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12Ghosts SetColor

12Ghosts - SetColor


What does it do for me?

Set the text color of your desktop icons. You may also make the background transparent. Although Windows does not allow changing these colors, this special tool can, automatically and easily.


Where should I start?

Start 12-SetColor and select the text color by clicking Icon Text Color. Choose your color in a graphical paintbox. You may choose the Background Color in the same way. Or click Transparent to make this background area invisible and let your wallpaper shine through! Click on Shadow (XP only) to set a light shadow around the text (white on black is the only color supported for this shadow effect).

The color you chose is additionally displayed as RGB value (red, green, and blue, between 0 and 255), or Hexadecimal. This may come in handy when creating HTML pages or programming. Enable Copy Automatically to do just that after each change.

12-SetColor sets the colors repeatedly as well. Just enter the number of minutes, how often the colors should be set. A value of 5 minutes should be sufficient. In any case, the colors will be set only if they are different, to save resources and reduce activity on your computer.

Note, this does not switch a setting to anywhere because there is none in Windows! Instead, 12-SetColor sends a color command directly to the desktop icons. When Windows repaints the desktop later, if, for example, you apply changes to the desktop settings or restart the system, the colors need to be set again. Doing this after at least 5 minutes seems to be sufficient.


External Automation

You may want to create a shortcut to change colors. For example if you change your wallpaper regularly, you want to change icon colors at the same time. Note, that our tool 12Ghosts ScreenMan is capable of switching wallpapers and screen savers, and 12Ghosts Timer can do this regularly for you.

To set the colors use these RGB values: /tr=text red, /tg=green, /tb=blue, /br=background red, /bg=background green, /bb=background blue, values between 0-255, or /trans.

For Example: 12setcolor.exe /tr:0 /tg:0 /tb:255 /trans


General Issues


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