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12Ghosts Reviews 2006




qArchive.org - Created a Antivirus report for 12G-Complete: 'Virus Free'

12-Shredder has received '5 Star Best Award' from Files Repository: "Don't let any compromising data destroy your life! Destroy the data with this easy-to-use tool. An absolutely vital extension for every Windows user."

12-ShowTime has been updated and rated 'Excellent' by www.5cup.com

12-Wash is a Golden Acorn Award winner on the site www.FreeFunFiles.com.

5 Star Rating for most of our tools and packages by soft32.com

Award for Excellence - 5 Stars by Download2you.com for 12-Popup-Killer, 12-Synchronize, and 12-Zip

  12Ghosts Wash was awarded with The Most Popular award by Softpile



All 32 programs of 12Ghosts Inc. are listed on Tucows.com which by itself is a remarkable success. Tucows rated the Supremacy package with 5 Cows (best rating). Furthermore, each included program got good ratings as well: 13 x 5 Cows for Backup, DeskTOP, Popup-Killer, ProfileCopy, QuickStart, Replace, SetColor, Menu, ShowTime, Shredder, Supremacy, Timer, and Wash. 14 x 4 Cows for Clip, JumpReg, Messenger, NotePad, Robot, SaveLayout, ScreenSaver, ScrnMan, ShutDown, Startup, Synchronize, TrayProtect, WinControl and 12-Zip. 5 x 3 Cows for 2ndFolder, FileDate, JustAWindow, Lookup, Password.


The Sydney Morning Herald
12-Popup was the only popup blocker with 5 out of 5 points in this test. "The verdict: 12Ghosts Popup-Killer nudges ahead on look, feel and ease of use ... It worked smoothly and was easy to install and use." The Sydney Morning Herald, Weapons of Choice, 09/20/03


Rating: 5 of 5 points for 12-Backup and 12-ShellX at SharewareRiver.com


Our new program, 12-Popup-Killer, got a 5 Cows rating at Tucows.com.


Best Pick - 5 Stars at Softpicks.com


AllFiles.com 5 Star rating


Shareup.com 5 Star rating


12-Backup reviewed by Mendoclick.com


5-Star Editor's Pick by SoftLandMark


PC Home Online: "COOL!"


Editors Pick on SoftwareSeeker.com


5 Star at Paul's Picks


Sponsor of Skylark Utilities


  FileHungry rated us 5-Star


Comparison of alarm clocks and timers, including 12-Timer, 12-ShowTime, and 12-Sync, can be found at MendoClick


c't: "Insgesamt ist die Sammlung so umfassend, dass eigentlich jeder Anwender nützliche Funktionen darin finden dürfte." 270 handverlesene Programme - Kategorie Systemerweiterungen, c't, 12/02



PC Shopping - "Shareware of the Month"


  Rated "5 Stars" on The File Transit


"Five Dudes" by www.dudes.com



Geeks on the Radio
Interview with the CEO of 12Ghosts - Listen to Interview




PC Upgrade Magazine
"12Ghosts Pro is a collection of 21 separate utilities that add significant functionality to the Windows family of operating systems ...
12-Backup: This tiered system lets you go back in time to find versions of a file that would otherwise be lost to you ...
12-Timer: This would require creating a separate entry for each event in the Windows scheduler, but 12-Timer handles it more gracefully ...
12-Shredder: When a file is deleted normally in Windows, it remains recoverable through the Recycle Bin. Shredder overwrites every bit of the file multiple times so no aspect, from the name to the date to the data, is recoverable ...


"Five Smileys" by RocketDownload.com
"This program offers the most comprehensive and, uh, adorable set of system utilities available. It sends 12 Ghosts to your desktop, each with a specific purpose. They work together, in a frighteningly seamless fashion, to give you a better grip on everyday computing."  More...


Kim Komando's Shareware Pick of the Week, 5/5/01


on Macarlo.com. See full review.
The Maximum: 5 Butterflies


Microsoft MSDN Magazin: "Resources for Your Developer Toolbox"

"12Ghosts Inc. has released version 21 of their 12Ghosts Windows utilities. This update includes 21 programs designed to save you clicks. Programs are included to secure documents while you are working on them and automate repetitive tasks. One utility, 12-ShutDown, comes with "auto-logoff on idle" as well as "auto-logon as predefined user." Other programs automate unattended backups, document management, reminders for important tasks, and security for your desktop.
   Version 21 comes with two new add-ons, 12-Synchronize and 12-TrayClock, which adjust your PC's time with an atomic clock on the Internet and extend the normal functionality of the Windows clock to display a date/time combination according to your preferences, and allows changing of font size and colors. You can download an evaluation version of the 21 timesaving tools at http://www.12ghosts.com."


  FileClicks.com: "RATING: 98% (Yeah Baby, THE BEST!)"
Updated review by Spunkmedia's Head Reviewer David Sturm: "I would highly recommend 12Ghosts for Notepad and Wash alone. However, there are several more fascinating programs lurking in this security suite. Try it yourself and see."


WebAttack 5-Star Editor's Pick
"This immensely useful collection of tools and gadgets will help you to work faster and safer with Windows, the Internet and even automate your daily work...Each individual application is nicely designed and a top quality standalone product. Don't be fooled by the low price!"


WinFiles.com: 3 times , 3 times - "A Get It is a well-known distinction at WinFiles.com. ... You usually won't be disappointed with one of these!" 


ListSoft.com: "Best", "Users Choice", and "Recommended" - "Enjoy their presence and be ready to throw away half of your utilities..."


Yippee.net: "Rated 5 Balls", "Pick of the Day"


          WinList: "Best in its class"


PC Computing: "Best collection of utilities I've pulled off the Internet this year."

Windows Chronicles: "All-Time Favorite"

NBC GIGA.DE: "...die alltäglichen Zipperlein unter Windows prima in den Griff bekommen"

Wiener Computer Markt: "Zwölf gute Geister"

Yahoo! Internet Life: "Utility Belt For Your PC...Get a great set of must-have utilities with 12Ghosts.

6th Annual Ziff Davis Shareware Awards: "Finalist"

c't: "Every one of the Ghosts has some kind of tricks up his sleeve to outwit the operating system or for the typical tasks of everyday PC use."

ZDNet "PACT ShutDown is one of the most versatile Windows quick exit utilities we've seen."

Slaughterhouse: "Pick of the Day"

PC Tip, Switzerland: "Eine Sammlung von verschiedenen, nützlichen kleinen Programmen, mit denen die Arbeit unter Windows 9x einfacher wird."

BetaBites.com: "YeeHaw! Award...What an innovative collection of utilities"

ZDNet AnchorDesk "Killer Downloads"

PC Online, Germany: "Just the principle of 2ndBackup is brilliant."

Desktop98.com: "COOL TOOL Award Winner"

Download.com: "Pick"

ZDNet Tip of the Week: "A product strongly recommended"

5Star-Shareware.com "5 Star Excellent"

ZDNet Editors' Pick "5 Star"


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