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12Ghosts Stop Messenger Service

12Ghosts - Stop Messenger Service


What does it do for me?

Some advertisements are distributed through Messenger Service. They look like normal message boxes but contain unsolicited ads. Stop Messenger Service to get rid of such ads.

You may restart Messenger Service at any time, if necessary. (On Windows 95/98/ME the program WinPopup is stopped if it is running.)


Where should I start?

Start 12-Messenger and click on Stop Messenger Service Ads. You receive a confirmation if Messsenger Service was stopped. In case you need to restart Messenger Service just click on the same button, which now says Start Messenger Service. This may take a few seconds, so please give it ample time to start before you try to stop it again.

(Note, on Windows 95, 98 and ME the program WinPopup is responsible for receiving messenges.)


What is "Messenger Service" again?

Messenger Service is used, for example, to show popups about the printer status. Administrators like to receive such messages from their server. You may also send a message to a colleague very easily if he is running Messenger Service as well.

That is why the service is enabled by default on Windows NT/2000. However, nowadays most people use Instant Messengers that allow enhanced communication. Perhaps administrators of large networks, well protected by firewalls, may still use Messenger Service. All others can safely turn it off.


Use a Firewall

Note: On Windows 95/98/ME it is NOT enough to disable File and Printer Sharing from your Internet connection. One reason is that the messenger service can still communicate through RPC. Microsoft DCOM uses port 135 as RPC Endpoint Mapper. Port 445 can also be used by SMB Direct Hosting. Without a firewall your computer is open for outside access.

We strongly recommend you use a personal firewall to block ALL network connections (including the ones for Messenger Service). Then, allow only connections that you actually use, for example for your browser and e-mail.



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