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Single-Click Activation

If you often launch programs from the desktop, you may now change the activation from double-click to single-click. (Note, the program needs to be running for this option to work permanently.)

How do I start?

In the top control, select Desktop -> Desktop Tweaks. Check the option Single-click activation for desktop icons and click OK or Apply. Now move your mouse cursor over an icon. It should change to underlined text, indicating a "hot" item, which can be activated with a single-click.


Does a double-click still work?

Yes, if single-click activation is enabled, you may either single-click or double-click. The second click of the double-click is ignored.

If a single-click activates the icon, how can I select it?
Why does this no longer work when the program is stopped?

As soon as the desktop is refreshed (sometimes happens during an installation), this tweak is gone. It does not stick because Windows does not have a setting for this. 12-Tweak changes the behavior of the desktop only while it is running.


Show Desktop at click anywhere

To show the desktop you can either use the "Show Desktop" shortcut in the Quick Launch toolbar, or press WIN+D. However, this is slow, complicated, it flickers the screen, and the z-order of windows is not kept the same.

Show Desktop at click anywhere doesn't have these shortcomings. You can click anywhere on the desktop to show it. It doesn't flicker the desktop icons, and flicker of windows is reduced. The z-order (which window is on top), is kept.

How do I start?

Select Desktop -> Desktop Tweaks. Check the option Show Desktop at click anywhere on the desktop and click OK or Apply. Now click with the left mouse button anywhere on the desktop (not on an icon). It should come to front immediately. To get all hidden windows back just click on the desktop again.


Why are Sidebar Gadgets not hidden?

We feel that they belong to the desktop, hence they stay. If you have Gadgets not attached to the sidebar this would be the way to get to them. Press WIN+D to hide Gadgets as well.

Why is the taskbar hidden?

"Desktop" really means the full desktop, including the area below the taskbar. If there are icons or gadgets below the taskbar this would be the way to get to them.

When I click an icon the desktop moves back. How do I select an icon?

Hold down CTRL to prevent toggling of 'Show Desktop'.

I need to click on the desktop to select icons. How do I do that?

If you hold down CTRL the click on the desktop is ignored. That way you can select several icons.

Once I'm at the desktop, can I toggle Show Desktop with keys?

Yes, if the desktop has the focus you can press SPACE to show the desktop.


Hide Certain Icons

You can hide certain icons from the desktop like "desktop.ini", or other items you would like to hide from preying eyes. Click Choose to add icons to the list.

Can I quickly access a hidden icon?

Yes, activate the desktop, press F5 and quickly double-click the icon when it appears. If you need more time diable this tweak.

I would like to move icons exactly one pixel at a time. Can you add that feature?

Yes, we have. You need to hold down ALT and then press the arrow keys UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT to move the selected and focused icon. Now you can position icons exactly where you want them. (This is enabled if any of the above tweaks is enabled.)


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