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12Ghosts Synchronize

Sync your PC clock with an atomic clock over the Internet


ZDNet "5 Star"

Show time, time zones, and moon phase
Synchronize with an atomic clock over the Internet
What exactly is Time?
Where does our calendar come from?


What does it do for me?

Synchronize your computer clock over the Internet with one or more atomic clocks. This can be done automatically and completely unnoticed. (A log file is created so you may verify that it did what it should and by how much your clock was adjusted.)

Choose out of a large list of reliable time servers on the Internet or add as many servers near your location. Adjustment can be done automatically between once every second to once a month. The program waits for an Internet connection before doing anything, then adjusts your clock to radio precision, without necessary interaction.

Supports SNTP version 4 time protocol for a precision of up to one millisecond. The synchronization over HTTP port 80 and a proxy server is possible. Can be started from the command line to set the time only once.


Sync your clock with several servers at once













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