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12Ghosts - NotePad


What does it do for me?

Easy to use editor to keep notes and infos. Provides unlimited text size, font formatting, and a multi-page-bar. Additionally, it offers innovative automation (optional): Auto-Save after each change, copy on selection, auto-scrolling at the end of the screen, and close automatically when you click outside 12-NotePad (optional). Link detection and in-place-calculation help you to work faster. With bookmarks within a page, a page bar displaying a list of recent pages, and because it opens the same page at the same position where you left typing, this will quickly become your editor of choice.


Where should I start?

When you start 12-NotePad the first time you'll see an empty page, the page title at the top, four often used commands as buttons at the top, and a page bar with two entries at the bottom. 12-NotePad is designed to work without menu commands. Instead, it has all commands in the context menu (right-click anywhere on the text).

Although you can do it with the mouse, many users find it easier to press a key to access certain commands, e.g. moving the cursor, selecting text, or formatting words. Please note the shortcut keys below, available for nearly all 12-NotePad features.

Options in the tabs "View" and "Handling" may be remarkable. For an explanation right-click on any option, which activates the context help.

You may associate 12-NotePad with any file type, for example TXT and RTF files. You can add 12-NotePad to the context menu of files, or enable files to be opened with a double-click ("Default"). If you decide to remove the association at any time, the previously associated program is restored.



12-NotePad plays two sounds so that you can better control it. When you hover with the mouse over the top or bottom of the text window, a humming sound is played. This way it's easy to locate the auto-scrolling area even without looking. A clicking sound is played for faster or slower scrolling. (You may, for example, decreasing the volume of the humming sound. Click START - Run - enter "sndrec32". In the Windows Sound Recorder open ennnn.wav and select Effects - Decrease Volume.)


Shortcut Keys

12-NotePad supports standard editing keys. Some very helpful features are highlighted in the following list:

Move Cursor
Arrow Keys Move insertion mark
Home/End Begin/End of line
Prev/Next Page up/down
Ctrl+Home/End Begin/End of document
Ctrl+Left/Right Next/previous word
Ctrl+Up/Down Scroll one line vertically
Ctrl+Shift+Prev/Next Scroll one line horizontally (not with word wrap)
Shift+Move Select text (and optionally copy)
Ctrl+A Select all
Del Right-delete character or delete selection
Ctrl+Del Delete word right
Backspace Left-delete character or delete selection
Ctrl+Backspace Delete word left
Ctrl+C or Ctrl+Ins Copy to clipboard (i.e. "take" the selection with you)
Ctrl+V or Shift+Ins Paste from clipboard (i.e. insert what you have taken before)
Ctrl+X or Shift+Del Cut to clipboard (i.e. copy to clipboard and delete the selection)
TAB Indent selected lines if more than one line is selected. Empty lines are not indented.
SHIFT+TAB Decrease the indent of all selected lines.
Ctrl+F Search
Ctrl+H Replace
F3 Find next
Ctrl+F3 Find current selection
F2 Jump to next highlight
Shift+F2 Jump to previous highlight
Ctrl+F2 Toggle highlight
Ctrl+Shift+F2 Remove all highlights
Format Character (Note that you don't have to select a word to apply formatting, just place the cursor in the middle of a word.)
Ctrl+Space Remove all formatting
Alt+F Open the Font Format settings window
Ctrl+B Bold
Ctrl+I Italic
Ctrl+U Underline
Ctrl+8/9 Decrease/increase font size
Ctrl+G Switch color to red, blue, green, and black easily
Format Paragraph
Ctrl+L Align Left
Ctrl+E Center
Ctrl+R Align Right
Ctrl+1 Single Spacing
Ctrl+5 1.5 Spacing
Ctrl+2 Double Spacing
F6 Change capitalization
"=" (equal sign) or F11 Insert result if calculation is found, e.g. "4*4=" is replaced with "4*4=16" as soon as you press "=" (equal sign) or F11. Plus +, minus -, multiplication * or x, division /, and power of ^ or y are processed.
ALT+0149 • (insert a bullet) Tip: insert any character using (START - Programs - Accessories) Character Map
Alt+O Options sub menu
Alt+O+W Toggle word wrap
Alt+Arrow Keys Move upper-left window border 10 Pixel
Alt+Shift+Arrow Keys Move lower-right window border 10 Pixel
Alt+Ctrl+Arrow Keys ove upper-left window border 1 Pixel
Alt+Ctrl+Shift+Arrow Keys   Move lower-right window border 1 Pixel
Page Control
Tip: Right-click on the page names to open a context menu.
Ctrl+Prev/Next or
Previous/Next Page
Ctrl+N New Page
Ctrl+O Open a file and add it to the page tab
Ctrl+D Delete Page
Ctrl+Shift+C Close Page and remove from page tab
Ctrl+S Save
Alt+Enter Rename/Move Page
Ctrl+Shift+R Move Page Right
Ctrl+Shift+L Move Page Left


Tweak 12-NotePad Colors

You can change the following colors by adding according registry values. Click START - Run, enter "regedit" and click OK. Scroll down to "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\12Ghosts\Notepad". Add one of the following DWORD values:

PagesColText Page Bar: text color on mouse over, default: FF0000, blue
PagesColTextCurrent Page Bar: current page text color on mouse over, default: 000000, black
PagesColLight Page Bar: text color, default: C0C0C0, light-gray
PagesColLightCurrent      Page Bar: current text color, default: 808080, dark-gray
PagesLightDelay Delay until the text color changes back to light, in milliseconds, default: 1000
PagesHighlight Page Bar: highlight on/off on mouse over text, default: Yes
PagesColHighlight Page Bar: highlight color on mouse over text, default: 008000, light-green
ScrollTransBrightness      Scroll area transition brightness [0:dark-255:light], default: 128
ScrollTransColor Scroll area transition color, RGB value, default: FF0000, blue
ScrollLineHeight Scroll area height, [0-5, 0=off], default: 4
ScrollLineTop Scroll area position [0 - (5-ScrollLineHeight)], default: 1
BookmarkColor Highlight color, RGB value, default: FFFF80, turquoise


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