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12Ghosts - TrayProtect


What does it do for me?

To keep track of many tray icons you may hide those that you don't need all the time. You can still access such hidden tray icons in the context menu of 12-Tray, including "inactive" icons.

12-Tray will also restore tray icons after a "crash" or restart of the taskbar (which in fact is displayed by the module explorer.exe, aka Windows shell). Usually the taskbar comes up after a crash without any tray icons. You had to stop and restart all related programs to restore the tray icons. Now, 12-Tray will restore tray icons automatically.


Where should I start?

When you start 12-Tray for the first time, you need to logoff and back on for 12-Tray to be able to see all tray icons.

Open 12-Tray settings to see which icons it has found in your taskbar tray. To hide an icon, select it in the left list and click on "To Menu >". To show it again, select it in the right list and click "< In Tray". The hidden icons will appear in the context menu of 12-Tray.


Easy Handling

Note, that you may also double-click an entry in the settings dialog box to move it from left to right, or from right to left. To move more than one entry hold CTRL and click on all entries you'd like to move.

Also of interest is the fact that you can right-click on the icon in the context menu of 12-Tray. It is also possible to simulate a "double-click" on these entries: just hold CTRL and click on the item.


Access Tray Menus with Keyboard

To access tray icons with the keyboard, set up a hot key in the 'General' tab of 12-TrayProtect. This key combination now opens the context menu of 12-TrayProtect, that lists all tray icons at the top. Just select the icon with ARROW UP/DOWN and ENTER. Holding down CTRL means double-click, SHIFT means right-click.


Volume and Connection Icons

There are a few icons that 12-Tray cannot hide, since they are added by explorer.exe itself (the module that displays the tray). Depending on the Windows version, this may include the Volume icon and the Internet Connection icons. In any case, these icons are restored exactly because they are handled by explorer.exe itself. You may un-check the option 'Explorer' to prevent having these icons twice or several times.



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