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SuperGee 6.0 History


Major enhancements and improvements between:
6.2 and 6.1 March 2003
6.1 and 6.0 December 2002
6.0 and XP/20August 2002


New in 6.24  August 28, 2003

   Shredder: CRITICAL UPDATE When renaming files the original file name may have been left on the disk under certain conditions. This no longer happens.
   Shredder: For security reasons, the name of the last deleted file is no longer kept when you restart 12-Shredder.
   Popup: context menu entry "Enable Popup Blocking" now has a check mark indicating if it is enabled
   Backup: CRITICAL UPDATE  When using 'Only Files Changed Since...' it missed certain files in subfolders. Corrected.
   Backup: option to adjust 'Only Files Changed Since...' date automatically after each backup
   Backup: select format of last backup with a click on that date
   Backup: If everything fails and you don't have a backup except from HyperBackup, you may now restore all files from the backup folders at once. Note that HyperBackup is not intended as a full backup, though, and we recommend to do a full backup as well. In particular, the full backup is a one-to-one copy of your files, HyperBackup is not and is not intended to be.
   Quick: A QuickRes resolution change didn't notify the taskbar sometimes. Corrected.
   ShowTime: enhanced the user interface, more help, more descriptions
   ShowTime: new picture of the moon which is more realistic
   ShowTime: New option to show Moon Only in Main window
   JustAWindow: On the first use the window was too small. It has a normal size now.


New in 6.23  June 26, 2003

   Wash: Search for Internet Explorer's Cookies, History, and Cache also below the temporary folder and clear them accordingly
   Wash: Clearing AutoComplete entries didn't work on IE 6.0. It does now.
   Wash: Search for Netscape's profile path automatically
   Wash: Clear Netscape settings for All Users also for version 6 and higher
   Wash: Clear settings for NN 4.x and NN 6/7 if both are installed


New in 6.22  June 6, 2003

   Wash: If Garbage files were selected for a complete wash cycle the final message was "Wash Canceled" instead of "Completed". Corrected.
   WinControl: The command line option /sendkeys: only sent capital characters. Corrected.
   All: Translations enhanced in preparation for the German Language release.
   Deutschsprachige Version jetzt als extra Download!


New in 6.21  May 8, 2003

   Popup-Killer: NEW FEATURE  Stop "Messenger Service" popups
   Popup-Killer: The sound/icon/msg options are now free in the LE version
   Popup-Killer: "Enable" option also available in the tray icon menu
   Wash: clear Opera history, cache, cookies, and download folder
   Wash: clear AOL temporary and download folder, and desktop themes
   Wash: NEW FEATURE  Restore the original IE logo (remove a branded logo)
   Wash: Free up disk space by deleting files you don't need:
             - Unused Filetypes (different categories)
             - Duplicate Files (compare by name, size, date)
             - Redundant DLLs
             - Zero-Length Files
             - Broken Shortcuts
   Wash: Custom und Garbage Files: list of files to delete also shows file type and version
   Wash: Custom und Garbage Files: list fully sortable by name, path, size, date, file type, or version
   Timer: CRITICAL UPDATE  The "Beep again" time of a reminder could get lost under certain conditions. Corrected.
   ProfileCopy: You can use %username% in the profile path, it is expanded to the actualy user name. This way you can create the profile for each user on a network server, in separate subfolders.
   SaveLayout: The command line /restore:N was not processed if SL was already running. Corrected.
   FileDate: When setting dates on folders, there is no error message any more on Windows 95/98/ME.
   FAQ: list of Recent Support Questions added.


Major Release 6.2 - New Popup-Killer

New in 6.20  March 10, 2003

   Popup-Killer: NEW GHOST  Block ALL pop-ups without black list, extended BOSS-KEY, History-Cleaner
   Popup-Killer: Block ALL pop-up windows opened by Internet Explorer, both, those that are opened automatically by a script as well as links that open a new window.
   ->  NO black list you need to maintain
   ->  NO loop that uses CPU resources when waiting for new windows
   ->  NO hook into message loops what would slow down your machine
   ->  Contents of pop-ups is NOT downloaded from the Internet, thus saving you bandwidth
   Popup-Killer: Boss-Key for ANY application, that you may configure to close, for example, your browser, Media Player, picture viewer, or Instant Messengers.
   Popup-Killer: A history cleaner for Internet Explorer is included that removes history, cookies, and temporary cached files, as well as Windows history lists and temporary files.
   Wash: A warning is issued when it is about to quit although selected options require it to keep running
   ShutDown: NEW FEATURE  Start Programs Only (no logoff). For example, if the computer is idle you could start maintenance programs.
   WinControl: NEW FEATURE  Close All Programs that match a certain name and class. Also supports /closeall
   WinControl: Dialog box arranged for easier navigation
   Setup of SuperGee no longer creates context menu entries for programs that are not selected for installation
   Uninstall got a major overhaul. We now delete the finest tracks of our own programs, too. We hope, though, that this is not what you want :)

New in 6.16  February 20, 2003

   Wash: NEW FEATURE Block all pop-up windows opened by Internet Explorer, both, those that are opened automatically by a script as well as links that open a new window. Hold SHIFT or CTRL to allow a popup to open.
   ->  NO black list you need to maintain
   ->  NO loop that uses CPU resources waiting for new windows
   ->  Integrated into Internet Explorer, prevents pop-ups BEFORE they are created
   ->  Contents of pop-ups is NOT download from the Internet, thus saving bandwith
   ->  Eradicates pop-ups root and branch!
   Wash: Options enhanced with graphics and icons for easier navigation
   Wash: Wash, JumpReg, Lookup, SetColor, Tower: The General option "Always Running" now means that the program stops when you close the dialog box. For example, when you start 12-Lookup to lookup an acronym, and then close it, it really quits so that it doesn't need memory. On the other hand, if you enable Always Running you can access the program quickly from the tray icon or a shortcut key and it appears much faster which is certainly important for this program to be helpful. (This has already been the case for Clip, Startup, and JustAWindow. We think all others need to keep running all the time to do their job, for example 12-Backup and 12-Timer, no matter if Always Running is set or not. Of course, Always Running still means that it starts automatically when you restart your computer.)
   Wash: The additional option Keep Running was removed (instead, use Always Running in General Options).
   Wash: Custom Files did not remove empty folders. It does now.
   Wash: Custom Files did not clear a folder directly in the root of a drive if subfolders were included and wildcards (*.*) were not used. Corrected.
   Wash: A click on the drive list in the tab Clean Disk didn't enable the Apply button. Corrected.
   Backup: In 6.15 a folder was checked several times if you saved a file repeatedly within the Stabilization Time. Now, each folder is only checked once.
   Backup: Different sounds possible for Backup and HyperBackup. Sound can be turned off for HyperBackup separately.
   Lookup: Added Phonetic Alphabets (Alpha Bravo Charlie...) for six languages and the Morse Code table to the "Prefixes, Bytes, Alpha" reference section of help.
   Setup: New Setup Wizard for even easier installation of all Ghosts.

New in 6.15  February 10, 2003

   Shredder: New option "Remove the folder itself". This is not the default since there are folders that are essential to exist for Windows and several applications, like the temporary folder.
   Shredder: The function Clear End of Files mistakenly removed the Hidden attribute of folders. Corrected.
   Wash: The option "Never delete any files in Windows or System folders" also excluded all subfolders. This caused some confusion for those who have cache, cookies, or temp folders below the Windows folder. Now it only excludes the contents of these two folders, which hold the most important files of your Windows system.
   Wash: "Clear Search for Files" works on Windows XP, too.
   Backup: If the destination path doesn't exist, e.g. the network is not available or if a notebook is not connected, it continues to backup the next time. HyperBackup also searches for the destination path continually until the network is available again, to allow for hot plugging.
   Backup: CRITICAL UPDATE  If several changes in different HyperBackup items occurred within the Stabilization Time, only the last changed item was checked for changes. Now it checks all items where files were changed in.
   Backup: new option to change the tray icon if HyperBackup is paused or not running
   NotePad: New Option: Never add files to the Recent Documents menu. New button to clear the menu.
   NotePad: New Option: Change description in toolbar and pagebar automatically on Save-As
   NotePad: New Options to set the default folder, name and type of new documents
   NotePad: used to open long file names by their short name when opened from Explorer. Now it displays the long file name, no matter how you open the file.
   NotePad: Only existing files are displayed in the Recent Documents menu.
   NotePad: Changing options that require a restart no longer display a message, they just restart 12-NotePad.
   Clip: Didn't capture some menus like the START menu or the menu of Office applications. Enhanced.
   Tower: The option "Close after starting a tool" now also works when you start it with the Enter or Space key.
   Zip2 SFX: Either setup.exe or setup.bat is started if found in the zip file.

New in 6.14  January 19, 2003

   Wash: NEW FEATURE  BOSS-KEY closes all Internet Explorer windows with one click
   Wash: NEW FEATURE  Auto-Wash cleans automatically when Internet Explorer is closed
   Quick, ProfileCopy: System Folder Options also supports changing My Pictures

New in 6.13  January 13, 2003

   Backup: Backup only files changed since a certain date. For example, when you change your backup disk reset this date so that only newer files will be copied to the new disk.
   Zip2: When running a self-extracting file it now shows a dialog box where to unzip files (optional). Hold the Shift key pressed when starting a z2.exe to force this dialog box to appear.
   Zip2: You can select the default unzip folder with Zip2, as well as options if a dialog box should be displayed where the user can select a folder, and if setup.exe should be started automatically.
   Zip2: Compress and uncompress can be canceled during operation
   Tower: New layout, check boxes added to change Always Running, Tray Icon for all Ghosts
   Wash: Help updated describing the new features introduced in 6.12
   All: Shortcuts with the new names LE or PRO were not deleted, they are now.

New in 6.12  January 9, 2003

   Backup Synchronize original and backup folders. Delete those files in the backup folder that no longer exist in the original folder.
   Wash licensing has changed: 12-Wash LE is now free for non-commercial use. (PRO features still require registration.)
   Wash NEW FEATURE  Added in the Windows tab: Clear Windows Clipboard
   Wash NEW FEATURE  Never delete files in Windows or Windows\System folders.
   Wash: Clean disk moved to separate tab. Now you can select each drive to clean and combine it with different patterns of garbage files.
   Wash: More information displayed in the "Select files to delete" dialog box. Size, date, and a context menu to open or explore each file.
   Wash: CRITICAL UPDATE  When deleting only selected files in the "Select files to delete" dialog box, in fact all files in the list were deleted. Corrected.
   Backup: Normal backup supports single files, too.
   Wash, Backup New option to interrupt the shut down process, and a selection how to continue.
   Tower Close after starting a tool. To override the option hold down CTRL.
   Lookup: More translations added

New in 6.11  December 21, 2002

   Shredder: Using Empty Space together with Norton Protected Recycle Bin could dramatically reduce free space. To reclaim the free space just empty your recycle bin! This is now explained in help.
   Setup: The links "Welcome to 12Ghosts" and "Order Online" did not work. Corrected.


Major Release 6.1 - Stable Release

New in 6.10  December 5, 2002

   TrayProtect: Did not show any icons in some situations. Solved.
   Shredder+Wash: Crashed when dealing with very long file names given on the command line. Corrected.
   Replace: When started on the command line with an empty replace string, it didn't work. Corrected.
   All: Help changed to a .CHM file. Furthermore, website and help file are now identical.

New in 6.03  October 26, 2002

   Wash NEW FEATURE for custom files: Easily add a list of garbage files to scan for and delete on all disk drives
   Wash NEW FEATURE for custom files: shows a list of files to delete where you may select or deselect single files to delete
   Wash custom files: Files and Registry cleaning split up for easier usage
   Wash: removed empty folders if a wildcard like "~$*.*" was entered. Corrected.
   Wash+Backup: On some installations of NT didn't shut down after wash/backup but returned to the desktop or the logon screen. Corrected.
   Backup: Empty folders were not copied. They are now.
   TrayProtect: On some machines it constantly crashed. Fixed.                                          
   All: context help is now identical with pop-up help. You'll hardly notice the difference, however, it allows us to add and maintain the context help much easier. So expect more and more comprehensive context help in future versions. We are also able to translate this part of the program now. (Context help is what you get when you click with the right mouse button on any control. Pop-up help appears when you hover with the mouse cursor over the control for a moment.)

New in 6.02  October 10, 2002

   SaveLayout: NEW FEATURE  Supports the command line parameter /restore:N, where N is a number between 1 and the number of layouts in the submenu 'Restore with Contents'.
   SaveLayout did not save the wallpaper with the first "Layout with Contents" created. Corrected.
   ShutDown: The shut down timer didn't work. Corrected.
   NotePad: Save As in the main menu didn't work. Corrected.
   All: Greek added for setup and General Options


Major Release 6.0 - Six New Programs Included

New in 6.01  August 29, 2002

   TrayProtect NEW GHOST  Hides tray icons and displays them in its context menu. It can also restores tray icons after a crash or restart of the taskbar (Explorer).
   Clip NEW GHOST  Allows you to take screen shots easily. It supports hotkeys to clip the active window, the whole screen, and even menus. Screen shots can be helpful to store information you come across, or to provide documentation for technical support.

Startup: NEW GHOST  Control which programs run at Windows startup.


JustAWindow: NEW GHOST  Place a window on top of things you don't want to see.


Screen Saver: NEW GHOST  The 12Ghosts screen saver! Control which clicks and keys wake up the screen saver.


2ndFolder: NEW GHOST  Create different versions of a folder structure automatically. The date and time is added to the destination folder to create unique names. Now with settings window to choose folders. Also creates shortcuts for easier launching.

   NotePad: when an external page is opened and 12-NotePad is closed again, the next time the same page opens as before. For example, if the second page of ten is displayed, then you double-click a .txt file (opened as page 11), then you close 12-NotePad (page 11 is removed), then you start 12-NotePad again, page two is displayed, not page 10.
   Wash, Backup: If set to run before shut down, both stop the shut down process and issue a new logoff or shut down after finishing. (This is the same what 12-ShutDown does, which is why we recommend using 12-ShutDown for all programs you need to start before shut down.)


12Ghosts XP (5.0) History












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