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12Ghosts ScreenSaver

12Ghosts - ScreenSaver


What does it do for me?

12Ghosts now offers a special screen saver. You control what clicks and keys wake up the screen saver. For example configure it so that it doesn't wake up on mouse moves, only on mouse clicks or key presses. The 12Ghosts Screen Saver is a blank screen saver, thus saving the most energy.

Switching power on and off constantly reduces monitor life as a result of thermal cycling. This is even more true for TFT monitors! With a blank screen saver you save the most energy while preserving the lifetime of your monitor.


Where should I start?

To install or configure the 12Ghosts Screen Saver right-click on the shortcut in START - Programs - 12Ghosts. Select either Test, Configure, or Install.

The default is to wake up on any click and key press, but not on a mouse move which could already happen when you knock against the table, or when you push the mouse aside. You may also prevent all three mouse buttons and all keys from waking up the screen saver. Only F10, ALT and the WIN keys can always stop a screen saver.

12Ghosts Screen Saver is shareware. You may use it for reviewing, however, the 12Ghosts logo can only be disabled in the registered version.


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