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12Ghosts 21 (4.0) History


12Ghosts Newest History


Major Changes Between:

21.50 and 21.51Aug 25, 2001
21.0 and 21.5Apr 26, 2001
21.04 and 21.05Mar 30, 2001
21.03 and 21.04Mar 1, 2001
21.02 and 21.03Jan 18, 2001
2000 and 21.00, Sep 21, 2000


New in 21.61  November 6, 2001

  • ShowTime: On some Windows versions, in some situations, the tray clock extension did not resize correctly. We think we have solved this now. Should you still encounter any problems with the display of 12-ShowTime, or anything else, please send an e-mail to our support team. Thank you!
  • Backup: If you included a folder to the backup list but did not enable "Include Subfolders", the message "Access Denied" was issued during backup. This is no longer the case with this version.


New in 21.60  October 18, 2001

  • Lookup  NEW Ghost  Click your way through to data in a snap of a second that would otherwise cost you hours to find on the Internet or in a book. Whether you are just curious or need the information fast, you will find it in this user-friendly look-up tool.
  • Lookup: Zip and area codes for 30,000 US cities
  • Lookup: U.S. states, Canadian provinces, and EU members, with capital, head of government, population, area, year of membership, zip range, and time zones
  • Lookup: International countries and territories, standard abbreviation, dialing codes, capital, GNI PPP, population, area, ethnicity, major religions and languages
  • Lookup: Translations of common phrases into seven languages
  • Lookup: Acronyms around computers, Internet, and chatting
  • Lookup: Unit converter with 55 units in six categories, precision up to 15 digits
  • Lookup: A list of links to the best Web sites for each category
  • Backup: Context menu - "12-Backup Versions": List of available versions sorted with newest first.
  • Backup: Subfolder name now contains drive letter to allow backing up a folder with the same name from different drives or network paths.
  • Backup: "No locked files"-error message extended to "files in use by another process".
  • ShowTime corrected a side issue when when importing a *.12g file.
  • Start All now only starts Ghosts that have General - Startup Shortcut enabled. This should be exactly those that you have always running.
  • In 21.54, on Windows 95, on a system with only one user, setup created Start menu shortcuts in C:\12Ghosts. Corrected.
  • In 21.54, 12Ghosts.hlp was deleted after next reboot after setup. Corrected.


New in 21.54  October 12, 2001

  • Timer: all kinds of date and time parameters supported in the Parameters field. For example, automatically save a file with a different file name built with the current date and time.
  • Help has been compacted into one file, saving 300 KB disk space, and allowing you to browse and search in the online help of all Ghosts at once.
  • 12Ghosts.hlp was deleted at next reboot after setup. Corrected. (Oct-14)
  • ShowTime tray clock was stopped when importing a .12g file. Corrected. (Oct-14)
  • Wash, JumpReg, ScrSavMan: new translations into Dutch.


New in 21.53  September 28, 2001

  • Wash: on Win95/98, with shredding enabled, when clearing all items, the error "Not enough memory" is no longer issued.
  • Backup: Help revised for HyperBackup and the new right-click Versions restore.
  • ProfileCopy: user defined files now support using wildcards on subfolders, for example "c:\*.doc" with Subfolders checked.
  • Dutch translations now available for 12-Desktop and 12-WinControl.


New in 21.52  September 6, 2001

  • ShowTime: World time for London on some non-English versions of Windows was not saved. It is now.
  • Timer: Reminder beeps repeatedly until answered (optional).
  • Notepad supports mouse wheel messages for scrolling.
  • Wash: When you disable "Keep running" this also removes the Startup shortcut.
  • Backup and Sync display not only the time but also the day of last backup or last adjustment, respectively.
  • All: When no hotkey is specified an error message no longer appears.
  • Dutch for FileDate and SetColor added.


New in 21.51b  August 30, 2001

  • Wash shows detailed information on what is currently being washed.
  • Wash has its own shut down option for those who just use 12-Wash. We recommend, however, to start 12-Wash and other programs from 12-ShutDown because it's straight forward and easier to manage.
  • Wash now has a build in timer so that you can schedule washing every couple of minutes or hours.
  • Wash: By moving file delete options into an extra dialog box you can setup washing more easily.
  • Wash: for the shut down response to work, 12-Wash has to keep running. So we have added a tray icon and startup options, like for most of the other Ghosts.
  • Wash: "Clear All Items" has been moved into a separate thread. Using multi-threading allows you to stop washing, as well as use and configure 12-Wash while washing. Now it "feels" much more responsive.
  • Backup: "1st" backup has been moved into a separate thread. By using multi-threading, you can now stop the backup process, and use and configure 12-Backup even while backing up. It feels more "responsive".
  • Backup: new option to suppress error messages, for example for locked files (=in use). Those files will be backed up, however, once the locking program is closed.
  • Backup integrated with ShutDown. At the right time doing a backup, before shutting down, is essential to security of important documents. Now you can manage your backup easily from within 12-ShutDown. The shut down manager will wait until backup has finished and continue automatically with powering down your computer.
  • ShutDown: enabling or disabling single options in the Actions tab, Previous Actions, now works on the fly. You no longer have to save the options but the present settings in the Actions tab determine if programs, wash or backup is started before shut down. You can keep settings in general, but this one time run only the actions you need. Note, that you still can hold the Ctrl key down to disable all previous actions temporarily.
  • Timer got a log file. Schedulers usually keep a log, the commander of the Enterprise does, and so do we.
  • Timer now has password security for all settings. When you enter a password other users cannot change timer settings.
  • WinControl now comes with a "Center" button. Wherever your windows have moved, one click and they are in the center again.
  • Belgian translations have been added for Timer and Shredder. Europe is nearly complete!


New in 21.51a  August 25, 2001

  • Backup: supports "/backup" as parameter to start backing up all files in the first "Backup" tab to the target folder. Like all 12Ghosts it also supports /s for silent operation.
  • All: 12Ghosts' main registry key has been renamed from "PACT Software" to "12Ghosts", our company name. We hope that this will prevent further confusion for those of you who work with the registry directly. The conversion is done automatically during setup.



Major Changes between 21.50 and 21.51  August 25, 2001

With 12-Backup multi-version management, you can now restore previous versions easily. Just right-click on the original file and select from a list of backups with date and size. Also, an incremental backup has been added, keeping your folder structure. Set it to backup at a certain interval or automatically before shut down.

The new Zip2 compression standard is now supported by 12Ghosts. Zip 2 saves more than 20% compared to Zip 1 (or WinZip, etc.)!

WinControl has a new command to send keys. Czech translations were completed, and Danish, Polish, Portuguese and Romanian translations have been added.


New in 21.50f  August 10, 2001

  • Lower Prices: 12Ghosts Home only $19.99, Single Ghost: $12.99!
  • Easier registration: no e-mail or address required. Direct delivery on the web.
  • Backup: 1st backup (Backup tab) now starts in the specified interval.
  • Backup: if tray icon is not enabled, it shows it for 3 seconds only, even if 2nd backup (Versions tab) is paused
  • Backup: "1st" subfolder has been removed. Files and folders are backed up directly to the 12-Backup folder.
  • FileDate: Batch file to restore file dates automatically is now created correctly.
  • Wash: With user defined files including wildcards empty subfolders are not removed anymore.
  • All: If your firewall ever reported a network access of one of the 12Ghosts: This no longer happens.
  • Czech enhanced, Portuguese and Romanian translations have been added.


New in 21.50e  June 29, 2001

  • The NEW Zip2™ compression standard now supported by 12Ghosts! Using Zip2 to compress all 12Ghosts Pro files, the installation file size shrieked from 1,292 KB to only 1,012 KB (0.98 MB). Saving more than 20% of your download time! The 12Ghosts Home archive decreased in size from 1,037 KB to 792 KB. 23% less than before! Just by using the NEW Zip2 compression standard!
  • Zip2 and Zip2sfx are now included as the worlds simplest way to compress files, sent it by e-mail, and unpack the zip file with one click.
  • Zip2 for developers: the self-unpacking program (SFX) passes parameters to "setup.exe" included in the compressed file.
  • 2ndBackup: "1st" backup included. A normal backup program does an incremental backup of all user files, keeping the original folder structure. 2ndBackup until now hasn't supported such a "1st" backup. Now it does, too! Backup at a certain interval, or automatically before shut down.
  • WinControl: New command to send keys to other applications. For example, send Ctrl+D to a window to invoke a menu command.
  • QuickStart: now accepts more than one parameter on the command line, separated by a space, for example "QuickHideTaskbar no", where "no" suppresses the confirmation.
  • DeskTOP has a new option to choose if you want to double-click to open items, or only single-click.


New in 21.50d  June 15, 2001

  • 2ndBackup files easier to restore. Right-click on the original file and select the version to restore from a submenu listing all available versions with date and size!
  • ShutDown: adjustable time to wait for programs running before shut down. Some programs start yet other programs that 12-ShutDown was not able to wait for. Now you can set a time how long to wait for those programs before continuing. (Note that in a batch file it is still better to use "start /wait program.exe". This will halt execution of the batch file until program.exe stops. Enter "start /?" at the DOS prompt for more help.)
  • Timer: date/time parameters supported. When you add a "%d" or "%t" in the parameters field this will be translated in to the current date or time, respectively. This way you could save a file at a different path every time, for example.
  • 2ndBackup and Zip: optional icons in context menu.
  • And again many thanks for a perfect work by Jaroslav Svoboda. Czech translations updated.
  • Polish translations added by Radoslaw Kwiatkowski for Setup, General Options, and 12-Synch - Pozdrowienia dla Wszystkich !


New in 21.50c  May 28, 2001

  • Corrected a message issued with the number "0167:4205".


New in 21.50b  May 24, 2001

  • Danish added by Jesper Nųrgaard <jesper/hffi.dk>.
  • Czech supplemented by Jaroslav Svoboda jaroslav.ms/volny.cz.
  • WinControl: added Restore to the list of commands. You can use /res on the command line to restore a maximized window before sizing or moving it with another command of 12-WinControl.
  • General Options: Icons on Save buttons enabled on Win95/98.



Major Changes between 21.00 and 21.50  April 26, 2001

All Ghosts were enhanced and improved during the last five minor updates. Major changes include:

ShowTime now enhances the Startbar clock and synchronizes your PC time with an atomic clock over the Internet automatically. Wash got many more options (and a Tucows 5-Cow rating for this). ShutDown got password security, "auto-logoff on idle" and "auto-logon as a predefined user". Timer can be programmed to switch other timers on and off, and official holidays are fully supported.


New in 21.05b  Apr 4, 2001

  • Icelandic added to JumpReg, SetColor, Shredder, WinControl, Zip, setup and general options by by Siguršur Axel Hannesson.
  • Czech updated for ShutDown, Timer and Wash again by Jaroslav Svoboda.
  • Shredder now uses the default settings when called from ShellX.
  • SetColor now supports "/s" as startup option.
  • NotePad got its taskbar icon back.


New in 21.05a  Mar 30, 2001

  • Shredder greatly enhanced: Deletes locked files too, dialog box to select files to shred and several options, number of overwrites, silent operation. All options available by command line for batch files and automation.
  • Wash and ShellX have been adjusted to call Shredder appropriately.
  • SetColor now comes with tray icon, resets color every couple of minutes or at startup.
  • Zip: drag & drop a .zip file over a folder to extract. 3D buttons on flat toolbar.
  • NotePad: now with optional title bar and menu . And a new command: Remove Formatting with Ctrl+Space.



Major Changes between 21.04 and 21.05  March 30, 2001

This release has many minor corrections and enhancements for general functions, and the setup of single Ghosts.

Most interesting improvements includes support to stop and start other Timers so that you can fully re-program your scheduled tasks. For example, start a program every 15 minutes, but only between 9 am and 6 pm.

Shredder got its own dialog box to select files to shred. It deletes even locked files, and supports number of overwrites, and silent operation. Sync now supports synchronizing over a proxy/firewall. Wash can remove Netscape tracks for all users in one wash.

You can now drag menu items up and down within in the QuickStart menu exactly like in the new Start menu. ShutDown supports Hibernation. ShellX prints a directory listing by the click of the right mouse button. SetColor now comes with its own tray icon. Zip supports drag & drop a .zip file over a folder to extract. Last but not least, NotePad has an optional title bar and main menu.



New in 21.04d  Mar 26, 2001

  • ShutDown: corrected a flaw in Standby and added Hibernation as separate command.
  • Wash: If the Netscape path could not be detected automatically, you can now select it.
  • Wash: Cookies were not kept with "Queuing" enabled. Solved.
  • Setup for single Ghosts and Package creates Programs folder and program shortcuts.
  • Setup: Custom button available for all packages.
  • Timer: added Italian Holidays. Thanks to Marco Villa for sending this!!
  • Norwegian added for Wash, Sync, 2ndBackup and DeskTOP by voluntary help of Roger!
  • Czech updated and added to ShutDown, Wash, ScrSavMan. Thousand Thanks to Jaroslav Svoboda!


New in 21.04c  Mar 20, 2001

  • Timer stop recurring timers during certain intervals. For example, run a timer every five minutes for two hours, then stop. Or run a program every 15 minutes, except between 9 pm and 6 am.
  • Wash: Cleared up and added several options for Microsoft Office.
  • ShellX: Copy Short Path should work now on all Windows versions.
  • ShowTime: World Time List now displays immediately, instead of at the next full minute.


New in 21.04b  Mar 16, 2001

  • Sync now supports HTTP over Proxy. Good news if you are behind a firewall or proxy.
  • QuickStart: you can now drag and drop menu items directly in the QuickStart menu. Could it be any easier to customize an application launcher?
  • Wash: Netscape tracks can be removed for all users in one wash.
  • Wash: now removes empty folders, too, when clearing folders.
  • ShellX new command: Save/Print Directory Listing. Creates a "dir" as text file in that folder and opens the text file. (You need to reset the list of commands for the new commands to appear!)
  • ShellX new command: copy short 8.3 path(s) to clipboard, copy the file name(s) to clipboard.
  • ShellX: copies a list of file paths to clipboard when more then one file is selected
  • ShellX: solved a problem when copying to the clipboard
  • ShowTime: chimes and hour signals both play at the full hour.


New in 21.04a  Mar 1, 2001

  • ShowTime world time list optimized for less processor resources.
  • ShowTime: We identified a flaw with changing fonts in the clock area. Resolved.
  • Wash: user defined files support wildcards together with subfolders, too.
  • Wash opens the "index.dat" folders as DOS dir listing additionally, since Explorer does not allow to list all files in system folders.



Major Changes between 21.03 and 21.04  March 1, 2001

ShowTime can now display 74 world times, with accurate daylight savings adjustment. Either in the clock area or as a list of 12 world times in the dialog box. Formatting added to display seconds smaller, for example, or the date in a different color than the time. Two-line display Week Number, Day of Year, and Day Ordinal can be added from a comfortable menu.

Timer now has an Everlasting Holiday Calendar. Set programs to run on business days only. Customizable list of all U.S./UK/German Holidays, moves official Holidays from Saturday to Friday and from Sunday to Monday. And a new "start later" option if the computer was not running at the scheduled time.

Wash removes locked files at next computer restart.

Replace supports searching with a wildcard *, replaces text from a file. Multi-line search and replace, and search for bytes is now possible, and two new options "Match Case", and "Match whole word only".


New in 21.03e  Feb 22, 2001

Check out the new functions like 74 world times fully customizable in 12ShowTime, different font sizes and colors right within the clock display, for example to make the seconds displayed smaller, or the date in a different color. And the new holiday/business day support in 12Timer. There are more changes, all listed here:

  • Wash now handles even of locked files. They will now be queued for deletion at computer restart.
  • ShowTime: 74 WORLD TIMES can now be displayed with 12ShowTime! Both, in the taskbar tray clock and in the free movable main window. Of course with accurate daylight savings adjustment!
  • ShowTime: 12 World Times in left frame all customizable, time zone, name, time format, color.
  • ShowTime: Formatting added to make single characters in the date/time display smaller and of different color. Now you can display seconds smaller, for example, or the date in a different color than the time!
  • ShowTime: Formatting added to Align Left, Right, or Center
  • ShowTime: Stopwatch added
  • ShowTime: Start path for click on left half of clock customizable, humming sound optional
  • Timer New Option: If a timer could not be started at the specified time tell it to start later.
  • Timer: Greatly improved handling of Holiday list. The dates are directly displayed in the list, sorted by date. You can change the year to display holidays for any year.
  • Timer: List of holidays added for the UK and Germany.
  • Timer: Option to move official Holidays from Saturday to Friday and from Sunday to Monday.
  • Timer: Improved and optimized dialog box.
  • ProfileCopy: selection to include subfolders for items in the backup list.
  • FileDate: corrected parsing of command line parameters
  • Improved setup, faster copying, progress meter.
  • Added Chinese and Swedish to 12-Sync. Many thanks for voluntary support by Nick Wong and Anders Kempe!


New in 21.03c  Feb 06, 2001

  • Replace: search with a wildcard * (asterisk).
  • Replace replaces text from a file. Replace the search string with the contents of a whole file. Turn an </include...> into a static page within a breeze!
  • Replace: Multi-line Search and Replace: All bytes are supported in search and replace strings. For a carriage return use \:r, for a new line use \:n, and for a tab use \:t. You could also use a three digit number for any other byte, for example \:010 instead of \:n. That is, you can search and replace anything in any file!
  • Replace "Match case": Now you can search non-case sensitive.
  • Replace "Match whole word only": Narrow your search.
  • Replace: Optimized search routine for high-speed replacing.
  • ShutDown: We have added options to shut down not only at certain times every day, but also on certain days of the week.
  • SaveLayout: no longer creates a new auto-save layout at startup.


New in 21.03b  Jan 26, 2001

  • Timer: Set programs to run on business days only. Customizable list of all U.S. Holidays.


New in 21.03a  Jan 20, 2001

  • ShowTime now has a two-line display for the tray clock and the main window. You can precisely set the date and time arrangement according to your needs.
  • ShowTime: We've also added more elements: Week Number, Day of Year, and Day Ordinal like "st" or "th" to add behind the current day. The week number, by the way, is determined according to your regional settings, either the first week containing at least 4 days, the week containing 1/1, or the first full week.
  • ShowTime: Editing of date and time formats is now easier with a menu of all available elements.
  • ShowTime: You can easily copy the date and time string by holding CTRL pressed while clicking on the clock display. This will copy the displayed text, different for the tray clock and the main window.
  • Wash: %windir%\TEMP is also cleared automatically when selecting to clear TEMP.
  • Wash: When trying to delete "index.dat" files, Internet Explorer is now also closed automatically, in case "Close all Explorer windows" is selected.
  • Wash: The same is true for Adaptec's "EZ CD Creator" which also locks the "index.dat" files. It is stopped if necessary.
  • Wash: When Explorer (=Shell = taskbar+desktop) is restarted, a My Documents folder should not open any more.
  • Nederlands - translation by Arent Jan Roest <roest/eure.de>. Hey cool!



Major Changes between 21.02 and 21.03  Jan 18, 2001

12-ShutDown and again 12-Wash were mainly improved. And 12-Sync got its own log file and support for Unix Time protocol (Port 37), both UDP and TCP.

12-ShutDown now has password security, even more powerful termination options, a test mode, and programs can be started on certain days of the week. The Events tab now has more options to control the actions executed automatically.

12-Wash got many more options (and a Tucows 5-Cow rating for this). It has options to clear common tracks you leave when working with Microsoft Word, Excel, Access and FrontPage. In the User tab you can not only delete certain registry values but also define how to change them.

There are far more changes as described in the following list:


New in 21.02g  Jan 12, 2001

  • ShutDown: new command line option /confirm to activate preceding actions with individual shortcuts. With /confirm on the command line it asks for confirmation, run programs before, etc. Without /confirm it does just the logoff/shutdown.
  • FileDate: an error message was issued when trying to compress files on a FAT drive. This should no longer occur.


New in 21.02e  Dec 21, 2000

  • 12-Sync: support for Unix Time protocol, Port 37, both UDP and TCP.
  • WinControl: Corrected a flaw with the /C (class) parameter on the command line. Both, lower and upper case /C are now accepted again.


New in 21.02d  16-Dec-2000

  • ShutDown: Password functionality added to prevent users from changing settings or shutting down the computer.
  • ShutDown: another password option to block showing the Action dialog box. (d)
  • ShutDown: "Jobs" dialog box added for a better overview of tasks to run before shutdown. Optional. Displays error message, for example, if drive letters are not available to start one of the programs. (d)
  • ShutDown: more options to control automatic shut down. The timer, step-in, and idle events now each allows you to choose the action (shutdown, restart, logoff, preceding actions, etc.)
  • ShutDown: test mode added that does everything except logoff or shutdown itself. (d)
  • Shutdown: Programs to start only on certain days of week, for example only Thursdays, or on Mon+Wed+Fri, if you want to run ScanDisk or Backup every second day, or only once a week. (d)
  • ShutDown: Termination of not responding programs during shut down made even more powerful on Windows 95/98.
  • ShutDown: respond to "START - Shut Down - Logoff" can be disabled explicitly. (d)
  • ShutDown: command line parameters did not work. Corrected.
  • ShutDown: starting a screen saver on Win2000 had some quirks, corrected.
  • 12-Wash: Microsoft Office MRUs added. You can now remove the last used file lists in Word, Excel, Access, and FrontPage. And in the Open and SaveAs boxes the list of entered file names can be removed, too, for Word and Excel. Finally, the temporary Frontpage folder can be cleared.
  • 12-Wash: Netscape Navigator support extended to wash cookies, history, and entries in the address drop-down list. (d)
  • 12-Wash: SET certain registry values (not only delete them) in the User tab. Now you can let 12-Wash change all the settings of all your programs exactly like you want to have them - automatically. (d)
  • 12-Wash: Option added for silent operation.
  • 12-Sync: log file added, including options to limit the size of the log file. (d)
  • 12-Sync: List of time servers to choose from.
  • 12-Sync: a problem with msvcrt.dll found and solved.
  • 12-Sync: new small icon
  • FileDate NEW Function: create a file that contains all date/time information of files and folders. For example after restoring a range of files you can know restore the date/time info to exactly as it was before! (d)
  • ShowTime: supports uptime. Add a small u in either the date or time field to show the time in hours and minutes that Windows is running.
  • WinControl: also supports to control windows if only a part of the title or class name is given.
  • 2ndBackup: If the backup target path is not available (e.g. network path) no longer are error messages issued but 2ndBackup is only stopped, showing a stop sign in the taskbar tray. (d)
  • WinControl: start more than one instance of WinControl
  • General: new option for silent start. The settings dialog box does not open at the first start of the program. Command line option /s will continue working but with the new General option for start up behavior is easier to control. (d)
  • FlyingIcons: New switch to keep their positions during resolution switching. See FAQ for more details. (d)
  • Minor changes in Help and Setup.


New in 21.02  22-Nov-2000

  • Wash includes a shredder for total security! Overwrites files before deletion. Nobody will ever be able to recover them. You may choose the number of overwrites between 1 and 10. Random overwrite, reset file size, file dates, and file name. More details on the 12-Wash homepage.
  • Wash now also clears the Recycle Bin
  • Wash excludes certain cookies from being washed. You may exclude certain cookies, for example if they contain a logon password that you don't want to enter each time when accessing the page.
  • Wash: option added to remove the "index.dat" files in the cookies, temporary, and history folders, without restarting the computer (!). These files, index.dat, contain all Internet addresses of all websites you have ever visited. Note, that clicking on "Clear History" or "Delete Files" is not sufficient to remove these information.
  • WinControl: Check for not-responding apps and restart them. For testing purposes we provide a test application that simulates a not-responding app (4 KB).
  • WinControl now supports child windows as well
  • DeskTOP now supports wallpaper images. Either the current wallpaper or any BMP, JPG or GIF of your choice! Look at www.digitalblasphemy.com - stirring pictures they have!
  • ShowTime/TrayClock now copies the date/time string to clipboard when you hold the CTRL key and click on the clock window.
  • SaveLayout: "Set Color Now" added to icon menu, can be set as default on tray icon click.
  • SetColor: automatically creates/updates shortcuts in Start menu or on the desktop
  • Synchronize now comes with a list of different time servers.
  • Synchronize has been reworked to no longer require ws2_32.dll.
  • Help should now work with 12-Synchronize right away.
  • TrayClock and SaveLayout: We have corrected a flaw where TrayClock and SaveLayout were not starting on certain configurations with a msvcrt.dll not (or not only) placed in the system folder.
  • ShowTime main window is no longer displayed on top of certain screen savers.
  • SaveLayout: Workaround applied for icons with empty name, e.g. Recycle Bin after the installation of Norton Utilities 2001 UnErase (no, we wont say Norton Utilities has any flaws...)
  • QuickStart: The "Num Point to Comma" command did not toggle when selecting the command again. Corrected.
  • Shredder now supports command line switch /silent.
  • Corrections and enhancements of French translations.
  • Updates and enhancements in help.


New in 21.01  07-Oct-2000

  • French translations completely reworked by Serge Boissat. Your help was much appreciated, Serge!
  • Translated into Russian by Vilis Eglitis. Just great work!
  • ShellX got a new option to enable or disable the menu extensions.
  • TrayClock was not stopped correctly during shut down. This has been solved with the version 21.01.
  • TrayClock was hidden for short moments, on NT 4.0 only, on a click on the taskbar. Corrected.
  • Synchronize increased the automatic adjustment period too much when no connection was found. This has been capped to the defined adjustment time.
  • 2ndBackup's notify module didn't stop while checking for changed files. This could have lead to more then one module running for several minutes. This has been fixed with this update.
  • Minor corrections and enhancements.



Major Changes between 2000 and 21.00 Final 21-Sep-2000

Version 21 has more Ghosts, 150 more functions, and is much easier to use. Major changes include:

• ShutDown: "Auto-logoff on idle" and "auto-logon as a predefined user". Handy, if the computer is used by more than one user! Run as many programs as you wish before shut down, also running on "Start" - "Shut Down...". Tab'ed dialog box, clearer command menu.

• Synchronize adjusts your PC time with an atomic clock on the Internet automatically.

TrayClock extends the normal functionality of the Windows clock to display a date/time combination according to your preferences, and allows changing font size and colors!

• QuickStart is now customizable, and got "Touch-and-show" and "Over-and-out" options.

• 2ndBackup now supports backing up complete folders and wildcards.

• ProfileCopy got administrator options, and runs silently.

And many more enhancements already available in 2032.

• Note that additional changes between 21.00 and 21.5 are described above.



New in 21 RC  12-Sep-2000

  • ShowTime didn't display the main window at the right position in Beta 4.0. Corrected.
  • Wash in Beta 4.0 did an Explorer restart for some browser washing. This has been reworked.
  • Synchronize had difficulties with changing the time by more than a couple of minutes. Corrected.


New in 21 Beta 4  29-Aug-2000

  • TrayClock shows date and seconds in the taskbar, where the normal Windows clock resides. TrayClock extends the normal functionality of the Windows clock to display a date/time combination according to your preferences as well as change font size and colors.
  • ShowTime main window follows active window, optional.
  • You are sharing your computer with somebody else? You want to leave the computer and make sure the other one can start working right away? Now you can with ShutDown Auto-Logoff and Auto-Logon.
  • Wash has more options in a new, tabbed dialog box.
  • Drag&Drop added to QuickStart, 2ndBackup, Timer, ShutDown, and ProfileCopy.


New in 21 Beta 3  10-Aug-2000

  • Adjust your PC's time with any atomic clock on the Internet with 12-Synchronize
  • Some mouse drivers do it, others don't. With QuickStart you can now set the middle mouse button to do a double-click. No longer need to buy a new mouse just to have this option...
  • Wash now has a confirmation when washing is finished.
  • ShutDown: in Beta 1 on pressing "Enter" the Action box was closed, now Action continues.
  • 2ndBackup: if you select the root directory of a volume the program includes the back slash which has to be removed manually
  • 2ndBackup: adjusted Time Changed-processing to work flawlessly together with 12-Synchronize.


New in 21 Beta 2  21-Jul-2000

  • ShutDown: Choose the window state of the programs to run before shut down being normal, minimized, maximized, not activated, or hidden.
  • Minor corrections and enhancements.


New in 21 Beta 1  12-Jul-2000

  • ShutDown now has an easier to handle tab'ed dialog box, contributing to the fastest shutdown experience ever.
  • Tidy up of the ShutDown "right-click" menu making it clear and easy to use.
  • Run as many programs as you wish before shut down! You can specify parameters and working folder for each program, enable/disable programs temporarily, and set the sequence of programs.
  • Run programs and do clean up tasks even if you select the normal START - Shut Down. You can now choose if 12Ghosts ShutDown should step in and control the shut down according to your selected options.
  • Log Off on Idle. To enhance security, for many PCs it would be better to log off instead of starting a screen saver. If used by more than one person each user needs to take attention to log off when leaving the PC. Now 12Ghosts ShutDown does this automatically!
  • QuickStart: Right-shift of tray icon enhanced. Easier to open right-click menu together with touch-and-show option.
  • QuickStart: Italian added. Many Thanks to Alessandro Di Tora!
  • DeskTOP: extended the time to wait for SL at startup. This takes care of situations where the time between logon and starting of Explorer takes very long, for example starting Windows 2000 on a slow machine.
  • FileDate will now change attributes in all files in subfolders.
  • Enhanced Help



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