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General Options

12Ghosts - General Options


Many options are the same for all 12Ghosts, that's why we call them "General Options". You can enable a tray icon, create shortcuts in the START menu, or define a hotkey.

You should find either a tab "General" or a button "General" in the dialog box of each Ghost. The command "General Options" is also the second command in the context menu of almost every Ghost.

What's great, you may apply any setting in General Options to all Ghosts at once. Simply click the small button left of each option. You may even apply all General options to all 12Ghosts by pressing Apply to All (where applicable, and of course not the hotkey).


Icons and Sounds




Help, Animation, Language


Save and Restore all Settings

You may save all 12Ghosts settings. It is recommended to do this regularly for backup reasons. The settings are saved into a .12g file that you could copy to a new computer or user profile.

There are four buttons to save, restore, or completely remove all customized settings. This includes all program settings as well as General options. Always save settings to a backup file before restoring!


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