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Desktop Arrangement FAQ


Why does the drop-down list not show all versions?

Duplicate versions may not show up if you have checked "Show only different versions" in Options.

Why doesn't anything happen when I click "Older"?

Maybe both versions are the same. You may check "Show only different versions" in Options.

Why are some numbers in the drop-down lists missing?

When the program needs to delete older versions it deletes identical versions first, not the oldest version. So, older numbers may be kept, and numbers in between have been deleted because they were duplicates.

Also, duplicate versions don't show up if "Show only different versions" is checked in Options.

Why are numbers in the drop-down lists not sorted?

Versions in the restore lists are sorted by date, not necessarily by number. That means, you may change numbers, import files from other computers with different numbers, or restore files from a backup - still, all versions are sorted by date.

I want to restore a particular version. Can I mark it as "the one"?

When you click the button Restore it is always the newest version that is restored. To "mark" a version as the one to be restored, restore it first, then click Save. Now it is the newest version. (However, you may need to turn off auto-save so it continues to be the newest version.)

I changed the screen resolution, but I get a different layout, not the newest one?

If 12-Tweak finds a version that was saved at the new resolution, that is used. If you work at two resolutions sometimes, you may arrange icons differently at each resolution and save a layout for each resolution.

Can I prevent scaling of positions?

Yes, hold down CTRL to disable scaling.

I connected a second monitor. Now icons are spread over both screens. Can I get them back to the primary monitor?

Yes, hold down CTRL while you click Restore, to disable scaling.


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