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What does it do for me?

Imagine you'd like to read a webpage but there is an animated graphic that distracts your attention. Perhaps there is an ad that annoys you and that you just don't want to see while reading the website. Or, for example, you show a part of a document to someone, and need to cover a particular part. If you Just had A Window to place it on top! With 12-JaWindow you can create as many free-movable windows as necessary to cover or conceal all these areas on the screen. It's so simple! Now with up to ten dial numbers!


Where should I start?

Start the program and click on "Create New Window". Drag the window over the area you'd like to cover. To change the size move the mouse cursor over a border of the window. To close it click the small x.

You may keep 12-JaWindow running in the tray. Just enable the General option "Always Running".


Dial Numbers

Ten easy-to-use dial numbers allow you direct access to ten window positions. Click on one of the numbers to create a window. Now move and size the window to where you would like. When you close it and press the same dial number again, it will appear exactly at that position.

What is that good for? For example, when you read an article on a web page and there is an annoying ad right of the article, you would choose a dial number and place a window over the ad. When finished reading the article you'll also close the covering window. The next time you read an article on the same web site you just need to press the same dial number and - voila - the covering window appears at the same position.


Changing Dial Numbers

Each window shows a drop-down list with its dial number. When you press Create New Window it does not have a dial number. When you press one of the dial buttons, however, the number is selected in the drop-down list. You may, at any time, change the dial number. For example, you click the button '5', a window appears and the selected number is '5'. Then you select the number '6' in the drop-down list. This will save the size and position under '6' (as well). The next time you click '6', the window will appear at the same position as '5'.



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