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What does it do for me?

Would you like to send a zip file but they may not know what a zip file is? No problem, send them a 12Ghosts Zip2 self-extracting file! That doesn't need any special zip program. Just double-click the compressed .EXE file and have all files displayed in a new folder window.

12-Zip2 uses the new Burrows-Wheeler block-sorting compression standard (BZ2). Reduce the size and save more than 20% compressed size compared to normal zip (PKZIP, WinZip, etc.)

Advantages of Zip2:


Where should I start?

12-Zip2 is easy to use

Compression couldn't be any easier! Full integration into Windows Explorer lets you compress files with just a right-click. You may choose to include subfolders before compression starts. You may change the folder where to store the compressed file .Z2.EXE. Then click Zip Now and you're done.

Better Compression

This 12-Zip2 compression algorithm is optimized for large amounts of data, either large files or many small files. The algorithm works very good on text files. You will have a decrease of approximately 20% more than the old zip format. In other words, instead of shrinking average data by a factor of two, 12-Zip2 offers a factor of nearly three, or for text files even four. Run a simple test yourself!

Why do we use 12-Zip2?

By using 12-Zip2 compressing our 12Ghosts installation files, the size decreased by 20% just by using 12-Zip2!

Technically speaking

12Ghosts Zip2 uses Burrows-Wheeler block-sorting text compression algorithm, and Huffman coding. Compression is generally considerably better than that achieved by more conventional LZ77/78-based compressors (normal zip), and approaches the performance of the PPM family of statistical compressors.

12Ghosts Zip2 is based in part on the work of Julian R. Seward.

Command line support

12zip2.exe supports target zip file and source folder as parameters. You may add "/subfolders" to include subfolders. For example:

12zip2.exe "c:\backup\mydata.exe" "c:\mydata" /subfolders

That's exactly how we compress the 12Ghosts installation!


Distribute Your Software with Zip2 SFX (like 12Ghosts does!)

The self-extracting part of Zip2 also starts a setup program. It needs to be named setup.exe or setup.bat and included in the top folder of the compressed files. Zip2 also passes parameters to setup.exe, which were supplied to the compressed file. Files are unpacked into a temporary folder, which is created automatically. You may add a folder as the first parameter to the .Z2.EXE file to specify a target folder.

Setup.exe is called with the parameters /sfxstart "/sfxpath:<the-unzip-path>" for your setup program to copy files and to clean up the temporary folder.

Note that you may specify a standard unzip folder, like a subfolder of "Program Files", or an absolute folder. Click on Defaults for more options.


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