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What does it do for me?

It helps you to manage screen saver settings directly or create shortcuts or batch files for automation. For example, you can enable a screen saver in the evening to save energy, but disable it in the morning.

You may change the screen saver, stop it via scheduler, start with password protection immediately, set the time-out even to seconds, enable/disable the screen saver temporarily, and set/reset password protection. There are options to enter standby mode, or change the wallpaper.


Where should I start?

Open 12-ScreenMan and change all possible screen saver settings directly in the dialog box of 12-SreenMan. Use one of the arrow buttons to create a shortcut for each command on the desktop.

Click on Properties to verify the screen save settings in the Windows control panel. Click on 12-Timer to create a new timer.

Automation by Scheduler

Suppose you would like to have a screen saver running at night, but not during your working hours. Here's how you can schedule to start a screen saver in the evening and stop it in the morning.

Create two new timers in 12-Timer. Enter the following Start Path and Parameters for each timer, both scheduled reoccuring every 24 hours, one in the morning, the other in the evening, where scrnsave.scr is the name of the screen saver you want to start:

    Start Path: C:\Program Files\12Ghosts\12scrsav.exe
    Parameters: /disable /stop

    Start Path: C:\Program Files\12Ghosts\12scrsav.exe
    Parameters: /enable /change:scrnsave.scr


Nutek Power Management

Some windows versions and some computers do not support power management. However, many monitors support the Nutek power management standard. This feature turns off monitor power, even in NT, when a totally blank screen is detected. You don't want to have the monitor turned off several times during the day, though, because switching power on and off constantly reduces monitor life as a result of thermal cycling. Furthermore, many users want to use their special screen saver during the day.

12-ScreenMan is able to change the daytime screen saver to a blank screen saver in the evening. This enables the use of the Nutek feature and provides power management for all computers!

There is a slight trick to switch screen savers on Windows NT/2000/XP when another is already running. You first need to stop the running screen saver to select a new one. 12-ScreenMan does exactly that, which was the initial reason to develop it.


Changing Screen Savers

To switch screen savers call up the following command from the "Target" field of a shortcut, a batch file, or from a scheduler like 12-Timer. You can also specify a full path after the parameter "/change:"

    12scrsav.exe /stop /change:scrnsave.scr /start


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