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New to 12Ghosts?

12Ghosts - New to 12Ghosts?


Starting Ghosts

After installing 12Ghosts, you should find a shortcut for each installed Ghost in the START menu. Click the START button, select All Programs, then 12Ghosts, and finally select the program you wish to start. To make starting and stopping several Ghosts easier, see '12Ghosts Control Tower' below.

(If you don't see a "12Ghosts" menu entry in the START - All Programs list, you may need to run setup again. In the setup dialog box select "Create shortcuts in START - All Programs".)


Where Do I start?

Perhaps you are startled by the number of tools included in the package you installed. We are, too, at times... We would suggest to first look at the start page of this help for an overview of all tools included. The more important tools in each package are listed first. Click each tool for a short glance on the features of each Ghost. The first paragraph "What does it do for me?" provides a brief summary, so you can decide wether this is something you may need.

We recommend to setup the programs one at a time. Once you are accustomed with one program you go on to the next you are interested in. You will notice that the 12Ghosts have a lot in common, for example how to start and stop them, the tray icon, or the 'General' tab of startup options. Of course you don't have to use all of them! Probably nobody can use all tools included in the 12Ghosts™ package. However, our feedback shows that customers of the complete package have ten or twelve Ghosts running on a regular basis.



Each Ghost provides comprehensive context help to explain each option in a dialog box. To open this context help just hover with the mouse cursor over the control for half a second. (You may change that hover time in General Options to anything between immediately and never. At the beginning, 0.2 seconds are most helpful. Later you may want to set it to 2 or 3 seconds to get it out of the way.)

There are several ways to open the context help:

The context help is an additional help to this online help. Online help for each Ghost can be opened by clicking the 'Help' button in any window, or by selecting the command 'Help' in the right-click menu.


Context Menu

To open the context menu click with the right mouse button on a tray icon of any Ghost. This is a fast way to access the most important commands of each Ghost.

If you don't see a tray icon, you may need to enable it in General Options. Some Ghosts, however, don't provide a tray icon because they don't do anything in the background (like 12-Shredder or 12-Replace, for example). The context menu is still available when you click the button "Menu" or the smaller button ">" in the dialog box of any Ghost.


12Ghosts Control Tower

If you have the complete 12Ghosts™ package installed you definitely want to try 12-Tower to keep track of all Ghosts. You can start, stop, and easily configure all Ghosts. This control tower displays which Ghosts are installed and which are currently running. When using 12-Tower, you may do with less tray icons (for example, keep only the tray icons of 12-Backup, 12-ShutDown and 12-Tray, because you need to access them frequently) and access the others through 12-Tower.

In the list of Ghosts simply click on the name to open its dialog box. You may even right-click to open its context menu! Click on a green square button to stop it.

Note that you may use the UP and DOWN arrow keys to select a Ghost. Press ENTER to start the selected Ghost, or END to stop it. Try the option Close after starting a tool if you want to close 12-Tower after starting a Ghost. (To override that option you may hold down CTRL.)

In the Control menu you also find the command Context Menu Entries - the central point to add or remove 12-Backup, 12-ShellX, and 12-Zip entries to the context menu of files and folders. (That is, the menu that appears when you right-click on a file or folder in Windows Explorer.)

Finaly, you start all Ghosts that are automatically started after logon (aka always-running), or stop all Ghosts at once. If you need to remove all check marks from Always Running or Tray Icon check boxes at once, you can do this, too, by clicking on the gray commands at the bottom.


12Ghosts Power Tools

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