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What does it do for me?

Did you ever have the problem of an active program blocking the way to the desktop? Or of a topmost window you were unable to minimize? 12Ghosts DeskTOP gets your desktop icons to the top quickly. One click and you have your icons at hand.

It provides you with a window looking like the desktop that displays your desktop icons in the same layout you are used to. Furthermore, you may drag icons to a hidden area, and you can position icons exactly pixel by pixel. Optional taskbar button, tray icon, or movable icon. User defined hotkey.


Where should I start?

Just start the program, that's it. It shows your desktop icon in a new window that you can handle like all applications: activate it to bring it in front of other windows. Now you can click on any icon to start applications or open documents.

There are two differences you will notice, the reaction to the mouse clicks: the first left-click on the background brings 12-DeskTOP to the top, above of all other windows, the next left-click moves it back behind all other windows. To minimize 12-DeskTOP just right-click anywhere in the background - now you can access the Windows desktop itself again.

In addition, you can shift to a hidden area for placing unwanted icons (My Computer, Network Neighborhood, etc.), move icons one pixel at a time to position them exactly (with CTRL+arrow keys), and select whether you want to keep the icon layout synchronized with the Windows desktop.

Right-click on the tray icon to bring up the options menu. Here you have all commands and their shortcut keys listed again. Select Settings to change the wallpaper image and icon settings.


Frequently Asked Questions

When I press Alt+Tab, 12-DeskTOP is always the last one to be accessed?

Since 12-DeskTOP is always behind all other windows while inactive, you can always press Alt+Shift+Tab or Alt+Shift+Esc to access it. In addition, you can specify a user defined hotkey or click on the taskbar, tray, or movable icon.

Since 12-DeskTOP and the real desktop look quite similar, how can I differentiate between them?

I created a new file on the desktop. How can I make it appear in 12-DeskTOP?

Activate 12-DeskTOP and press F5 or select Refresh Icon Display in the tray icon menu.

Sometimes when 12-DeskTOP starts I get the error message "SL does not stop. Continue waiting?"

12-DeskTOP calls SL to get the icon layout from the Windows desktop. This error message appears only if SL does not respond within 10 seconds. This could happen during startup if a lot of programs start at once and the processor is busy.

The default value of 10 seconds should be sufficient in most situations, however, you may raise the value by adding a registry key, a DWORD value named "WaitForSL" under "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\12Ghosts\Desktop". A value between 1000 and 60000 is possible, that is, 1 to 60 seconds. The default is 10000 = 10 seconds.

Can I change the icon text color?

12-DeskTOP uses the same color as the Windows desktop. Please try 12-SetColor. This Ghost changes the desktop item text color and background color, also to transparent.



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