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Arrangement of Icons and Windows

Save and restore the position of desktop icons, sidebar gadgets, and application windows when the screen resolution changes.

Sometimes, when a 3D game changes the screen resolution, desktop icons are re-arranged, or windows get smaller and move elsewhere. This tweak automatically restores all positions.


Where do I start?

In the top control, select Desktop -> Arrangement of Icons and Windows.

To test the basic functionality, click the button Save All. Now, move an icon somewhere else and click Restore All. The icon should jump back to where it was.

Can I save and restore automatically?



Nothing happens when I restore?

Right-click on the desktop, select 'View', and make sure that 'Auto Arrange' and 'Align to Grid' is un-checked.

Could you add a command line option to save and restore?

Yes, you may now use /save or /restore to Save All or Restore All arrangement options. The program will quit afterwards.

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