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12Ghosts - QuickStart


What does it do for me?

Access programs, documents, Internet sites, e-mail addresses, folders, commands, batch files, Windows tools, anything you need quickly! Access any command quickly in one of four different menus, add hotkeys (unlimited), create your own tray icons (unlimited), or define a screen edge activation area (unlimited, too). Combine commands to open several documents at once!

12-QuickStart is fully customizable - add your own programs or drag and drop existing shortcuts. Arrange the entries in a hierarchical structure, in submenus, with indentation, separators or in new columns. Add custom icons, change texts, compose your menu completely to your liking!

This is not only a program launcher. It has more than 150 time-saving functions built-in. Easily access system folders, redirect any key pressed to any other key or keys, eject CDs, QuickRes resolution switching, hide all windows even those that can't be minimized, change clipboard contents to text-only or capitalize all characters, clear folders, shut down the computer, or bookmark to registry keys.


Where should I start?

To open the menu start 12-Quick or click on the tray icon or press ALT+Q. If you never configured the menu before, you will now see the default menu. Quickly browse through the submenus where all default commands have already been set up for you. You will be able to add new entries and configure each entry in any thinkable way to your liking!

The first command Configuration... opens the 12-Quick settings dialog box.

Each entry consists of about 20 different options. Each option is explained in the status area at the bottom of the dialog box when you move your cursor over the option. Here you also find an explanation for each command. Select the command in the list to see a short description.

To add, remove, and move the entries use the buttons to the left. Note the Copy button to duplicate an entry.

You may even give each entry its own tray icon!

Send Keys

Redirect any key to any other key, character, or text. Specify any key as hotkey for this command and enter the text you'd like to send. For example, press Ctrl+Decimal (Numpad) to enter a comma instead of a point. Use Ctrl+E to enter a € character, even if it is not supported by your keyboard layout. You may enter any Alt+xxx character, or any other international character copied from any application. Of course you may enter more than one character, a sentence or a phrasing you often need.

Eject CD

Eject CDs with the click on a tray icon. Eject, load, or toggle CDs and removable media easily. You may create tray icons and hotkeys for each drive separately. Enter the drive letter as first character as parameter, 'load' to close, or 'toggle' to change the status.




Command Line Parameters

You may start each 'Quick...' command from the command line in a shortcut, batch file, or scheduler. Just add the 'Quick...' command after the path of 12quick.exe.

For example, change the resolution before starting a game. With the following lines you can switch the resolution to 640x480, start the game, wait for it to stop, and finally change the resolution back to 1280x1024. You may also use 1024,768 etc. The third parameter is the number of colors which may also be 8 or 16, and the fourth parameter is the frequency, 70 or 85 will work for most users. Use 'yes' only if you are sure that the frequency works! Test it first without 'yes'!  Copy the following lines to a new text file and rename it to 'QuickResGame.bat'. Of course you need to change the second line that is supposed to start the game:

"C:\Program Files\12Ghosts\12quick.exe" QuickRes 640,480,32,85 yes
start /wait "C:\Program Files\GameFolder\GameName.exe"
"C:\Program Files\12Ghosts\12quick.exe" QuickRes 1280,1024,32,85 yes


Send Keys

To send characters just type the keys you want to send in the Parameters field. For SHIFT, CTRL, or ALT key combinations use {+}, {^}, or {%}. For example:

{^}D         for Ctrl+D
{^}{%}X  for Ctrl+Alt+X

Use {WAIT:nn} to pause for nn seconds.

Some keys are not represented by a character. Enter the following keywords in braces instead:

{LBUTTON} Left mouse button
{RBUTTON} Right mouse button
{MBUTTON} Middle mouse button
{CANCEL} Control-break processing
{BACKSPACE} Backspace
{TAB} Tab
{RETURN} Return/Enter
{SHIFT} Shift (capital)
{PAUSE} Pause
{CAPITAL} Capital lock
{ESC} Escape
{SPACE} Space
{PRIOR} Page up
{NEXT} Page down
{END} End
{HOME} Home
{INSERT} Insert
{DELETE} Delete
{LEFT} Left arrow
{UP} Up arrow
{RIGHT} Right arrow
{DOWN} Down arrow
{SNAPSHOT} Print key
{LWIN} Left Windows key
{RWIN} Right Windows key
{CONTEXT} Context menu/apps key
{F1}...{F24} Function keys F1 to F24
{NUMLOCK} Numlock
{SCROLL} Scroll
Number 0 to 9 on the numeric key pad
{ADD} + key on the numeric key pad
{SUBTRACT} - key on the numeric key pad
{MULTIPLY} * key on the numeric key pad
{DIVIDE} / key on the numeric key pad
{DECIMAL} Decimal key on the numeric key pad
{{} Opening Brace {


Frequently Asked Questions

I've set up Alt+Q to open the main menu. I want to open the default menu, so I hold Ctrl+Shift and press Alt+Q. Nothing happens.

A: You actually pressed Ctrl+Shift+Alt+Q, a key that is not (yet) defined as a hotkey. But you can! Open the configuration window, scroll down to the entry "Quick Default Menu", click into the hotkey field and press Ctrl+Shift+Alt+Q. You can do the same with "Quick Shift Menu" and "Quick Ctrl Menu". These shortcuts have not been added during the installation because many users feel uncomfortable with too many hotkeys being grabbed by 12-QuickStart.

Adding a screen-edge activation would be very handy, so that just by moving the mouse to the designated edge of the screen would activate the menu.

That's already possible. We call it a mouse-move activation. For the command "Quick Main Menu" just click on the button "Mouse Move". Move and size the window with its red area to the edge you prefer and click Set.

The menu doesn't appear any longer since I added more commands!?

Unfortunately, Windows 98/ME does not display menus if they are too high or wide to fit on the screen. In a higher resolution like 1024x768 it may open again. Insert menu breaks or remove entries until the menu is small enough to fit completely on the screen.

How do I add the complete default menu after an update?

Do you like the new default menu? But you would like to keep entries you've added to your left-click menu? No problem, just follow these steps. (You may want to save all 12-QuickStart settings before this operation. Click on General - Save.)

First, you should delete all entries you don't need, for example the old default entries. Keep only those you added yourself and those that you customized. Now select the first entry and click on the button Default. You will be asked if you would like to delete all entries. Answer No because you want to keep the remaining entries. Now, all default entries are added at the top. Note, even after adding the new commands you may still click Cancel in case you're not satisfied with the result.


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