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12Ghosts - Popup-Killer


What does it do for me?

Block ALL popup windows opened by Internet Explorer, both, those that are opened automatically by a script as well as links that open a new window.

Now features a boss-key for any application, configurable, for example for IE, Media Player, picture viewer, or Instant Messengers.

A history cleaner for Internet Explorer is included that removes history, cookies, and temporary cached files with one click, as well as Windows history lists and temporary files.


No More Ads

Some ad-supported programs use Internet Explorer to display popup ads. Such popups appear even though you are not using IE. Now you may track down, stop, or delete such programs, even if locked or in use, including services.


Where should I start?

Start 12-Popup-Killer and make sure the option Enable is checked. You may need to close ALL Internet Explorer windows once so that 12-Popup can be loaded together with IE. (See "If it doesn't work" below for more details.)

When a popup is blocked you will hear a sound so you know that you may have missed something. In case you want to see all popups, just hold CTRL and refresh the page.

If a link opens in a new window it is also blocked by default. You may hold CTRL and click the link, or keep one of the mouse buttons pressed (as configured in the Options tab). Note: instead of selecting 'Open in New Window' you may just hold down SHIFT and left-click on a link!

In the Options tab of the 12-Popup settings you may choose from different sounds to play when a popup is blocked, or select the default Windows beep. Set the tray icon to flash or activate a brief message that displays which site was blocked. This may appear counterproductive at first but it is a welcome visual clue so you don't miss a page that was blocked. If you set the 'brief' period to only half a second (500 milliseconds) it is no more than a glimpse, just giving you a hint.


If it doesn't work

Is it blocking any popups at all? Try our popup test page. Do you still see a popup?

If there IS a popup:

If there is NO popup:

If it still doesn't work please e-mail. Thank you!


Block "Messenger Service" Popups

(NT/2000/XP only)  Would you like to get rid of popup ads provided through the Messenger Service? Click Options - Stop Messenger Service Popups. That's all!



PRO Features

The registered PRO version of 12-Popup allows you to keep sites of blocked popups. You can see which sites issued a lot of popups and easily add a site to the approved sites with one click. This works like a "white list" that allows sites to open popups, for example a site with a discussion group using popup windows. (Note that in the free LE version you need to hold down CTRL to allow single popups.)

With the option Always allow links to open in a new window you no longer need to hold down a key to allow a popup. When you click a link or select 'Open in New Window', 12-Popup "remembers" the click and allows the next popup window automatically.

Only available in the PRO version are also the extended Boss-Key, and further Delete Options for history cleaning:



A boss-key is useful when you need to hide certain windows quickly. For example it can hide the browser window - also from the startbar! (When you just minimize the window the title is still visible in the startbar.) One click, and nobody will see where you have been surfing.

12-Popup's boss-key can hide not just the browser but ANY window such as:

- Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera, AOL, ...
- Picture Viewers (IrfanView, ACDSee, etc.)
- Video Players (Real Player, Media Player, etc.)
- Audio Players (WinAmp, Media Player, etc.)
- Instant Messengers such as MSN messenger and ICQ
- downloads continue in the background without showing in your startbar!


Protect Your Privacy

The built-in history cleaner helps you maintain your privacy and clears temporary files on your disk. It removes your Internet history, cookies, and temporary cached files of Internet Explorer. The address drop-down list can be cleared, as well as the auto-complete info of forms.

It also helps you clear tracks you may have left in Windows. The default temporary folder is cleared, the run history, recent documents menu, and recently searched files.

It even deletes locked files or files in use (e.g. those strange "index.dat" files). Locked files are queued for deletion at the next Windows restart.

If you'd like to have more control, more options, or delete custom files, please try our cleaning program 12-Wash.


Tips and Tricks

All Ghosts are supposed to make your life easier. Sometimes that requires to remember a shortcut or to understand how things work. Anyway, here are all the tricks we know for 12-Popup:


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