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12Ghosts Reviews and Awards 98/99



"Best collection of utilities I've pulled off the Internet this year."

Ron Sequitur, PC Computing Magazine, 11/99, 5 Star rating: "Boo to You   --  I have no idea what the name means, but 12Ghosts is the best collection of utilities I've pulled off the Internet this year. It includes everything from automatic document backup to a quick launcher for applications, a desktop organizer for absolute control over the look and position of icons an automated shutdown utility, alarms, and a task scheduler. You can find some of the utilities in other packages, but 12Ghosts delivers them all with a Pac-Man-inspired flair. Download the lot, try them all, and after your 30-day test period, buy the utilities you like for $14 each or shell out $34 for the bunch."

(The name is derived from the idea of the good little ghost, always ready to do a good turn.)



Windows Chronicles: "All-Time Favorite"

Jeff Bertolucci, former staff editor at PC World, Byte, and c|net, has reviewed several desktop enhancing shareware tools for the Windows Chronicles 9/99 under the title "Build a Better Desktop - Five dirt-cheap utilities to enhance your Windows experience". His conclusion:

"My all-time favorite has to be 12 Ghosts, which offers the most goodies for your dough. [...] Overall, the 12Ghosts are a spirited bunch and worth their price." [...]

"My favorites are two of the simplest: Quick and DeskTOP. Quick, like its fellow ghosts, places a PacMan-like icon in the Taskbar Systray at the bottom right corner of the screen. Click it, and up pops a four-column menu of Windows system folders and maintenance tools just a click away." Full Review



NBC GIGA: Hilfreiche Geister für Euren PC

Norbert, 2/2000: "Zwölf kleine Helferlein warten darauf, Euch in Sachen Windows und PC unter die Arme greifen zu dürfen. Fein verschnürt in einem Paket zum Download. Mit diesem Paket könnt Ihr die alltäglichen Zipperlein unter Windows prima in den Griff bekommen. Sei es, dass Ihr das Desktop-Layout auf die Schnelle ändern wollt oder Eingriffe in die Registry probiert, für viele dieser kleinen Aufgaben steht ein eigenes Mini-Tool zur Verfügung. Das Ganze als Freeware und mit einer Größe von 850 KB."



WCM: "Zwölf gute Geister"

Eine interessante Beschreibung der 12Ghosts in deutscher Sprache bietet die österreichische Zeitschrift WCM - Wiener Computer Markt - Ausgabe 109-99 - "Zwölf gute Geister". Christian Hofer hat jeden Ghost ausführlich beschrieben und eine kleine Einführung in die Benutzung gegeben.



Yahoo! Internet Life: "Utility Belt For Your PC"

From Yahoo! Internet Life, August 27, 1999: "Get a great set of must-have utilities with 12Ghosts. It provides an automated document backup system, a desktop application launcher, registry and associated file backups, icon layout saver, desktop appearance and layout tools, a fully-optioned shutdown utility, a program scheduler, and more. Command-line options and excellent documentation are provided for each of these useful tools, most of which could come in handy on a daily basis."



Finalist ZD Shareware Awards

PACT 12Ghosts has been nominated as finalist in the category System Utilities for the 6th Annual Ziff Davis Shareware Awards.

PC Magazine, Computer Gaming World, FamilyPC, ZDTV, and ZDNet have teamed up to honor the year's best PC-based shareware programs. Awards will be presented on July 22nd, 1999, at the Shareware Industry Conference in Tampa, FL.

ZDNet: "It gives us great pleasure, once again, to recognize many of the unsung heroes and true innovators of the software industry, whose programs can easily compete on the same playing field as the software giants. [...] Despite the varied nature of the software we evaluated, every single one of these categories contains stand-out programs that rise above the rest."



PACT 12Ghosts reviewed by c't

PACT 12Ghosts is listed on this years annual c't shareware CD-ROM, 7/99. c't is one of the most respected magazines for computer technology in Europe. psz: "12Ghosts is a bundle of self-sufficient utilities. Every one of the Ghosts has some kind of tricks up his sleeve to outwit the operating system or for the typical tasks of everyday PC use. The focus of 12Ghosts is essentially to accelerate and to automate your computers activities as well as to deal with backup tasks. While one of the utilities makes the desktop contents available in a window, another leads directly to important keys in the registry editor. A third saves and restores user profiles, while again another automatically protects the different stages of revision of a document. The context menu is just as much an object of the 'spiritual' activities as is the computer shutdown or the exact repositioning of windows."



ZDNet "5-Star" for PACT ShutDown, 5/99

"PACT ShutDown is one of the most versatile Windows quick exit utilities we've seen. Depending on the program's configuration, you just click on its system tray or "flying" icon, and your existing session of Windows is history. The default may be set to Power Off, Shutdown, Restart, Logoff, Standby, or start your screen saver. Several options are provided -- from popping up a confirmation box and/or running a program before Windows shuts down to forcing applications to close. Other features include sound events, the ability to eject CD-ROMs, and the clearing of system history files and your Temp folder."



PACT ProfileCopy "Pick of the Day", Slaughterhouse, 4/99

"If you’ve ever had to move over to a new computer or reformat an existing drive and start from scratch, you know that often the hardest thing about the ordeal is not getting the software re-installed, but getting all your settings back in place. ... All those little items you never think about, such as how you’ve configured your mouse or what’s stored in your browser’s bookmarks all need to be redone. ...

PACT ProfileCopy does more than just ensure you won’t lose that Xena: Warrior Princess wallpaper you love so much, it can also backup a number of other important settings. For example it can save your keyboard/mouse and logon settings, other important folders like your Favorites, Start-up, and Send To folders, as well as files stored in the My Documents folder. As far as program customization settings go, you can use Pact ProfileCopy to save info like Microsoft Word and Excel templates and options and even your Outlook options and accounts. Furthermore, you can tell Pact ProfileCopy to save any other files or registry entries that you wish." Full Review



Among the Best 55 Free- and Shareware Programs

PC Tip, Switzerland, included PACT 12Ghosts on their Anniversary CD-ROM 4/99 as one of the best 55 free- and shareware programs: "Eine Sammlung von verschiedenen, nützlichen kleinen Programmen, mit denen die Arbeit unter Windows 9x einfacher wird: Backup, Systemkonfiguration, einfacher Programmstart und Windows-Ende und vieles mehr können die zwölf kleinen Geister, sobald sie installiert sind. Die witzige Animation der Icons erinnert Sie ebenso wie die Sounds daran, bestimmte, immer wiederkehrendne Aufgaben wie Backup oder Systempflege zu erldeigen." Overview



BetaBites YeeHaw! Award for PACT ShowTime, PACT QuickStart, PACT Shutdown, and PACT JumpReg, 3/99

"What an innovative collection of utilities has PACT Software come up with in PACT 12Ghosts. These 12 little applet ghosts all provide a unique windows extension for Windows 95/98/NT. ... PACT 12Ghosts was extremely easy to install, and the help for each Ghost is extensive. Included in the Windows help are many examples of command lines for each Ghost that uses commands. Each individual ghost has been well designed, and does not eat up your memory while they are in use. The settings for each ghost are truly amazing, and the ability of all 12Ghosts to collectively work together is just an added bonus."

"ShowTime is probably my favorite of all the ghosts, and it is really not even necessary because you have a clock in your systems tray. Why then, do I get excited about ShowTime? Because, I can put the clock anywhere on my desktop and never have to move my mouse to see it (I have my taskbar on "autohide" so, the clock is not always visible). I can set the font size, color, and background of ShowTime. I can add in the Moon phases or leave them out...even select an alarm to go off at a selected time."

"QuickStart gets an A+ from me for availability and easy access. QuickStart is an excellent way to access your system folders. You have 14 system folders and 14 tools to select from such as: My Documents, Destktop, Start Menu, Windows Directory, Control Panel, Display, MS-Dos, and more... There are also 12 additional commands: hide/unhide or minimize/unminimize all windows, clear history lists, start screen saver, initiate standby, shutdown, restart, power off, log off, restart shell, and all 12Ghosts! If you spend anytime in Windows Explorer like me, then this is the is the quickest, fastest way to get to open it."  Full Review



ZD-Net AnchorDesk Killer Downloads "5 Star" for PACT 12Ghosts, 2/99

"12Ghosts is a collection of impressive utilities that perform a variety of useful tasks. It provides an automated document backup system, a desktop application launcher, registry and associated file backups, icon layout saver, desktop appearance and layout tools, a fully-optioned shutdown utility, and a program scheduler. Other parts of the package include new context-menu selections, a quickstart-folder access menu, and a desktop time display -- with world times, alarms, notes, and more. Each applet is a well-written, fully-featured system, dedicated to its own purpose. You can purchase each separately for $14, or buy them as a group for $34. Command-line options and excellent documentation are provided for each of these useful tools, most of which you could find yourself using on a daily basis."



"Just the principle of 2ndBackup is brilliant."

PC Online, Germany, 1/99, tested 27 backup tools for Windows and Linux, and 2ndBackup was one of seven fully described programs. Albrecht Reinicke, reviewer for PC Online: "Backups Every Minute  --  Just the principle of 2ndBackup is brilliant. While you are working with your documents, backups are created automatically. During the first hour after a file has been changed, the software creates backup copies every minute. With older files 2ndBackup keeps hourly as well as daily copies. If you are pleased with 2ndBackup, you can try out more tools of this sort. The security expert is just one of a series of 12 programs that are not limited to the task of making backups." More



"COOL TOOL Award Winner" for PACT SaveLayout, PACT JumpReg, PACT ShellX, and PACT ShowTime, Desktop98.com, 10/98. William Eckles, editor in chief of Desktop98.com about PACT ShowTime: "I downloaded the program and loved it. In my opinion ShowTime should be a major hit with a large portion of the demographic out there."


"Download Pick" for PACT ProfileCopy, C-Net Download.com, 9/98.


Tip of the Week, ZDNet, 9/98, Jason Curtis, Ziff-Davis Verlag GmbH, Germany: "Twelve diverse utilities of the most various types allow for the expansion of the Windows shell, the saving of files and user profiles and the facilitating of everyday use of the system. A product to be strongly recommended!"


Highest rating "5 Star Excellent" and "Pick" for PACT 12Ghosts, 5Star-Shareware.com, 8/98.


"5 Star"  for PACT 12Ghosts, PACT JumpReg, and PACT ShellX, PACT ShutDown, ZDNet Editors' Pick, 5/98: "Outstanding in all respects. One of the best of its class."


"4 Star" for PACT ProfileCopy, PACT QuickStart, PACT SaveLayout, PACT ShowTime, PACT ShutDown, and PACT Timer, ZDNet Editors' Pick, 3/98: "A very good program, with some outstanding features."


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