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Change Color of Icon Text

With this tweak you can adjust the color of desktop icon texts to match your wallpaper.

You may set the color of the text below icons on the desktop, as well as the background color. The background can be set to transparent, or the text can be set to have a drop-shadow.


Where do I start?

When you select Desktop -> Colors of Desktop Icon Texts you can easily change the colors of the icon labels. Make sure to click Apply after you enable Change color of desktop icon labels.

Click Text Color to change the text color of the icon labels. Click either Background to change the background color, or click Transparent to make the label background invisible.

A Drop-Shadow only works with a white text color.



Why does changing the icon color not stick when the program is stopped?

As soon as the desktop is refreshed (which sometimes happens during an installation), this tweak is gone. It does not stick because Windows does not have a setting for this. 12-Tweak changes the behavior of the desktop only while it is running.


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