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Versions to keep

No matter if you save automatically or manually, you should keep several versions. A completly wrong layout may be saved inadvertantly, you may click "save" at the wrong moment, or your backup may get lost. Better safe than sorry. The default is to keep up to 100 different versions.

Save As...

You may change the storage folder at any time. Default is your profile path -> AppData -> Roaming -> 12Ghosts -> Desktop Arrangement. Make sure to include this folder in your backup! You may open the folder from here, and open and edit the .X12 files with any XML editor or Notepad.


Save automatically

If you want 12-Tweak to pick up changes automatically, check this option. The more often you save, the more versions you should keep. The default is to save every 4 hours and keep up to 100 different versions.

You may as well save only manually which ensures that only "good" layouts are saved.



Restore all positions automatically after a screen resolution change. For example, when you quit a 3D game that runs in a different screen resolution, you probably want your previous icon and window layout restored. Same for moving or sizing the taskbar.

Show only different versions

When you restore older versions, nothing would happen if two versions are the same. Enable this option to skip all identical versions.


Add "Restore All" to the right-click menu of the desktop

To access the Restore command right where it's needed add the 12-Tweak menu entry to the context menu of the desktop.


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