Port
HardwareAHCIAdvanced Host Controller Interface (--> SATA disk controller using --> NCQ)
Chatakaalso known as
SoftwareALGOLALGOrithmic Language
Namesalpha1Alpha,Bravo,Charlie,Delta,Echo,Foxtrot, Golf,Hotel,India,Juliet,Kilo,Lima,Mike
Namesalpha2November,Oscar,Papa,Quebec,Romeo,Sierra, Tango,Uniform,Victor,Whisky,Xray,Yankee,Zulu
HardwareALUArithmetic Logical Unit
OrgAMDAdvanced Micro Devices
SoftwareAMRAudio Modem Riser
NetworkANRAmbiguous Name Resolution
NetworkANSAdvanced Network Services
OrgANSIAmerican National Standards Institute
OrgAOWAsia and Oceania Workshop
SoftwareAPIApplication Program Interface
HardwareAPICAdvanced Programmabele Interrupt Controller (82489DX)
SoftwareAPMAdvanced Power Management
HardwareARCAdvanced RISC Computer
NetworkArc NetAttached Resource Computer Network
NetworkARPAddress Resolution Protocol
OrgARPAAdvanced Research Projects Agency
ChatASAPAs Soon As Possible
SoftwareASCIIAmerican Standard Code for Information Interchange
SoftwareASICApplication Specific IC
NetworkASN.1Abstract Syntax Notation One
InternetASPActive Server Page, Application Service Provider
SoftwareASPIAdvanced SCSI Programming Interface
HardwareATAdvanced Technology (--> XT)
HardwareATA(parallel) Advanced Technology Attachment (=IDE), ATAPI-4 = 33 MB/s (--> S-ATA)
HardwareATAPIAdvanced Technology Attachment Packet Interface (=ATA)
NetworkATMAsynchronous Transfer Mode
OrgATMAutomatic Teller Machine
HardwareATXAdvanced Technologie eXtended
MediaAVAudio Video
MediaAVCAdvanced Video Codec
SoftwareAVIAudio Video Interleaved
PhoneBbearer channel (isdn)
ChatB4NBye for Now
Unitsbarrel1 gallon=4 quarts=8 pints=3.785 Liter, 1 barrel=159 Liter (UK:1 gallon=4.546 Liter)
SoftwareBASICBeginners All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code
NetworkBBSBulletin Board System, BIOS Boot Specification
SoftwareBCDBinary Coded Decimal
NetworkBDCBackup Domain Controller (NT)
SoftwareBERBasic Encoding Rules
Chatbg<bg> big grin
OrgBICBank Identifier Code
HardwareBIOSBasic Input/Output System
HardwareBISTBuilt-In Self Test
SoftwarebitBinary digIT
OrgBITNETBecause It's Time NETwork
HardwareBIUBus Interface Unit
SoftwareBltblock transfer, 'blitting' (copy a block of pixels)
Mediablu-rayoptical disc for high-definition video (Sony, Matsushita) (--> HD-DVD)
NetworkBNCBayonet Norm Connector (Bayonet Neill Concelman)
OrgBOCBell Operating Company
NetworkBOOTPBootstrap Protocol (-->RARP)
Networkbpsbit per second
ChatBRBBe Right Back
HardwareBRIBasic Rate Interface
SoftwareBSDBerkeley Software Distribution
ChatBTABut Then Again (in response to IOW)
SoftwareB-TreeBayer-Tree (used for indices of data bases)
ChatBTWBy The Way
SoftwareCC (programming language), Carry
UnitsCDegree Celsius: x°C=x*9/5+32°F (-->F)
Orgc/ocare of (mail)
SecurityCACertification Authority
SoftwareCADComputer Aided Design
SoftwareCAMCommon Access Method (SCSI), Content Adressable Memory
PhoneCAPICommon Application Programming Interface (--> ISDN)
PhoneCASColumn Adress Strobe (-->RAS)
NetworkCASTCarlisle Adams and Stafford Tavares (Security)
SecurityCBCCipher Block Chaining
OrgCCCChaos Computer Club
OrgCCITTComité Consultatif Internationale de Télégraphique et Téléphonique (now -->ITU)
SoftwareCCLCommon Command Language
OrgCCRCommitment, Concurrency, and Recovery
SoftwareCCSCommon Command Set (SCSI)
SecurityCDCCertificate Distribution Center
MediaCD-ICompact Disc Interactive
MediaCD-RCompact Disc Recordable (for CD Writer)
MediaCD-ROMCompact Disc Read Only Memory
MediaCD-RWCompact Disc Read and Write (writes every pit only once)
HardwareCEChip Enable
MediaCEConsumer Electronics
SoftwareCEClear Entry, Compact Edition (Windows CE)
OrgCeBITCentrum Buero Informations Technologien (Computer Fair in Hanover, Germany)
OrgCEOChief Executive Officer (-->CIO, COO)
OrgCERNConseil Europeen pour la Recherche Nucleaire
SecurityCFBCipher Feedback
PhonecFosto Capi from FOSsil translator
HardwareCGAColor Graphics Adapter
SoftwareCGICommon Gateway Interface
NetworkCHAPChallenge-Handshake Authentication Protocol
HardwareCHSCylinder-Head-Sector addressing of a disk
OrgCIACentral Intelligence Agency
SoftwareCIFSCommon Internet File System
OrgCIOChief Information Officer (-->CEO, COO)
OrgCISCompuserve Information System
SoftwareCISCComplex Instruction Set Computer (-->RISC)
NetworkCLNPConnectionless Network Protocol (ISO IP)
NetworkCLTPConnectionless Transport Protocol
NetworkCMIPCommon Management Information Protocol
HardwareCMOSComplementary Metal Oxid Semiconductor
PhoneCNGCalling-Tone (Fax 1100Hz, Modem 1300Hz)
SoftwareCOBOLCommon Business Oriented Language
SoftwareCOMComponent Object Model, COMpany, COMmunication, COMputer
HardwareCONCONsole (Monitor + Keyboard)
NetworkCONSConnection Oriented Network Service (e.g. X.25)
OrgCOOChief Operating Officer (-->CEO, CIO)
SoftwareCookieCustom Data
SoftwareCORBACommon Object Request Broker Architecture
OrgCOSCorporation for Open Systems
OrgCOSINECooperation for Open Systems Interconnection Networking in Europe
HardwareCP/MControl Program for Microcomputers
PhoneCPNCalling Party Number
HardwareCPUCentral Processing Unit
SoftwareCRCarriage Return (ASCII: 13)
SoftwareCRCCyclical Redundancy Check
OrgCRENThe Corporation for Research and Educational Networking
SecurityCRLCertificate Revocation List
HardwareCRTCathode Ray Tube
HardwareCRTCCRT-Controller (6845)
HardwareCSChip Select
InternetCSLIPCompressed Serial Line Internet Protocol
NetworkCSMA/CDCarrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Detection
OrgCSNETComputer+Science Network
InternetCSSCascading Style Sheets
SoftwareCSVComma Separated Values
ChatCUSee you
HardwareCUControl Unit
ChatCUL8RSee you later
HardwareCyborgcybernetic organism (Manfred Clynes, 1960)
PhoneDdata (-->ISDN chanel)
HardwareD/ADigital to Analog
HardwareDACDigital Analog Converter
SoftwareDAOData Access Objects
OrgDARPADefense Advanced Research Projects Agency
SecurityDASSDistributed Authentication Security Service
InternetDATEX-PDATa EXchange - Packet oriented
NetworkDC-3T1=1.5 Mbps,T3=DC-3=45,OC-3=155,OC-12=644,OC-48=2.4 Gbps
OrgDCADefense Communications Agency
NetworkDCDData Carrier Detect
NetworkDCEDistributed Computing Environment (=RPC), Data Communication Equipment
SoftwareDCOMDistributed Component Object Model
HardwareDDDouble Density, Disk Drive
SoftwareDDEDynamic Data Exchange
SecurityDDNDefense Data Network
HardwareDDRDouble Data Rate (--> RAM)
OrgDECDigital Equipment Corporation
PhoneDECTDigital European Cordless Telephone
SecurityDESData Encryption Standard
NetworkDHCPDynamic Host Configuration Protocol
Hardwaredieunbonded processor chip
HardwareDIMMDual In-line Memory Module (--> SIMM, RIMM)
OrgDINDeutsche Industrie-Norm
NetworkDISPDirectory Information Shadowing Protocol (-->X.500)
NetworkDITDirectory Information Tree
InternetDLDownload, Distribution List
NetworkDLCData Link Control
SoftwareDLLDynamic Link Library, Data Link Layer
HardwareDMADirect Memory Access
HardwareDMACDMA-Controller (8237A)
SoftwareDMIDesktop Management Interface
NetworkDNDistinguished Name
NetworkDNSDomain Name Service
SoftwareDOSDisk Operating System (Microsoft)
SoftwaredpiDot Per Inch
HardwareDRAMDynamik Random Access Memory (--> SRAM)
NetworkDSDirectory Service
InternetDSADirectory System Agent
InternetDSLDigital Subscriber Line (2-8 Mbit/s)
SoftwareDSNData Source Name
HardwareDSRData Set Ready
SecurityDSSDigital Signature Standard
HardwareDTADisk Transfer Area
HardwareDTEData Terminal Equipment
ChatDTRTDo The Right Thing
SoftwareDUADirectory User Agent
InternetDUNDial-Up Networking
SoftwareDVBDigital Video Broadcasting
MediaDVB-S2Digital Video Broadcast - Satellite, 2 streams/transponder, supports MPEG4
MediaDVDDigital Versatile Disk
MediaDVIDigital Video Interface
ChatDWIMNWISDo What I Meant, Not What I Said
SoftwareDWordDouble Word
OrgEARNEuropean Academic Research Network
HardwareEAROMElectrically Alterable ROM
PhoneEAZEndgeraeteAuswahlZiffer (only 1TR6)
SoftwareEBCDICExtended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code
SecurityECBElectronic Codebook
SoftwareECCError Correcting Code
HardwareECLEmitter Coupled Logic
HardwareECPExtended Capabilities Port
SoftwareEDIElectronic Data Interchange (Format)
HardwareEDOExtended Data Output
SoftwareEDVElektronische Datenverarbeitung
HardwareEEPROMElectrical Eraseable PROM (--> FAMOST)
HardwareEGAEnhanced Graphics Adapter (640x400)
NetworkEGPExterior Gateway Protocol
OrgEIAElectronic Industries Association
HardwareEISAExtended ISA
HardwareEMSExpanded Memory Specification (bank switching)
HardwareENIACElectronic Numerical Integrator and Calcullator (1943-46)
NetworkEOCEnd Of Conversion
SoftwareEOFEnd Of File
HardwareEPICExplicit Parallelism Instruction Computing
HardwareEPPEnhanced Parallel Port (max. 18 MBit/s)
HardwareEPROMErasable PROM
HardwareESDIEnhanced Small Device Interface
NetworkES-ISEnd system to Intermediate system protocol
HardwareEUExecution Unit
OrgEUnetEuropean UNIX Network
OrgEUUGEuropean UNIX Users Group
OrgEWOSEuropean Workshop for Open Systems
UnitsFDegree Fahrenheit: x°F=(x-32)*5/9°C (-->C)
HardwareFAMOSTFloating Gate Avalanche Injection MOS Transistor
InternetFAQFrequently Asked Questions
OrgFARNETFederation of American Research NETworks
SoftwareFATFile Allocation Table
SoftwareFCBFile Control Block (file structure to open file in CP/M)
OrgFCCFederal Communications Commission
HardwareFDCFloppy Disc Controller (82072A)
SoftwareFDCFile Delete Child (NTFS)
HardwareFDDFloppy Disc Drive
NetworkFDDIFiber Distributed Data Interface
NetworkFDEFull Duplex Ethernet
HardwareFETField Effect Transistor
HardwareFIFOFirst In, First Out
OrgFIPSFederal Information Processing Standard
ChatFISHFirst In, Still Here
MediaFMFrequency Modulation
OrgFNCFederal Networking Council
ChatFOAFFriend Of A Friend
PhoneFOSSILFido/Opus/SEAdog Standard Interface Layer (AT-modem-commands)
InternetFQDNFully Qualified Domain Name
OrgFRICCFederal Research Internet Coordinating Committee (now FNC)
MediaFSAAFull Scene Anti-Aliasing
SecurityFSKFrequency Shift Keying
UnitsftFeet (1mile=1760yd=1.61km, 1yd=3ft=36in=0.914m, 1ft=12in=0.305m, 1in=2.54cm)
NetworkFTAMFile Transfer, Access, and Management
OrgFTCFederal Trust Commission
InternetFTPFile Transfer Protocol
ChatFUDfear, uncertainty, doubt
ChatFWIWFor What It's Worth
ChatFYIFor Your Information
Chatg<g> grin, grinning
UnitsGGiga (2^30 ~= 10^9)
Unitsggram (1 g = 0.0022 lb = 0.0353 oz)
NetworkGALGlobal Address List
Unitsgallon1 gallon=4 quarts=8 pints=3.785 Liter, 1 barrel=159 Liter (UK:1 gallon=4.546 Liter)
Chatgdr<g,d&r> grinning, ducking and running (<...vvf> very, very fast)
SoftwareGDTGlobal Descriptor Table
SoftwareGDTRGlobal Descriptor Table Register
Chatgdw<g,d&w> Grin, Duck and Weave
HardwareGEOGlobal Earth Orbit (-->LEO, MEO)
MediaGIFGraphics Interchange Format
ChatGIGOGarbage In Garbage Out, Garbage In Gospel Out
ChatGLGHGood Luck and Good Hunting
ChatGOSIPGovernment OSI Profile
MobileGPRSGeneral Packet Radio Service (packet switched, 53,6 kBit/s)
MediaGPUGraphics Processing Unit
MobileGSMGlobal System for Mobile Communications (circuit switched, no packets, 9,6 kbit/s)
OrgGSMGroupe Spécial Mobile (French)
NetworkGSNWGateway Services for Netware (NT Server)
SecurityGSSAPIGeneric Security Services API
MediaH.264/AVCalso known as MPEG-4/Part 10 or MPEG-4/AVC (Advanced Video Codec)
HardwareHDHard Disk, High Density
HardwareHDAHead Disk Assembly
HardwareHDCHard Disk Controller
MediaHDCPHigh Bandwidth Digital Content Protection
HardwareHDDHard Disk Drive
MediaHD-DVDHigh Definition Digital Versatile Disk (NEC, Toshiba) (--> blu-ray)
NetworkHDLCHigh-Level Data Link Control
MediaHDMIHigh Definition Multimedia Interface
MediaHDRHigh Dynamic Range Rendering.
MediaHDTVHigh Definition Television
HardwareHGCHercules Graphik Card (720x348)
SoftwareHPFSHigh Performance File System (OS/2)
MobileHSCSDHigh Speed Circuit Switched Data (4 time slots, 57.6 kbit/s)
MobileHSDPAHigh Speed Downlink Packet Access (fast scheduling, quality modulation, >1.8 Mbit/s)
MobileHSUPAHigh Speed Uplink Packet Access
InternetHTMLHypertext Markup Language
InternetHTTPHypertext Transfer Protocol
UnitsHzHertz, 1 Hz = 1 cycle per second
HardwareI2OIntelligent I/O
OrgIABInternet Activities Board
ChatIACIn Any Case
ChatIAEIn Any Event
ChatIANALI Am Not A Lawyer
OrgIBANInternational Bank Account Number
OrgIBMInternational Business Machines
HardwareICIntegrated Circuit
NetworkICMPInternet Control Message Protocol
HardwareIDEIntelligent Drive Electronics, Integrated Dual-Channel Enhanced
SoftwareIDEIntegrated Development Environment
SecurityIDEAInternational Data Encryption Algorithm
SoftwareIDLInterface Definition Language
HardwareIDTInterrupt Descriptor Table
HardwareIDTRInterrupt Descriptor Table Register
InternetIEInternet Explorer (Microsoft)
OrgIEEEInstitute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IE3)
OrgIESGInternet Engineering Steering Group
OrgIETFInternet Engineering Task Force
NetworkIGPInterior Gateway Protocol
NetworkIGRPInternet Gateway Routing Protocol
HardwareIILIntegrated Injection Logik (I2L)
ChatIMAOIn My Arrogant Opinion
ChatIMCOIn My Considered Opinion
ChatIMHOIn My Humble Opinion
ChatIMOIn My Opinion
UnitsinInches (1mile=1760yd=1.61km, 1yd=3ft=36in=0.914m, 1ft=12in=0.305m, 1in=2.54cm)
OrgINTAPInteroperability Technology Association for Information Processing
OrgIntelIntegrated Electronics (Gordon Moore, Robert Noyce, Andrew Grove)
NetworkIONLInternal Organization of the Network Layer
ChatIOWIn Other Words
NetworkIPInternet Protocol
SoftwareIPCInterprocess Comunication (RPC, Sockets, Mailslots, Pipes, ...)
NetworkIPCPInternet Protocol Control Protocol (defined in RFC 1332)
NetworkIPMInterpersonal Message
HardwareIPSIn Plane Switching (slow) (-->TFT, TN, MVA)
NetworkIPX/SPXInternetwork Packet Exchange / Sequenced Packet (Protocol) Exchange
InternetIRCInternet Relay Chat
HardwareIRQInterrupt Request
OrgIRSInternal Revenue Service
OrgIRTFInternet Research Task Force
OrgISInformation Services
HardwareISAIndustrial Standard Architecture
SoftwareISAMIndexed Sequential Access Method (database)
SoftwareISAPIInternet Server API
PhoneISDNIntegrated Services Digital Network (B=bearer, D=data) (max. 64000 Bit/s)
NetworkIS-ISIntermediate system to Intermediate system protocol
OrgISOInternational Standardization Organisation
InternetISPInternet Service Provider
SoftwareISVIndependent Software Vendor
OrgITARInternationa Trafficking in Arms Regulation
OrgITUInternational Telecommunication Union (former -->CCITT)
HardwareIUInstruction Unit
SoftwareIVInitialization Vector
ChatIWBNIIt Would Be Nice If
ChatIYFEGInsert Your Favourite Ethnic Group
OrgJANETJoint Academic Network (U.K.)
SoftwareJETJoint Engine Technology (Microsoft database)
MediaJPEGJoint Photograph Experts Group
OrgJUNETJapan UNIX Network
UnitskKilo (2^10 ~= 10^3)
UnitsKBKilo Bytes (2^10=1024 Bytes)
SecurityKDCKey Distribution Center
Unitskgkilo gram (1 kg = 2.2 lb = 35,27 oz)
NetworkLANLocal Area Network
HardwareLaserLight Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation
Unitslbpound (1 lb = 16 oz = 0.45359 kg)
SoftwareLBALogical Block Addressing
MediaLCDLiquid Crystal Display
NetworkLCPLink Control Protocol
NetworkLDAPLightweight Directory Access Protocol
HardwareLDTLocal Descriptor Table
HardwareLDTRLocal Descriptor Table Register
SecurityLEAFLaw Enforcement Access Field (Clipper)
HardwareLECLocal Exchange Carrier
HardwareLEDLight Emitting Diode
HardwareLEOLow Earth Orbit (-->MEO, GEO)
SoftwareLFLine Feed (ASCII: 10)
HardwareLIFOLast In, First Out
ChatLOLLaughing Out Loud
SoftwareLPCLocal Procedure Call (-->RPC)
HardwareLPTLine PrinTer (-->PRN)
SoftwareLSBLeast Sigificant Bit
HardwareLSILarge Scale Integration (10,000-100,000)
HardwareLVDLow Voltage Differential
UnitsMMega (2^20 ~= 10^6 = 1048576)
UnitsmMeter (1 m = 1.0936 yd), milli (=10^-3=0.001)
Unitsmmilli (10^-3 = 0.001)
NetworkMACMedia Access Control
SecurityMACMessage Authentication Code, Mandatory Access Controls
SoftwareMAPIMessaging Application Programming Interface
HardwareMAUMultistation Access Unit
UnitsMBMega Bytes (1024x1024 Bytes)
SoftwareMBRMaster Boot Record (first sector on disk)
HardwareMCBMemory Control Block
HardwareMCGAMulti-Color Graphics Array
SecurityMD5Message Digest 5
HardwareMDAMonochrome Display Adapter
HardwareMEOMiddle Earth Orbit (-->LEO, GEO)
NetworkMESIModified, Exclusive, Shared or Invalid (cache-protocol)
HardwareMFIIMultifunktion 2 Keyboard
HardwareMFMModified FM (Frequency Modulation)
SoftwareMHSMessage Handling System
UnitsMHzMega Hertz (million instructions per second)
OrgMIBManagement Information Base
SecurityMICMessage Integrity Code
UnitsMickey1/200 inch = 0.127 mm
MediaMIDIMusic Instruments Digital Interface
ChatMIJI?May I Jump In?
InternetMIMEMultipurpose Internet Mail Extensions
HardwareMIPSMillion Instructions per Second, Microproc. w/o Interlocked Pipeline Stages (R4000)
OrgMISManagement Information System
HardwareMMOMobile Module
HardwareMMUMemory Management Unit
HardwareMMXMultimedia Extension (Intel)
NamesMorse1ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOP .- -... -.-. -.. . ..-. --. .... .. .--- -.- .-.. -- -. --- .--.
NamesMorse2QRSTUVWXYZ 0123 --.- .-. ... - ..- ...- .-- -..- -.-- --.. ----- .---- ..--- ...--
NamesMorse3456789 ?-., ....- ..... -.... --... ---.. ----. ..--.. -....- .-.-.- --..--
HardwareMOSFETTransistor (Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor)
MediaMP3MPEG 2.5 Audio Layer III
MediaMPEGMoving Pictures Experts Group
InternetMPPPMulitiLink Point-to-Point Protocol
HardwareMPUMicroprozessor Unit
OrgMSMicrosoft (MSFT)
HardwareMSBMost Significant Bit
OrgMSFTNASDAQ for Microsoft
HardwareMSIMedium Scale Integration (100-10,000)
PhoneMSNMultiple Subscriber Number
SoftwareMSSMaximum Segment Size
NetworkMTAMessage Transfer Agent
HardwareMTBFMean Time Between Failures
NetworkMTUMaximum Transmission Unit (1500 bytes for Ethernet)
NamesMusketeerd'Artagnon, Athos, Aramis, Porthos
HardwareMVAMulti Domain Vertical Alignment (Fujitsu) (-->TFT, TN, IPS)
HardwareMVSMultiple Virtual Storage (IBM mainfraim)
SoftwareMXMail eXchange record
SoftwareNNegative sign
UnitsnNano (10^-9 = 0.000 000 001)
OrgNAn/a Not Available
SoftwareNANNot A Number
OrgNASANational Aeronautics and Space Administration
HardwareNCNetwork Computer, Not Compatible
NetworkNCB(s)Network Control Block(s)
NetworkNCPNetware Control Protocol
HardwareNCQNative Command Queuing (optimise order of commands on --> SATA disks)
OrgNCSANational Center for Supercomputing Applications
NetworkNDISNetwork Device/Driver Interface Specification
NetworkNDRNetwork Data Representation (RPC)
NetworkNDSNetware Directory Services
OrgNECNippon Electric Company
NetworkNetBEUINet Bios Extended User Interface
NetworkNetBIOSNetwork Basic Input Output System
NetworkNFSNetwork File System
PhoneNI-1National ISDN 1
SoftwareNibble4 bits
OrgNICNetwork Information Center, or Network Interface Card
OrgNISTNational Institute of Standards and Technology
SoftwareNMINon Maskable Interrupt
HardwareNMOSN-Channel MOS
NetworkNMSNetwork Management Station
InternetNNTPNetwork News Transfer Protocol
OrgNOCNetwork Operations Center
ChatNRNNo Reply Necessary
SoftwareNRZNon Return to Zero
NetworkNSAPNetwork Service Access Point
SoftwareNSAPINetscape Server API
OrgNSFNational Science Foundation
NetworkNTNetwork Terminator
SoftwareNTNew Technology (Windows)
PhoneNTBANetwork Terminator Basis Anschluss
SoftwareNTFSNew Technology File System (Windows NT/2000/XP)
MediaNTSCNational Television Systems Committee
HardwareNVRNon-Volatile RAM
InternetOC-12T1=1.5 Mbps,T3=DC-3=45,OC-3=155,OC-12=644,OC-48=2.4 Gbps
InternetOC-3T1=1.5 Mbps,T3=DC-3=45,OC-3=155,OC-12=644,OC-48=2.4 Gbps
SoftwareODBCOpen Database Connectivity
NetworkODIOpen Data-Link Interface
OrgOEMOriginal Equipment Manufacturer
HardwareOFBOutput Feedback Mode
ChatOICOh, I see
OrgOIWWorkshop for Implementors of OSI (EWOS, AOW)
SoftwareOLAPonline analytical processing
SoftwareOLEObject Linking and Embedding (ActiveX)
SoftwareOMAObject Management Architecture
OrgOMGObject Management Group
NetworkONCOpen Network Computing
SoftwareORBObject Request Broker
NetworkORPCObject RPC
SoftwareOSOperating System (DOS, OS/2, Windows, Unix)
OrgOSFOpen Software Foundation
NetworkOSIOpen Systems Interconnect
NetworkOSPFOpen Shortest Path First
ChatOTOHOn The Other Hand
ChatOTTover the top
Unitsozounces (1 oz = 1/16 lb = 28.35 g)
HardwareP6Pentium Pro
SoftwarePABPersonal Address Book
OrgPACTPhilip Ahrens Computer Technology
SoftwarePADPacket Assembler/Disassembler
MediaPALPhase Alternating Line, 576 lines
NetworkPALPhase Alternating Line
SecurityPAPPassword Authentication Protocol
HardwareP-ATAParallel Advanced Technology Attachment (--> ATA, --> S-ATA)
ChatPAYPress Any Key
PhonePBXPrivate Branch Exchange
HardwarePCPersonal Computer
SoftwarePCProgram Counter
HardwarePCIPeripheral Component Interconnect (max. 33 MB/s at 32 bit and 33 MHz)
HardwarePCIePCI Express (max. 4000 MB/s per 16 lanes, duplex)
HardwarePCMpulse-coded modulation
ChatPCMCIAPeople Can't Memorize Computer Industry Acronyms
HardwarePCMCIAPersonal Computer Memory Card International Association = PC-Card 2 (max. 62 MBit/s)
SecurityPCTPrivate Communication Technology
MobilePDAPersonal Digital Assistant
NetworkPDCPrimary Domain Controller (NT)
SoftwarePDFPortable Document Format (Adobe)
HardwarePDUProtocol Data Unit
NamesPeanuts1Charlie Brown, Sally Brown, Lucy van Pelt, Linus van Pelt, Schroeder
NamesPeanuts2Peppermint Patty (Patricia), Marcie, Franklin, Snoopy, Woodstock, Spike
HardwarePEGPCI Express for Graphics (--> PCIe)
SoftwarePerlPractical Extraction and Report Language
HardwarePGAPin Grid Array, Professional Graphics Adapter
SecurityPGPPretty Good Privacy (by Philip R. Zimmermann)
HardwarePICProgrammable Interrupt-Controller (8259A)
SoftwarePINPersonal Identification Number
SoftwarepingPacket InterNet Groper
Unitspints1 gallon=4 quarts=8 pints=3.785 Liter, 1 barrel=159 Liter (UK:1 gallon=4.546 Liter)
HardwarePIOProgrammable Input/Output chip
HardwarePITProgrammable Intervall Timer (8253/4)
ChatPITAPain In The A..
ChatPITNPain In The Neck
MediaPixelPicture Element
SoftwarePixelPicture Element (--> Pels)
SecurityPKCSPublic-Key Cryptography Standard
HardwarePLAProgrammable Logic Array
HardwarePLCCPlastic Leaded Chip Carrier (-->PQFP, -->SQFP)
ChatPLOKTAPress Lots Of Keys To Abort
ChatPMFBIPardon Me For Butting In
HardwarePMOSP-Channel MOS
SoftwarePOPost Office
InternetPoPPoint of Presence
InternetPOP3Post Office Protocol version 3
OrgPOSIPromoting Conference for OSI (in Japan)
HardwarePOSTPower-On Self Test (-->ROS)
PhonePOTSPlain Old Telephone Service
HardwarePowerPCPerformance Optimization With Enhanced Risc Power Chip
HardwarePPCPerformance Optimization With Enhanced Risc Power Chip
HardwarePPIProgrammable Peripherie Interface (8255A)
InternetPPPPoint-to-Point Protocol
HardwarePProPentium Pro (P6)
SecurityPPSPPoint-to-Point Secure Protocol
HardwarePQFPPlastic Quad Flatpack Package (-->PLCC, -->SQFP)
NetworkPRIPrimary Rate Interface
HardwarePRNPRiNter (=LPT1)
HardwarePROMProgrammabel ROM
SoftwarePS/2Personal Sytem 2 (IBM)
NetworkPSNPacket Switch Node
NetworkPSPProgram Segment Prefix
PhonePSTNPublic Switched Telephone Network
UnitsptPoint (English Point by Pierre Simon Fournier:=1/72inch=0.013837inch=0.351mm)
UnitsptPoint (French Didot Point:=1/2660m=0.3759mm:=0.376mm=0.0148inch))
HardwareQICQuarter Inch Cartridge
Unitsquarts1 gallon=4 quarts=8 pints=3.785 Liter, 1 barrel=159 Liter (UK:1 gallon=4.546 Liter)
HardwareRAIDRedundant Array of Inexpensive/Independent Disks
HardwareRAMRandom Access Memory
OrgRAREReseaux Associes pour la Recherche Europeenne
NetworkRARPReverse Address Resolution Protocol (-->BOOTP)
InternetRASRemote Access Service
SoftwareRASRow Adress Strobe (-->CAS)
OrgRBOCRegional Bell Operating Company
SecurityRC2Ron's Cipher #2
Internetrcpremote copy (Telnet)
NamesReindeerDasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen, Rudolph
InternetRFCRequest For Comments
InternetRFSRemote File System
HardwareRIRing Indicator
HardwareRIMMRambus in-line Memory Module (--> DIMM, --> SIMM)
NetworkRIPRouting Information Protocol
OrgRIPEReseaux IP Europeenne
HardwareRISCReduced Instruction Set Computer (-->CISC)
PhoneRJ45Western phone plug, isdn, twisted pair
HardwareRLLRun Length Limited
SoftwareRMIRemote Method Invocation (Java/Sun)
ChatROFL<rof,l> Rolling On Floor, Laughing
HardwareROMRead Only Memory
HardwareROSResident Operating System (-->POST)
SoftwareROSERemote Operations Service Element
NetworkRPCRemote Procedure Call (-->LPC) (=DCE)
InternetRPGRole Playing Games
HardwareRSRegister Select
HardwareRS-232Serial Port (max. 0.125 MBit/s)
SecurityRSARon Rivest, Adi Shamir, and Leonard Adleman (developers of private/public key system)
Internetrshremote shell (Telnet)
ChatRSNReal Soon Now
HardwareRTCReal Time Clock
ChatRTFMRead The <Fine> Manual
HardwareRTORetransmission Time Out
HardwareRTSEReliable Transfer Service Element
OrgRZRechenzentrum (computer center)
Chats<s> smile, or smirk
MediaS/PDIFSONY-PHILIPS Digital Interface (for digital audio)
PhoneS0four wire cable (--> UK0)
SoftwareSAILStanford Artificial Intelligence Language
NetworkSAPService Advertising Protocol
OrgSAPSysteme, Anwendungen und Produkte in der Datenverarbeitung Inc. (Walldorf, Germany)
SoftwareSAPService Access Point
HardwareS-ATASerial ATA, 150 MB/s, SATA2 = 300 MB/s (--> ATA)
MediaScartSyndicat des Construceurs d'Appareils Radiorécepteurs et Téléviseurs
HardwareSCSISmall Computer Systems Interface, SCSI-2=Fast=10MByte/s,8 Bit,Ultra=20,Wide=16 Bit
HardwareSDLCSynchronous Data Link Control
HardwareSDUSerial Data Unit
SecuritySETSecure Electronic Transaction
InternetSETISearch for Extraterrestrial Intelligence
SoftwareSFXSelf-extracting (zip file that unzips itself)
SoftwareSGMLStandard Generalized Markup Languag
NetworkSGMPSimple Gateway Management Protocol (now SNMP)
OrgSISystems Integrator (= Consultant)
PhoneSIService Indicator
MobileSIMSubscriber Identity Modules
HardwareSIMMSingle In-line Memory Module (--> DIMM, --> RIMM)
HardwareSIPSingle In-line Package
ChatSITDStill In The Dark
HardwareSLIScalable Link Interface (combination of 2 nForce4 graphic cards)
NetworkSLIPSerial Line Internet Protocol
HardwareSMARTSelf monitoring, analysis, and reporting technology (--> TIP)
NetworkSMBServer Message Block
HardwareSMDSSwitched Multimegabit Data Service
OrgSMIStructure of Management Information
ChatSMOPSmall Matter of Programming
HardwareSMPSymetric Multi-Processing
InternetSMTPSimple Mail Transfer Protocol
NetworkSNASystems Network Architecture
ChatSNAFUSituation Normal, All Fouled Up
OrgSNISiemens Nixdorf Inc.
NetworkSNMPSimple Network Managment Protocol
ChatSOSignificant Other
SoftwareSOAPSimple Object Access Protocol
OrgSPAGStandards Promotion and Application Group
SecuritySPAPShiva Password Authentication Protocol
NetworkSPIDService Profile Identifier
NetworkSPXSequence Packet Exchange
HardwareSQFPSurface Mounted Quad Flatpack Package (-->PLCC, -->PQFP)
SoftwareSQLStructured Query Language
HardwareSRAMStatik Random Access Memory (--> DRAM)
HardwareSSASerial Storage Architecture
HardwareSSISmall Scale Integration (<100)
SoftwareSSIServer Side Includes
InternetSSLSecure Sockets Layer
SecuritySSPSecurity Service Provider
SecuritySSPISecurity Service Provider Interface
SecuritySSTSecure Transaction Technology
HardwareSVGASuper VGA
OrgSWIFTSociety for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications
ChatSWMBOShe Who Must Be Obeyed
InternetSYSOPSystem Operator (person who runs the BBS/forum/newsgroup)
UnitsTTerra (2^40 ~= 10^12)
InternetT1T1=1.5 Mbps,T3=DC-3=45,OC-3=155,OC-12=644,OC-48=2.4 Gbps
InternetT3T1=1.5 Mbps,T3=DC-3=45,OC-3=155,OC-12=644,OC-48=2.4 Gbps
PhoneTATerminal Adapter
ChatTAFNThats All For Now
ChatTANSTAAFLThere Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch (you'll have to pay the drinks)
NetworkTCP/IPTransfer Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
SoftwareTDITransport Driver Interface
ChatTDMToo Damn Many
InternetTelnetTerminal Emulation Protocol
HardwareTFTThin Film Transistor (-->IPS, TN, MVA)
ChatTGIFThank God Its Friday
SecurityTGTTicket-Granting Ticket
ChatTIAThanks In Advance
ChatTICTongue In Cheek
SoftwareTIFFTagged-image file format
HardwareTIGATexas Instruments Graphics Architecture/Adapter
HardwareTIPTemperature Indicator Process of IBM disks (--> S.M.A.R.T.)
HardwareTNTwisted Nematic (-->TFT, IPS, MVA)
NetworkTNEFTransport Neutral Encoding Format
SoftwareTPATransient Program Area
HardwareTRTask Register
HardwareTSOPThin Small Outline Package (Flash)
SoftwareTSRTerminate and stay resident
SoftwareTSSTask State Segment
ChatTTFNTa Ta For Now
HardwareTTLTransistor-Transistor Logic
ChatTTL4NThats The Lot for Now
UnitsTwips1/20 point (--> pt)
InternetUAUser Agent (=browser)
HardwareUARTUniversal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter (82450, 16550)
NetworkUDPUser Datagram Protocol
NetworkUIUnnumbered Information (X.75 frame header)
SoftwareUIUser Interface
PhoneUK0two wire cable (--> S0)
HardwareULSIUltra Large Scale Integration (>1,000,000)
MobileUMTSUniversal Mobile Telecommunications System (frequency+code multiplexing, 384 kbit/s)
InternetUNCUniform Naming Convention
NamesUnits1da Deka 1, h Hekto 2, k Kilo 3, M Mega 6, G Giga 9, T Terra 12, P Peta 15, E Exa 18
NamesUnits2d dezi 1, c centi 2, m milli 3, µ micro 6, n nano 9, p pico 12, f femto 15, a atto 18
SoftwareUNIXUNiversal Interactive eXecutive
InternetURLUniform Resource Locator
HardwareUSARTUniversal Synchronous and Asynchronous Receiver and Transmitter
HardwareUSBUniversal Serial Bus (1.1: max. 12 MBit/s)
SoftwareUSNUpdate Sequence Number
HardwareUSRTUniversal Synchronous Receiver Transmitter
SoftwareUUCPUNIX-to-UNIX Copy Program
InternetUUEncodeUNIX-to-UNIX Encoding (-->MIME) (-->SMTP)
OrgVARValue Added Reseller
HardwareVAXVirtual Address eXtension (DEC mainfraime, -->VMS)
SoftwareVBVisual Basic
Chatvbg<vbg> very big grin
NetworkVBNSVery High Bandwidth Network Service
MediaVDUVideo Display Unit
HardwareVESAVideo Electronics Standards Association (I/O bus)
HardwareVGAVideo Graphics Array/Adapter (640x480x256)
MediaVGAVideo Graphics Array
HardwareVLBVESA Local Bus
HardwareVLIWVery Long Instruction Word
HardwareVLSIVery Large Scale Integration (100,000-1,000,000)
SoftwareVMSVirtual Memory System (DEC mainfraime OS, -->VAX)
HardwareVRAMVideo RAM (/Dual-Port-RAM)
SoftwareVRMLVirtual Reality Modeling Language
OrgW3CWorld Wide Web Consortium
ChatWAGWild A.. Guess
NetworkWAISWide Area Information Servers
NetworkWANWide Area Network
MediaWAVWave Audio Format
SoftwareWEWrite Enable
InternetWebWorld Wide Web (Web, W3)
Chatwg<wg> Wide Grin
MobileWiFiWireless Fidelity
NetworkWINSWindows Internet Name Service
ChatWITWordsmith in Training
MobileWLANWireless Local Area Network
Chatwow/o without
MediaWORMWrite Once, Read Many [times] (--> CD-RW)
MobileWPAWi-Fi Protected Access
InternetWWWWorld Wide Web (Web, W3)
ChatWYGIWYPFWhat You Get Is What You Pay For
ChatWYSBYGIWhat You See Before You Get It
ChatWYSIWYGWhat You See Is What You Get
NetworkX.400message handling and addressing ITU standard
NetworkX.500directory services, operating and connecting ITU standard)
NetworkX.509security services within X.500 ITU standard
SoftwareXDReXternal Data Representation
InternetXMLExtensible Markup Language (--> HTML)
HardwareXMSExtended Memory (above 1MB)
HardwareXPExtra Performance (AMD Athlon)
SoftwareXPeXPerience (Windows)
HardwareXTEXtended Techology (--> AT)
ChatYABAYet Another Bloody Acronym
UnitsydYards (1mile=1760yd=1.61km, 1yd=3ft=36in=0.914m, 1ft=12in=0.305m, 1in=2.54cm)
PhoneYPYellow Pages (Sun DS)
HardwareZIFzero insertion force (to install a processor)
OrgZIPZone Improvement Plan (US mail delivery area)


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