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Basic Options

Basic Options can be accessed from the top-control menu, from the right-click menu of the top control, as well as the right-click menu of the tray icon.

Display Language

Change the display language here. You may need to close the dialog box to see the changes.

Help bring 12-Tweak to your country! Add your own translations and send them by e-mail. Your help is appreciated by all 12Ghosts users worldwide!

If you choose the last entry Your Language Here the program creates a copy of langTweak.12x in your user profile path under AppData\Roaming\12Ghosts, and opens that file in Notepad. It is an XML text file that you may open in your browser or any editor. Send us your changes, we will add them in the next release!

Add a tray icon

If automatic tasks are enabled the program keeps running in the background. To be able to access the program later you will need the tray icon. (Without a tray icon you would need to start the program again which also triggers the hidden instance to show up.)

Add a Startup shortcut

For automatic tasks to be enabled after a re-boot enable this option.

Always keep running

If you would like to keep 12-Tweak in the tray, even if no automatic tasks are enabled, check this option.

Log file

A log file is created automatically in the AppData\Roaming\12Ghosts path of the user profile. The size is automatically limited to 100 KB. Success and error messages are listed with a date and time stamp. This may be useful if you have automatic background tasks enabled. From time to time check if the automatic features were triggered as they should.

Warning on Exit

This reminder lists all automatic background tasks that are currently enabled. If you want to keep any of them enabled don't stop the program. However, you may turn this reminder off.

Export Settings

Here you can export settings to an XML file, easy to edit or backup.


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