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12Ghosts ProfileCopy

Backup User Settings, Registry Keys, Transfer to New Windows Version


ZDNet "5 Star"

(SAS Institute Inc., North Carolina, integrated 12Ghosts ProfileCopy
into their backup strategy of 4,500 workstations.)


What does it do for me?

Save and restore Windows user settings, independent of the Windows installation. Include wallpaper settings (and the wallpaper picture file itself!), desktop icons (and even their layout!), sound and mouse cursor schemes (including the sound and cursor files themselves!), favorite files (restored into the relative user's favorite folder, not the absolute path!), start menu and desktop shortcuts (restored only if not broken on the new machine!). You may add files, folders, and even registry keys to the backup! Works between all versions of Windows, including Windows 2000, XP and Vista! Works unattended and scripted over the network (however, the user needs to be logged on).

What’s different from a normal backup program: Not only does it save registry settings, it also copies the files referenced to by these settings. The wallpaper bitmap, the screen saver file, the sound and cursor files themselves are copied from different locations into a new folder (or zip file). Then you only have to handle this one folder, and restore all files on a new computer (with a different Windows version, or folder structure) .

12-ProfileCopy is a full backup program. You no longer need to backup the complete Windows folder every time, but save only your personal settings. 12-ProfileCopy has been vastly enhanced with this version to work fully unattended and (optionally) integrates with 12-Zip to compress the profile folder after saving. It now supports the addition of wildcards to the list of files and folders. Save time and relax doing automatic backups.














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