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12Ghosts 2000 Beta History



12Ghosts Newest History


Major Changes between 99 and 2000

Faster without multimedia! Sounds and animation are now turned off by default. We optimized the 12Ghosts in size and speed. All multimedia functions together make up less than 12 KB, and we've made sure that you can turn off all animation and sound effects easily through General Options.

Smaller by more than 1.1 MB! All Ghosts have been streamlined by using a common 12Ghosts.dll and msvcrt.dll. We were able to decrease the installed size from 2.4 MB down to 1.3 MB. The positive effects include less main memory usage and faster startup times! The self-installing zip file has merely 700 KB. Despite adding four more Ghosts and enhancing all 12Ghosts, the 2000 versions are even smaller than the 99 versions!

More Ghosts, more Features! PACT Notepad has been added as a new Ghost. SetColor is now combined with SaveLayout. ShellX offers more commands as well as two new companions: PactZip for fast compression, and ReplaceInFiles for finding and replacing text throughout thousands of files in one go. Use PactWash to cover your tracks in Windows and clean out folders.  With an updated action window, ShutDown is easier to use, WinControl can also close windows and even terminate applications, and General Options provide an Apply to All 12 button for each option!

International languages supported! So far 12Ghosts is available in English, Spanish, German and Japanese. But there's more, you can add your own translations by just editing simple text files.


Changes in 2002 Final - The Official 2000 Release - 11/11/99

  • Minor corrections in descriptions and texts, updated Help.


Changes in 2001 RC1 - 11/04/99

  • Completely reworked and enhanced Help for all 12Ghosts. Many thanks to Daniel Shea for English translation and interpretation.
  • PactWash New! This is the clean-up companion to ShutDown. Cover your trails in Windows and clean out folders.
  • Many smaller enhancements in stability and usability.


Changes in 2000 Beta 1.52 - 10/22/99

  • ShutDown window enhanced further. Some details have been corrected to easier control the default action. When you open the ShutDown window through Options, usually to set the default action, then the countdown is not started automatically. When you select a menu entry, the same entry will be selected in the list of actions of the ShutDown window.
  • WinBzzzz has been renamed to WinControl.
  • WinControl can now not only move and resize windows, but also close and even terminate applications via click, shortcut, or batch file. For example, you can call WinControl from PACT Timer to stop a program at a certain time.

Changes in 2000 Beta 1.51 - 10/19/99

  • ShutDown window enhanced. You can now completely control the shut down from this new ShutDown window. Now, you can activate the ShutDown window by pressing the hotkey, for example change the shut down command, select to run a program but not clear trails, and then continue the action.
  • ShutDown: You can now customize the menu commands, remove entries, or change the sequence of commands.

Changes in 2000 Beta 1.5 - 10/15/99

  • 12Ghosts.dll saves 900 KB! More than 100 common functions have been moved into the 12Ghosts.dll. All Ghosts are now between 40 and 90 KB smaller, saving more than 900 KB main memory (!) and disk space. Compressed this is 400 KB less to download!
  • Using msvcrt.dll saves another whopping 600 KB! The 12Ghosts now use run-time functions of the module msvcrt.dll. Since this file is installed on almost all Windows versions, it is no longer part of the standard PACT 12Ghosts distribution. Only if you are running Windows 95 and receive the error message: "Module msvcrt.dll not found", do you need to download msvcrt.dll here (155 KB).
  • Optimizations in all 12Ghosts for size and speed.
  • Animation and sounds are no longer the default on new installations. All multimedia effects can be customized or turned off.
  • General: Apply to all is now available for all options individually.
  • General: Mute All Sounds now works for all 12Ghosts.
  • General: The icon animation can be turned off for ShutDown, Timer, SL, and 2ndBackup.
  • General: The animation sound can be customized.
  • ShowTime: Clock window no longer on top of screen saver.
  • JumpReg: The correct mouse cursor now appears over version and web links.
  • Settings.ico is no longer required, it has been moved into the 12Ghosts.dll.

Changes in 2000 Beta 1.4 - 10/3/99

  • PactZip New! Graphical window to manage zip files.
  • PactZip: List view with nine sortable columns. Name, date, compressed size, ratio, etc.
  • PactZip: Big customizable toolbar buttons for the most important functions.
  • PactZip: Add dialog box to easily select files to add, includes many zip options: Include subfolders, Save extra folder info, Include only if archive attribute is set, Reset archive attribute, Include system and hidden files.
  • PactZip: Add, Freshen, Move, Update files, different compression methods, wildcards accepted.
  • PactZip: Extract dialog box to easily select the extract path, includes many unzip options: All or selected files, Overwrite existing files, Skip older files (update), Use folder names, browse for new folder.
  • PactZip: View files by double-clicking.
  • PactZip: Properties for zip archive or included files.
  • PactZip: Faster than competing compression software: Our test revealed the following speed when compressing 10 MB of mixed files (text, executables, Word and Excel documents) at maximum compression (on a PII-233, 128 MB, Seagate Cheetah 4GB):
    - PactZip Beta 1.4: 25.0 seconds
    - WinZip 7.0 SR-1: 32.0 seconds.
    - Result: WinZip needs 28% longer to compress the same amount of data.
  • PactZip: Small executable: 270 KB (not 2 MB or even more...)
  • PactZip: Industry ZIP standard supported, compatible with InfoGroup zip, gzip, PKZIP, WinZip, and many others
  • PactZip: Full support of InfoGroup zip/unzip command line options
  • PactZip: Environment variables are also supported (ZIPOPT and UNZIPOPT)


Changes in 2000 Beta 1.02 - 8/31/99

  • Japanese added to 2ndBackup and JumpReg. Please contact Bob Ishida for questions in Japanese.
  • Timer: added Mother's Day and Thanksgiving to the list of holidays.

Changes in 2000 Beta 1.01 - 8/26/99

  • SL can now set your desktop icon text color and text background color, including a transparent text background, repeatedly in a user defined interval. And if you've always wanted to have invisible text and just icons on your desktop, then simply select the same color for text and background colors!
  • SL: If you click Save Next Layout, this will now actually create a new version of your layout. However, the AutoSave will continue to create a new layout only if it is different from the previous one.
  • ShowTime starts PactNotepad.exe by default - if it is installed - instead of ClipNotes. You can still add the registry value "Start" to specify any path, as explained here.
  • Into Quick menu Notepad was added instead of to SetColor.

Changes in 2000 Beta 1.0 - 8/24/99

  • 2ndBackup and JumpReg also support language selection.
  • Japanese added to ShowTime, ShutDown and Timer by Bob Ishida.
  • ShellX: command supports "%1". The option "Command Line" now supports "%1" in order to include the file path. To open a file with Notepad, for example, enter "notepad %1".
  • ShellX: displays version and type info for .CPL, too.
  • ShellX: also added to context menu of URLs.
  • ShellX - Shredder: Now not only shreds and deletes, but also truncates and renames so that absolutely nothing remains.
  • Notepad now perfectly integrates with PACT 2ndBackup. This combination is the most secure text processing system we could imagine for all kind of texts!
  • 2ndBackup menu extension should be back in working order again.

Changes in 2000 Beta 0.91 - 8/22/99

  • ShowTime also supports language selection.
  • SL: default menu command also executed on activation of hotkey and FlyingIcon.

Changes in 2000 Beta 0.9 - 8/19/99

  • Language switching added for Timer, ShutDown, SaveLayout, and ShellX, support for Double-Byte Character Sets (DBCS).
  • General: Translate text and commands to your own language!
  • >> Jetzt auch wahlweise deutsche Texte und Befehle <<
  • Japanese added to ShellX. Many Thanks to Bob Ishida!
  • As a side effect of the language adaptation you can now change the default dialog box font. See the file common_lang.txt in the Default Font section. Change the second line, and choose the Language=English2 in General Options.
  • New Ghost: Notepad, see below.
  • Enhancements to ShellX, see below.
  • ShutDown: A new shut down selection window should save even more clicks. You can now not only start the shutdown process with the hot-key or by clicking on the tray icon, but also adjust the shutdown action and other options on the fly.
  • Timer: Enhanced and corrected list of holidays, also language specific.
  • SL: Select the default menu command that is invoked with the hot-key or by clicking on the tray icon.
  • ProfileCopy error "Folder does not exist", which appeared when a drive letter was specified as a path, for example a ZIP drive. A drive letter is now accepted as a valid folder.
  • DeskTOP error "SL does not stop": raised the standard wait time and added an option to set the wait time (see DeskTOP help).
  • General: Faster animation, speed now includes Lightning
  • Setup reworked

Changes in 2000 Beta 0.84 - 8/12/99

  • ShellX: Japanese Language added, support for Double-Byte Character Sets (DBCS).
  • ShellX: A side effect of the language adaptation, you can now change your own dialog texts and the default dialog box font. See the file common_lang.txt in the Default Font section. Change the second line, and choose the Language=English2 in General Options.

Changes in 2000 Beta 0.83 - 8/3/99

  • ShellX: Copy Properties should again be in working order on folders, no matter which attributes are set.
  • ShellX: Version and type also for DLL, VXD, OCX, and SCR.
  • ShellX: Languages: Translate window texts and commands to your language!
  • ShellX: "DOS Prompt Here" should open the correct folder now.
  • ShellX: "New Folder" should work on Win98, too.

Changes in 2000 Beta 0.82 - 7/26/99

  • ShellX: Shredder will not delete a shortcut, but the file it links to!!! Since this is somewhat unexpected, we have put in an additional warning.
  • ShellX: If the file you click on is a shortcut (a link), the target of this file is always used. But if you select more than one file including a shortcut, so the shortcut does not have a focus, then the shortcut itself is used, and not the target. This idiosyncrasy is dependant on Windows Explorer and should impede all context menu extensions. (You can make use of this when you click on a shortcut and "Copy Path to Clipboard".  This will in fact copy the target path of the shortcut!)
  • Notepad: Added Setup and Uninstall
  • Notepad: Auto-scrolling beam should now display correctly under Windows 95/98, and also use the correct colors even if no registry colors have been set.
  • Notepad: Scrolling should be somewhat faster on slow machines (note: you might want to select "Options - Mute all sounds". By the way, PACT Notepad, if found in the PactNotepad.exe folder, uses line.wav and ennnn.wav.)
  • Notepad: "My Documents" path should be correctly created now, if it is not already present. (BTW, you can change the default path by adding the "FilesDefaultPath" option.)

Changes in 2000 Beta 0.81 - 7/16/99

  • ShellX: Major Update! More commands! FileDate, ReplaceInFiles, PactZip, Shredder
  • ShellX: Easy list technology for more control
  • ShellX: DOS Prompt and Start: Did you ever wonder what a batch file did, but the DOS box was set to "close on exit"? ShellX's DOS Prompt Here now supports DOS executables by opening a DOS box, executing the DOS exe or batch file and STICKS AROUND after all that! This way you can read the output even if you have "close on exit" enabled in the _default.pif. And you are still on the command line, so you can enter more commands! To try this, just right-click on a DOS executable or batch file and select DOS Prompt Here. (By the way, to exit a DOS box with only one key stroke, it may be a good idea to create a batch file called "e.bat" in your Windows folder, which just contains the line "exit". To exit type E and press Enter.)
  • ShellX: Shredder: Nobody will ever be able to recover a file you put into the ShellX shredder!
  • ShellX: FileDate: now with user-friendly dialog to change the file created, modified and last accessed dates. Enhanced command line processing.
  • ShellX: ReplaceInFiles: replace any text in files and folders, file mask, preview, replace-all, and more.
  • ShellX: PactZip: integrated compression, easy just-unzip command

Changes in 2000 Beta 0.8 - 7/5/99

  • Notepad Major Update! New multi-page control with many options for customization.
  • Notepad: More shortcut keys.
  • Notepad: ShowTime Registry Option to start Notepad instead of ClipNotes.
  • Notepad: AutoCalculation when pressing the equals sign. For example, when you enter "4*4" and press the "=" key, the result "16" will be inserted.

  Changes in 2000 Beta 0.7 - 6/15/99

  • ReplaceInFiles New! Search and replace any text in files and folders, including subfolders.
  • ReplaceInFiles Use different file patterns to search or exclude certain file types from your search.
  • ReplaceInFiles Keep attributes and file dates, optional.
  • ReplaceInFiles Preview window
  • ReplaceInFiles Find Next, Replace, Replace All, Replace All in This File, or Skip This File.
  • ReplaceInFiles Reports: total number of files searched, and text found or replaced, respectively.



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