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What does it do for me?

Monitor real-time on-die temperature (for each core). Measure real-time clock speed with a small, handy tool. Min and max values, configure Tj, change timing intervalls.

No need to install, just download and start. On Vista you may install it so that no UAC prompts appear. Small executable, small download with only 250 KB (including uninstall and help), small memory footprint, written in C++ without huge libraries (MFC, ATL or .NET).

Also lists CPUID info, brand name, stepping, specification (like code name, revision, TDP, socket, if available.), features (like MMX, SSE level, or 3DNow!), L1, L2, and L3 cache size, count, and descriptor. Read out of Model Specific Registers (MSR), Digital Temperature Sensor (DTS), Time-Stamp Counter (TSC), and PCI bus device information.


Main Features:


Where do I start?

Just start 12-Z to monitor the temperature for each core. Clock speed is measured and displayed immediately.


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