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12Ghosts 2000 (3.0) History


12Ghosts Newest History


2030 - 2020 - 2010 - 2000


New in 2032 - 24-Jun-2000

  • QuickStart now opens the menu on mouse over one of the icons. The real advantage of the "touch-and-show" is that you don't have to look for anything. It's simply a mouse movement of down and right and up comes the menu.
  • QuickStart "Over-and-out" close of the menu. When you move the mouse cursor inside and then outside the menu it is being closed automatically.
  • QuickStart: Workpath added to customization.
  • Czech added for General Options by Jarda Suchopar suchoparj/atlas.cz. Thanks, Jarda!


New in 2031a - 21-Apr-2000

  • Replace now supports wildcards in the Search Path field.
  • ProfileCopy: We corrected an error when using wildcards in list entries.
  • PactZip: When using File - New - PactZip File it was not possible to add files to this new archive. Fixed.
  • Setup: We tried to solve dependencies between 12Ghosts.dll and DLLs to be called by Explorer. Hopes are that this will reduce situations where a restart of Explorer is required during setup. If you want to make sure such a restart will not happen please install into a different folder than the current installation, for example "PACT 12Ghosts 2".


New in 2031 - 14-Apr-2000

  • Two suites added. To better target two different groups of users we are starting to deliver a "Utility" and a "Backup" suite. The Utility package is right for all Windows users to make life easier with automation and shell enhancements. The Backup suite is intended to help securing and backing up of data. We will continue to offer all 18 tools together, now called "PACT 12Ghosts Office - Complete Package".
  • ShutDown: PactWash now always starts when called during shut down.
  • FlyingIcons set up correctly for Timer, JumpReg, QuickStart, and DeskTOP.
  • DeskTOP uses same text colors as desktop.
  • SetColor and NotePad translated into French by Serge Boissat. Thanks a lot, Serge!
  • Enhancements in Help.
  • New icons for Help and Web.


Major changes between 2020 and 2030

  • 2ndBackup now supports backing up complete folders, subfolders, as well as using wildcards like *.doc.
  • ProfileCopy has been greatly enhanced. Please see ProfileCopy help for a complete list and a description of all new options. If you use ProfileCopy you want this update!
  • ShutDown: Right-click menu allows easier access to the shut down commands. It got its own shut down timer. And the integration with PactWash has been enhanced.
  • FileDate supports created, or modified or accessed times on the command line, and has a new parameter to suppress all messages.
  • New Icons. In General Options below the icon you will find a new control to change the icon type for all Ghosts.
  • French translations for SaveLayout, Timer, and General Options.


Changes in 2030 - 21-Mar-2000

  • 2ndBackup: Only folders are rechecked where a change occurred. This helps greatly to increase efficiency.
  • All small icons have been updated to the new Ghost shape. You can select the icon type in General Option.


Changes in 2028 - 17-Mar-2000

  • 2ndBackup Major Update Now supports backing up complete folders, subfolders, as well as using wildcards like *.doc. You may add complete directory trees but exclude certain files or subfolders from being backed up. A good idea is also to add the auto-recovery Word files *.asd in the "temp" folder. Or backup all *.c files in the "C:\Source" tree after every change. All this with a simple command, easy to use.
  • ProfileCopy: Exclude certain registry keys from being restored. Imagine you saved a large registry key but when restoring don't want to import some of its subkeys.
  • ShutDown, ScrSavMan: The command "Start Screen Saver" now starts a screen saver even if none was selected previously. ShutDown starts the screen saver password protected, or locks the workstation on NT/2000, respectively.
  • Notepad help comes up without error message.
  • Slight enhancements of the startup animation.


Changes in 2027 - 10-Mar-2000

  • ShellX "DOS Prompt Here" enhanced: When you open a "DOS Prompt Here" on a folder this will not only open a DOS box at this folder but automatically do a "dir /a /x". This way you see the full directory listing.
  • ShellX: The command "New Folder" opened the folder on Windows 2000 automatically. We have changed the behavior to not open the folder any longer.
  • SaveLayout new option: no sound on auto-save. Now you can enable sounds when you save or restore the layout manually but turn off the sound on AutoSave.
  • FileDate /noerrors and /silent didn't work together. Corrected.
  • FileDate the two options "Subfolders" and "All Files" didn't change when a file or folder was selected from the path drop down list. Corrected.
  • On a few systems the programs didn't start which reportedly lead to a restart of the system. This should no longer occur.


Changes in 2026 - 08-Mar-2000

  • Most noticeable: New Icons. You'll find in General Options below the icon a new control to change the icon type for all Ghosts.
  • ProfileCopy got three new options and a bug fix: Choose if you want to save desktop icons (My Computer, Network, etc.) separated from Display Properties. Choose if you wish to include subfolders of the desktop. Enter a list of files that are not going to be replaced, for example, if a user already created a new outlook.ost you can exclude that file from being restored. Furthermore we extended a time-out value that was obviously set to short when restoring large registry files.
  • Timer, 2ndBackup: The "Time Changed" warning is only issued by PACT Timer if the time is put forward by more than one hour, and by PACT 2ndBackup if put forward or backward by more than one hour, respectively. Please see the first question in the B2 FAQ for more details about the importance of a continous system time for 2ndBackup.
  • FileDate: You can now run it from the command line and change one of the dates only. Instead of /time: use /created: or /modified: or /accessed:.
  • FileDate: New parameter "/noerrors". This will continue on all errors and messages even if the time was not set. You might want to use this for unattended control.
  • DeskTOP: when you launch an application from within DeskTOP it will now move the DeskTOP window behind all windows before starting the new application. This way DeskTOP no longer blocks other tasks.
  • ShutDown: Opening the settings dialog box from the icon menu didn't work somtimes. Corrected.
  • SaveLayout: The SL sound was lost somewhere, it's back with this version.


Changes in 2025 - 28-Feb-2000

  • ShutDown: The new shut down timer was triggered even if turned off. This has been corrected.
  • SaveLayout and General: French translations added to SaveLayout and to setup and General Options of all programs with professional help of Patrick-Julien Germain. Thanks Patrick!


Changes in 2024 - 27-Feb-2000

  • ShutDown now has it's own timer to shut down at a certain time every day. You can, for example, restart your computer once a day to ensure proper functionality.
  • ProfileCopy: added another option to restore list items before or after all other settings. There may be situations where you add a registry key to the (lower) list manually that includes settings for some of the (upper) selected items. For example when your restore cursor files to a different machine the files may be restored to a different (local) drive or folder whereas the registry settings will be changed to point to these files. When you restore a registry key like "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel", which contains the old settings for the cursor files, the new settings would have been overwritten. In this case select to restore list items first.


Changes in 2023 - 24-Feb-2000

  • Timer and FileDate did not allow selecting the 29th of February in the date fields of their graphical user interface. PACT Timer, however, has executed scheduled tasks at the correct times on and beyond February 29, 2000. Recurring tasks have been scheduled correctly too. Only tasks to be created on February 29th were not possible.
  • Timer includes French by Jean Marc Brun.
  • ProfileCopy: If a system folder itself was empty but had subfolders it would have been saved but not restored. Corrected.
  • PactWash added options to clear: Internet Explorer Cache, Cookies, and History.
  • ShutDown: PactWash is now called automatically before shut down. Just select "Clear trails" to enable clearing your tracks in Windows.


Changes in 2022 - 22-Feb-2000

  • ShutDown: Right-click menu enhanced. The program checking commands have been moved into a pop-up folder. You have easier access now to the shut down commands.
  • ProfileCopy: We added two options for excluding certain file types in System Folders and for excluding files larger than a certain size. Both options might be useful to keep your backup within certain limits.
  • ProfileCopy: restoring broken links to a new folder on the desktop has been added as new option. The shortcut will be restored in the according subfolder of "Broken Links".
  • ProfileCopy: We now keep the ProfileCopy executables out of the .zip file if compression is enabled. This way you don't need to install ProfileCopy when you want to restore the profile. We also copy PactZip.exe to the profile path if compression is enabled.
  • ProfileCopy: Programs and Startup no longer copied twice. ProfileCopy is now checking if the Programs or Startup subfolders are below the Start menu and if yes - what is usually the case - are copied only once. (correct Help Q&A!)
  • Security: 12Ghosts settings *.12g files are now checked for containing 12Ghosts options only.
  • Enhanced security for Timer & 2ndBackup. If the system time is changed 2ndBackup and Timer will both display a message asking you if you are sure you want to continue using the program. Remember that both programs depend on a correct system date to work properly. The 2ndBackup help FAQ has more details on changing system dates.


Changes in 2021 - 08-Feb-2000

  • ProfileCopy: Zip/unzip integrated with PactZip (optional)
  • ProfileCopy: Supports wildcards in the list
  • ProfileCopy: Shortcut checking not on removable disks
  • ProfileCopy: Option to clear profile path before saving
  • PactZip: We identified an issue with the PactZip menu extension. Every time you clicked with the right mouse button on a file or folder an error message poped up. This no longer happens.


Changes in 2020 - 03-Feb-2000

  • Spanish translations are now complete! Spanish has been added to 2ndBackup, SL, ShellX, and ShutDown with the unbelievable help of Diego Caraballo!
  • ProfileCopy Major Update runs silently now when started with cmd line parameters /save or /restore. This will continue on all confirmations and, if necessary, create an error log in the same path where the profile.ini is (or in the .exe path should the profile-path not be writeable.)
  • New "Misc. Settings" have been added to ProfileCopy. Choose if you wish to copy ProfileCopy.exe or not, to verify shortcuts for functionality before copying them, and to turn of confirmation messages all throughout ProfileCopy.
  • Timer: enhancements in reminder box let you select a snooze button more easily. Buttons for 12, 24, and 48 hours added. New timers now default to a full minute (plus five minutes, but seconds set to zero).
  • PactZip, ReplaceInFiles, FileDate, PactWash, ScrSavMan as well as SetColor all got their own General Options, setup, help files and language files.
  • Setup with support for cmd line "/language:N". Unzip the archive into a new folder and call setup.exe with the according parameters as explained in the Q&A section.
  • PactZip got its own shell extension for the Explorer context menu. You can enable or disable the Explorer menu entries in the new configuration dialog box available in the Options menu.
  • ReplaceInFiles accepts search and replace strings on the command line, as well as the /replaceall parameter for automatic replacing. You can now set up your own replacement scripts!


Changes in 2017 - 20-Jan-2000

  • QuickStart: The default menu (Ctrl+Shift) did not work as expected after applying personal changes. Instead of the default commands the personal command at the same position was executed. This has been corrected.
  • QuickStart: The command "QuickClipboardTextOnly" has been altered to remove formattings from text in the Windows Clipboard only once, whereas the new added command "QuickToggleTextOnly" will now switch the text-only mode on or off.
  • QuickStart: /startall and /stopall has been added again.
  • FileDate, ReplaceInFiles and PactZip: New icons and a movement away from the ShellX integration.
  • Internal adjustments.


Changes in 2016 - 14-Jan-2000

  • Italian translations have been added to General Options, to registration boxes, and to Setup and Uninstall as well. Alessandro Di Tora volunteered, thank you!
  • PactZip translated into Spanish by Diego Caraballo.
  • Notepad no longer wraps from the first to the last page when you press Ctrl+Prev.


Changes in 2015 - 12-Jan-2000

  • Spanish translations have been added to ShellX, as well as to all Setups. Many thanks to Diego Caraballo from Uruguay for his professional help!
  • WinControl has been extended to keep a window on top, remove the top-most state, or just bring it to the top or bottom, with a simple click on a button or via command line.


Changes in 2014 - 06-Jan-2000


Changes in 2012 - 12-Dec-99

  • QuickStart now with German translation of the new configuration dialog box and the menu as well.
  • ShellX Starting ReplaceInFiles and FileDate from the context menu should work again.
  • ReplaceInFiles Error corrected when the search and replace texts together were longer than 200 characters.


Changes in 2010 - 10-Dec-99

  • All 12Ghosts are now available in English, Spanish, German and Japanese!!! The General Options are also available in Swedish!
  • QuickStart is now customizable Major Update - add and remove shortcuts, fully define all menu entries.
  • QuickStart Hotkey for each entry!
  • QuickStart Taskbar Tray Icon for each entry!
  • QuickStart Change start path and parameters; select from a broad range of internal QuickStart commands.
  • QuickStart Choose from a wide variety of complementary or any user-defined icons.
  • QuickStart Arrange the icons in a hierarchical structure, indent icons, and insert user-defined breaks to give your menu an orderly appearance.
  • QuickStart Two additional menus activated by pressing Ctrl or Shift.
  • QuickStart Full command line support! Every internal QuickStart command can be called by a shortcut or batch file. Just add the "Quick..." command as parameter!
  • Spanish added to all 12Ghosts. We would like to express our appreciation for providing such marvelous help to Juan Manuel Saenz!
  • Japanese updated on or added to all 12Ghosts. We thankBob Ishida for his continuing support!
  • The General Options have been as well translated into Swedish (thanks to Jörgen!)
  • And we greatly appreciate Daniel Shea's help in English translation and interpretation.
  • SaveLayout sets the desktop icon text colors only if the colors were changed by Windows. This prevents flickering when the colors are reset and saves the resources required to set the colors.
  • General Options: The default for "At manual Quit, remove Startup shortcut" has been corrected. This was only of concern for new installations.
  • ShellX Translation of "Yes" to show an entry in the menu did not work correctly if you had not updated all entries. "Yes" has been made the standard for all languages.
  • ShellX Memory leak closed. During a routine code check we discovered a small memory leak that seems to have been in place since the first version. We've researched all Ghosts for similar errors but ShellX was the only one affected.
  • Notepad All available commands have been added to the menu, which you can access by pressing the Alt key).
  • Notepad Issue solved when the first page in the multi-page control is deleted.
  • WinControl now has hide/unhide buttons, as well as minimize/maximize buttons.


Changes in 2004 - 20-Nov-99

  • General Options are now translated into Spanish! Many thanks to Juan Manuel Saenz!
  • Setup now with selection dialog of which Ghosts to install.
  • Added command line options for unattended and network installations. Supported parameters are /silent, /path:, /nostart, and /noshort. See further description of the new parameters and more info in Q&A Network Installations.
  • Setup: Smaller corrections in Setup for easier usage.


Changes in 2003 - 16-Nov-99

  • PactZip, DeskTOP, PactNotepad, ProfileCopy, QuickStart, SetColor, WinControl, PactWash and StopSrcs: Language support added. In other words, all 12Ghosts now support languages.
  • DeskTOP, PactNotepad, ProfileCopy, QuickStart, SetColor, and WinControl: General Options added to easily select icon options, as well as Ghost animation and language settings. That is, all 12Ghosts now have General Options.
  • Corrections and updates:
  • ShutDown: updates in language support, context help and pop-up help.
  • PactWash and StopSrcs: added context help and pop-up help.
  • StopSrcs now also changes the wallpaper bitmap, complete command line support to change wallpapers at certain times controled by a scheduler.
  • ShowTime and ShutDown: The correct cursor now appears when you move the mouse over the last line in the About box.
  • SetColor: The color value is now correctly read out of the edit box, in decimal as well as in hexadecimal presentation.
  • ShellX: The browse button to open a new path does work now.
  • DeskTOP: Now you can press Esc to close dialogs; only if no other dialog is open pressing the Esc key will minimize the main DeskTop window.
  • DeskTOP: The minimized DeskTOP should no longer stay above the taskbar. This sometimes occured if taskbar "Always on Top" and DeskTOP "Taskbar and Alt+Tab Icon" were not activated.
  • QuickStart stops all Ghosts now, including PactNotepad.
  • All: Version comparision in the About box has been corrected. You can click on the version number to compare your installed version with the one currently availble on the 12Ghosts.com homepage.



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