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12Ghosts Silencer

12Ghosts - Silencer


What does it do for me?

Turning off UAC gives all programs full admin rights, even those that don't need them, like your browser, email, or word editor. Better yet, set UAC to silent mode. In Silent Mode, you still work with the lower rights of a standard user. Programs that are known to have security vulnerabilities (browser, email) cannot harm your system.

Still, we recommend lowering your guards only temporarily, for example when you install older programs, work in Program Files, or configure system settings. This smart little helper can turn UAC on again automatically, for example after 5 minutes - set it and forget it.

Other options include turning off security center alerts (or some of them), as well as disable Secure Desktop Switch to prevent flicker and delays (while keeping the security layer of UAC).


How do I start?

Start 12-Silencer and choose one of the following options:

Silence UAC
Turn off Security Center Alerts
Disable Secure Desktop



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