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12Ghosts Reviews and Awards


What others say...
Customer Feedback
Most Notable Reviews and Awards
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What others say...

  • "5 Cow Rating" - 32 times on Tucows: 13 x 5 Cows, 14 x 4 Cows, 5 x 3 Cows   
  • "Editors Pick" - 16 times on ZDNet: 7 x 5-Star, 9 x 4-Star 
  • "Best in its class" - Winmag's WinList
  • "One of the most versatile utilities" - ZDNet
  • "What an innovative collection of utilities" - BetaBites.com
  • "Pick of the Week" - Kim Komando's Shareware
  • more...


Customer Feedback

(You probably assume that these are made-up anyway... Fortunately, we didn't have to. Thanks to each and everyone for contributing to this listing!)

    "I truly appreciate the time and effort you spent on me. I will tell all that will listen, what a wonder company 12Ghosts is and that it goes much beyond just business as usual. You are a first-rate company with products that don't just stand on their current laurels. The utilities are always evolving and improving. They are impressive, but it takes more than that to really make an outstanding company. It is really the people behind the products that make a company great. If you are any indication of what 12Ghosts is about, it must be a remarkable company. Customer service is what keeps customers!" David Taylor

    "I have downloaded the 12ghost Wash and I am thoroughly impressed with it. I had previously used Window Washer, but after sampling your product, I am convinced that it is the best, hands down!" Randall

    "Hey, a software house which responds to email queries !! Many thanks, mission accomplished !" Simon Essex

    "Wow - what great and fast support. Any chance of you guys taking over Microsoft? They sure could learn a lot from you." Scott A. Niskach

    "Love your product and your support was fast and helpful. Worth every penny. I love the bang for the buck. (all it does for the money). You run a good operation. Thanks." Randy S Lewien

    "Without QuickStart, I think I would leave Computing !!!" Romain NOEL

    "Goodness, you've added a kabillion new functions too. 12-Quick does everything but brew coffee! An extraordinary update. Everything I need is at my fingertips and I never have to look a that lame start menu. 12-Quick is the ultimate hard-core power user's dream utility." Tim Joslin

    "I have tried many wash programs before this one and I must say this is the best by far of all I have tried." Vincent Amato

    "I've been researching programs that can run several tasks at shutdown and from what I have been able to find your 12Ghosts is the best one available on the market." Bob Strine, Network Consulting

    "I have already gotten the full value from your software just by using Robot ghost. For the last few months I have had Outlook putting up a darn network password dialog every time it goes to check mail. The password was there and correct, but it just wanted to check every darn time. - In ten minutes I had a task setup and will never see that darn message again. Very easy to use!" Leland Hambley

    "Thanks for 12Ghosts Quick and friendly responses. It's so rare in this age of megacorporations." John Godfrey

    "I'm really impressed with your excellent support! I wish all software developers were this responsive!" Patrick Stallings

    "You made my life a bit easier again." Peter Hofman

    "Based on the way I've seen your Timer product, I will be purchasing your package of all programs, and will FIND a use for them. Very Nice work." Tom Isherwood, Network Support Specialist

    "12-ShutDown is still the best program of its kind!" Edward Mendelson, Contributing Editor, PC Magazine

    "The new version works great! Thanks for the quick enhancement. I rely on the Ghosts every day, at work and at home." Peter J. Riley

    "WOW!!! That is my first reaction to the new ghost 12-Lookup. This is the best new ghost I have seen yet. WOW!!" Kaile Johansen

    "12Ghosts is one of the most valuable Utilities to come along in a while. Very unique. Also, this has probably been the best thought out and most useable and STABLE of the Utilities software on the market." Charles Hall Jr.

    "Good customer service always makes it feel much safer to use the products, many thanks." Steve Hayes

    "The ghosts are the neatest little utilities I ever saw. I have a lot of fun tweaking and geeking with them." Jerry Whelan.

    "I routinely deal (or try to deal) with many vendors via email as part of my job & that you respond at all puts you furlongs ahead of most of the crowd. The fact you respond quickly, consistently and with intelligence is essentially unheard of!" Keith Sherk

    "I've recently evaluated and then bought 12 Ghosts Pro. It's a remarkable set of utilities. It replaces several programs I had before as it does comparable functions very easily. Congratulations." John Godfrey

    "I purchased the 12Ghosts Pro yesterday..and must admit..I haven't had this much fun in years with a program!  Seriously..I've worked with computers for over 15 years..and this has got to be one of the best little (and really useful) programs that I have ever brought.  Well done!" Bill Twort

    "As I test hundreds of software programmes and utilities, my system is often on the blink, but 12Ghosts never fails to work under these less than favourable conditions." Rod Druce

    "Thanks for the usual great support. Your latest version of 12Ghosts is superb!" Bob Coen

    "I just wanted to say thank you very much for helping me. You guys are the best when it comes to support. I appreciate that very much, and will continue to use your products. Thanks again!!!" Christopher Commander

    "Thank You for your quick response - that was so simple! I appreciate your help." Dee Dee Coker

    "Wow. What can I say? Talk about customer service: I'm very impressed. It's quite the norm these days for developers to say that they respond to feedback on their sites, quite another for them to deliver. And so quickly too: a major selling point there. FWIW, that kind of responsiveness is something I really look for when I buy software now; you don't necessarily appreciate it when you first start out buying software, but after a few years..." Tony Adamczyk



Most Notable Reviews and Awards

Listed at Tucows: All 32 programs of 12Ghosts Inc. are listed on Tucows.com which, by itself, is a remarkable success. Tucows rated the 12G-Complete package with '5 Cows' (best rating). Furthermore, each included program got good ratings as well: '13 x 5 Cows' for Backup, DeskTOP, Popup-Killer, ProfileCopy, QuickStart, Replace, SetColor, Menu, ShowTime, Shredder, 12G-Complete, Timer, and Wash. '14 x 4 Cows' for Clip, JumpReg, Messenger, NotePad, Robot, SaveLayout, ScreenSaver, ScrnMan, ShutDown, Startup, Synchronize, TrayProtect, WinControl and 12-Zip. '5 x 3 Cows' for 2ndFolder, FileDate, JustAWindow, Lookup, Password.

'Finalist ZD Shareware Awards': 12Ghosts has been nominated as finalist in the category System Utilities for the 6th Annual Ziff Davis Shareware Awards. PC Magazine, Computer Gaming World, FamilyPC, ZDTV, and ZDNet have teamed up to honor the year's best PC-based shareware programs. Awards have been presented at the Shareware Industry Conference in Tampa, FL.

ZDNet: "It gives us great pleasure, once again, to recognize many of the unsung heroes and true innovators of the software industry, whose programs can easily compete on the same playing field as the software giants. [...] Despite the varied nature of the software we evaluated, every single one of these categories contains stand-out programs that rise above the rest."

MendoClick - Comparison of alarm clocks and timers including 12-Timer, 12-ShowTime, and 12-Sync

c't Shareware CD: "Insgesamt ist die Sammlung so umfassend, dass eigentlich jeder Anwender nützliche Funktionen darin finden dürfte." 270 handverlesene Programme - Kategorie Systemerweiterungen, c't, 12/02

Kim Komando's Shareware Pick of the Week

ListSoft.com: "Best", "Users Choice", and "Recommended" - "Enjoy their presence and be ready to throw away half of your utilities..."

    Winmag's WinList 'Best in its class'

    Listed at download.com

    ZDNet Editors' Pick '5 Star': "Outstanding in all respects. One of the best of its class."



Recent Media Coverage

3D2F.com has done a marvelous review of 12Ghosts Complete 8.0: "There are tons of places and problems where Windows environment CAN be better - but Microsoft doesn't have an idea or time to take care of that. We shouldn't blame Microsoft too much, because tons of improvements can be added to your Windows with a single software suite of incredible usefulness, named 12 Ghosts."


DownloadSofts.com: "100% Clean and Safe to install"

Softalizer.com: "100% Clean"

Safe-Install.com: "Safe to Install"

12Ghosts received a '5 Star' award from www.trialware.in: "Excellent (5/5)"

qArchive.org - Created a Antivirus report for 12G-Complete: 'Virus Free'

12-Shredder has received '5 Star Best Award' from Files Repository: "Don't let any compromising data destroy your life! Destroy the data with this easy-to-use tool. An absolutely vital extension for every Windows user."

12-ShowTime has been updated and rated 'Excellent' by www.5cup.com

12-Wash is a Golden Acorn Award winner on the site www.FreeFunFiles.com.

5 Star Rating for most of our tools and packages by soft32.com

Award for Excellence - 5 Stars by Download2you.com for 12-Popup-Killer, 12-Synchronize, and 12-Zip

  12Ghosts Wash was awarded with The Most Popular award by Softpile



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