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What does it do for me?

Fast compression, compatible with the ZIP industry standard, and with command line support. ZIP is the industry standard for compressed files, you may receive ZIP files by e-mail or download them from the Internet. Use 12-Zip to handle those files easily! 


What's so special about it?


Where should I start?

Use 12-Zip to handle zip files easily in a graphical interface. Click New or Open to start working with a ZIP file. You can add files or extract them to a folder.

12-Zip is integrated into Windows Explorer. Just select files or folders to compress, right-click on the selected files, and select ZIP to... Per default this creates a ZIP file in the same folder with the same name as the clicked file, or in the parent folder of a folder. To unzip right-click on the ZIP file and select Unzip to... which automatically suggests a folder name.


12-Zip supports the ZIP industry standard

12-Zip is compatible with zip (Info-ZIP group), gzip, PKZIP, WinZip, and many other compression tools. 12-Zip adds compression code as provided by the Info-ZIP group. The executables and the source code is free and can be obtained from ftp://ftp.cdrom.com/pub/infozip/. Thanks to all members of the Info-ZIP group for contributing to this project!


12-Zip Command line options

12-Zip supports the same command line options as the UNIX "zip" or "unzip" tools. To compress a folder use these parameters:

-S to include system and hidden files
-R to travel the directory structure recursively starting at the current directory (Tip: do a "cd" first)

For example, to zip the folder c:\data\mydata use these commands:

cd c:\data\mydata
12zip.exe zip -SR "c:\data\test.zip" *.*


To unzip just add the .zip file as first parameter. Optionally put the target folder after a -d option. For example:

12zip.exe unzip "c:\data\test.zip" -d "c:\data\mydata"

Again, the same can be accomplished with 12-Zip2 with these commands:

12zip2.exe "c:\data\test.exe" "c:\data\mydata" /subfolders

To unzip just execute the self-extracting .exe file.


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