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12Ghosts - JumpReg


What does it do for me?

Jump to registry keys from a tray icon! This is a surprisingly useful tool. You can manage and directly jump to frequently accessed registry keys. Unlimited list size, jump to keys and values, get current key with one click, jump to key in clipboard, jump to same in key in HKCU or HKLM. Manage and sort keys with comments in an easy-to-use tray icon menu. Create shortcuts for registry keys.


Where should I start?

Please open 12-JumpReg settings. Here you have a comfortable list of registry keys that you can manage, sort, or add comments to. Double-click a list entry to jump to that key - or select it in the list and press Jump.

The same entries also appear in the context menu of the tray icon. There are some special commands to strucuture the menu, as outlined in the following How To section. Un-check the option "Menu" if you don't want some of the entries to appear in the menu, for example to keep the menu small and handy.

To add a key you can simply select it in RegEdit. Then click on "Get Key". That's all.

Note the small size button at the bottom right edge of the list. Drag the size buton to make the list as large as necessary to completely show all registry keys.

You may also create shortcuts to registry keys by just adding the complete key as parameter (or select it and press "Shortcut", which creates it on the desktop.) Keys used in shortcuts are added automatically to the list if they don't exist, unless you set ImportShortcuts to 0 under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\12Ghosts\JumpToRegKey.


How to…

sort items in the list? Use the up-down control left of the JUMP button.

… jump to the key in clipboard? Click Menu or right-click on the tray icon and select Jump to Key in Clipboard.

… jump to the same key but under Current User or Local Machine, respectively? Click Menu or right-click on the tray icon and select Same Key CURRENT USER or Same Key LOCAL MACHINE.

save changes in the list but not close the window? Hold CTRL and press OK.

… always save/close on jump? Select the options at the lower right to save settings and/or close the window on jump.

… override the save/close options quickly? Hold SHIFT while jumping. This will jump, save options, and close the window.

… switch off automatic import of shortcuts? Add the DWORD value "ImportShortcuts" under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\12Ghosts\JumpToRegKey and set it to zero 0.

… add a separator in the menu? Add an empty key with a minus sign – as description.

break the menu into a new column? Add a forward slash / at the end of the description.

… prevent CU or CR before the description when getting keys from RegEdit, or add it at the end? Add the DWORD values AbbrBegin and AbbrEnd under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\12Ghosts\JumpToRegKey (1=enabled, 0=disabled).



Known Issues


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