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12Ghosts Tweak

Enhance your Desktop, save icon and gadget arrangement before switching resolutions

Free for private, non-commercial use.


What does it do for me?

Enhance your desktop, save time, work faster:

  • Do you play 3D games? Then you know that desktop icons can get re-arranged and windows moved when the screen resolution changes. This tool automatically restores all positions exactly as they were. You can save the position of desktop icons, sidebar gadgets, and application windows. And keep several versions, and backup to a file, and do everything automatically, and... more!
  • Change the color of desktop icon labels to match your wallpaper and your preferred style. This includes a transparent background without shadow that smoothly integrates with your wallpaper.
  • Desktop tweaks: Change the activation of desktop icons from double-click to single-click - finally! Bring the desktop to front with one simple click anywhere on the desktop - faster and easier than before. Get rid of icons like "desktop.ini", or hide items from preying eyes.

      Set up your desktop the way you want!


Your benefits in short:

  • Keep icon, gadget and window positions
  • Keep multiple versions
  • Scaled-down to different screen resolutions
  • Saved in XML files - easily transfer to a new PC
  • Include in backup and never lose an icon layout again!
  • Auto-save, auto-restore
  • Save/restore from a right-click on the desktop 
  • Only keep different versions
  • Set desktop icon colors (and make the color stick!) 
  • Set activation to single-click
  • Bring the desktop to front with one single click
  • Hide icons like "desktop.ini" and more
  • Small download and simple installation
  • Comes with online help and uninstall
  • It's free for private use!













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