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12Ghosts 7.0 History



New in 7.10b  February 2, 2005

   Wash: Updated profile folder settings for FireFox v1.0                                               


New in 7.10a  November 25, 2004

   Backup: Added a delay before the first HyperBackup check if Windows has just been started. This helps finishing the boot process much faster. (Note, 12-Backup works in processor idle time, it won't block other programs. However, during boot up, not the processor is the bottle neck, but the disk drive.)
   Backup: Warning added if you select "Only since" together with "Synchronize". This may erroneously remove files from your backup. Both options, however, are never neccessary at the same time.
   Wash: Now clears the list of most-recently-used files of Excel 2003 correctly
   Wash: Clears the contents of the address drop-down of Netscape Navigator 7.xx correctly
   Wash: Now also clears the address of the last visited site saved in the Netscape Navigator 7.xx settings
   Setup: Silent setup - with the parameter /silent - no longer shows the License Agreement confirmation if a license.12g file is found in the same folder as the installation .EXE file.


New in 7.09  September 14, 2004

   Popup: Blocking the start of IE now has an option if you'd like to make your choice stick
   Wash: Supports cleaning history, cache, and cookies of Mozilla and Thunderbird/Firefox
   QuickStart: Flat default menu. Note the FAQ: "How to add new commands after an update" in online help.
   ShutDown: Adjustments for shutting down after installing SP2 on Windows XP.
   Synchronize: Adjustments for setting the time after installing SP2 on Windows XP.
   Backup: Adjustments for Windows XP SP2 concerning registry backups/restore.
   FileDate: Adjustments for Windows XP SP2 to be able to set the dates of folders.
   QuickStart: Adjustments for shutting down after installing SP2 on Windows XP.
   SaveLayout: Adjustments for shutting down after installing SP2 on Windows XP.


New in 7.08  July 29, 2004

   Popup: Ad-Blocker: Many ad-supported programs use Internet Explorer to display popup ads. Such popups appear even though you are not using IE. Now you may track down, stop, or delete such programs.
   Popup: Stop or terminate any program, rename or delete it, even if it is locked or in use, including services!


New in 7.07  April 29, 2004

   FileDate: 'Create Batch File' also includes the folder dates themselves (works on NTFS, 2000/XP, only)
   General maintenance


New in 7.06  April 2, 2004

   Wash: Delete Locked Files and Internal Shredder are now free features included in the LE version
   Wash: pagefile.sys, if it did not exist, was reported locked. Corrected.
   NotePad hung in 7.05 when started for the first time after the installation. Corrected.
   FileDate: If started from the command line with a invalid path, the default path was used. No longer.
   Popup: if enabled, turns off 12-Wash's popup blocker automatically


New in 7.05  February 12, 2004

   Popup:  NEW FEATURE in the toolbar: Auto-Size and Always Full Screen, which both respond the moment a new IE window opens.
   DeskTOP: Now you can display the wallpaper image anywhere on the screen with an individual X,Y-offset
   NotePad:  NEW FEATURE  Indent several selected lines with TAB. Decrease the indent of all selected lines with SHIFT+TAB. Of course, an empty line is not indented.
   NotePad CTRL+G now switches the text color to red, blue, green, and back. Note that you don't have to select a word to apply formatting, just place the cursor in the middle of a word.
   NotePad Usually NotePad opens a document at the same line and with the same selection as it was when you left it. However, at the very first start, and with long documents, it scrolled to the wrong line. No longer.
   NotePad After pressing CTRL+SPACE to remove all formatting, the underline format didn't work anymore. Corrected.
   Backup continued calculating things after Stop Backup was pressed. It now responds immediately.
   SaveLayout Right-clicking on an .SL file and selecting SL Help now starts AutoSL and keeps the help file visible


New in 7.04  December 18, 2003

   Wash: The message "Wash Canceled" was issued in 7.03 if Custom or Garbage was selected, after/although all items were fully removed. Corrected.
   Wash: Clear NetHood now also removes empty subfolders as it should have from the beginning
   Popup: the message about the toolbar being enabled has been removed


Major Update 7.0 - New Ghosts, More Features

New in 7.03  November 28, 2003

   Wash: NEW FEATURE  New option to delete the swap file and hibernation cache file, also in Windows tab
   Wash: NEW FEATURE  New option to clear the NetHood folder, in Windows tab
   Wash: Problem with custom files when clicking "Delete selected files" manually. Corrected.
   Wash: "Custom" tab did not remove empty folders in some cases. Corrected.
   Wash: When started with /silent on the command line displayed the Custom Delete window. Corrected.
   Popup: Select which keys or mouse buttons, when pressed, allow popups
   Popup: Option to enable or disable IE toolbar
   Popup: We had reports of IE crashing sporadically with 12-Popup 7.02 installed. This should no longer happen with this version.
   Clip: NEW FEATURE  Auto-Save when clipping a screen shot to a file you specify, adding a suffix if necessary.
   Shredder: supports /wipedisk /silent on the command line. With /silent it does not show a dialog box. (To unhide the window just start 12-Shredder a second time without parameters.)
   Password: Now also works when the settings window is not open and the program is minimized to the tray
   FileDate: The 'Set' buttons are now always enabled, in case the date changed from outside of 12-FileDate
   ShellX: For folders containing more than 4 GB bytes were not displayed correctly. Now we only display the size down to KB for the Properties command.
   Lookup: Translations for Italian corrected and completed. Thanks to Giancarlo!
   SaveLayout: 'Restore With Layout', when called from the command line, left an .SL file behind on the desktop. That is removed now.
   All: Note that you may also cross-update from any single program or package to PowerGee, 12Gee, or SuperGee!


New in 7.02  September 25, 2003

   Password   NEW GHOST   Recover hidden passwords by pointing the mouse cursor over the asterisks field (******)
   Popup: NEW FEATURE  Option to always allow links to open in a new window
   Popup: NEW FEATURE  IE Toolbar: 12-Popup can now be managed from within Internet Explorer. Commands to enable/disable, add to approved, open settings
   Popup: more commands for 12-Popup Toolbar  Free!
          Images Off to load pages faster
          Set Size to position IE with just one click
          Always On Top keeps IE above other windows even if not active
          Protect Homepage from being changed inadvertently
   Backup: No longer issues a message that the time has changed after wake up from hybernation
   ShutDown If you ever received the message "There is no disk in the drive" at startup, this no long happens with this version.


New in 7.01  September 9, 2003

   StopMessengerAds NEW GHOST  Stop ads that are distributed through the Messenger Service. They look like a normal message box. Stop the Messenger service to get rid of such ads.
   Popup and Messenger have been added to the 12Gee package - the one that comes with our twelve most popular Ghosts. DeskTOP and NotePad didn't make the cut, they are now available in the SuperGee package only.
   Synchronize: when using the HTTP protocol the time could have been changed by one hour if set shortly before or after the full hour. Corrected.
   Popup, ShowTime, Quick, Lookup, NotePad, Tower: workaround applied for a Win95/98/ME bug when drawing rectangles


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