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What does it do for me?

Every time a new window appears this robot checks if you want to close it, move it, position it, or click OK or Cancel automatically. No longer bother about confirmation requests, for example if you want to create a new firewall rule now ("No, thanks!"), hang up your Internet connection ("No!"), or if you'd like to accept another cookie ("Argh!"). 12-Robo clicks the right button for you automatically.

Of course you can also close a window, for example advertisement pop-ups. Or start a program, for example 12-WinControl to position a window. Many programs, like Internet Explorer or Windows Notepad don't remember their last position. Let 12-Robo remember it for them.


Where should I start?

You need to set up two things: describe the window that appears ("Event") and which button to click ("Action"). Put both together in a new "Task". This way you can re-use Events and Actions with different Tasks.


When a window opens you can set 12-Robo to respond to that event. Create a new event by clicking New and enter a name. Then drag the flag from the 12-Robo window over the window to handle.

Make sure the main application window is selected, not just a child of the window you want to select. To ensure you always select main windows you may hold CTRL while dragging the flag.

Choose if you want the related action to occur only once, when the window appears for the first time, or each time 12-Robo checks for new windows (set that time in Options). When you position a window you probably want to do this only once.


Click New to create a new action. Choose to either click a button or start a program.

Drag the green flag over the button to press. Make sure the correct "parent" window is selected, that is, the window that contains the button. This may be different from the one used in the event. In the case of a message box, however ("Are you sure? - Yes/No/Cancel"), it's probably the same.

One of the 12Ghosts helpers that may come in handy is 12-WinControl. Call it with command line parameters to position a window, close, or minimize it. To start 12-WinControl press the small button on the left.


A Task is the link between Event and Action. First create an event and an action. Then create a new task and select the related event and action in the drop-down lists. Both fit together like a key into a lock.

Clicking a Button

Here's an example what you need to do to click a button. Wait until the window appears. Then create a new event. Drag the little flag over the dialog box. Next, create an action. Drag the flag over the button you want to click. Finally, create a new Task and select the new event and action in the two drop-downs.


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