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12Ghosts 8.0 History



Major changes compared to version 7.0:

   Wash: Adjustments applied to work with Internet Explorer 7.0
   Wash: new option Close When Finished - set it and forget it
   Shredder: New wipe option to remove file names of previously deleted files
   Backup now featutes a log file, no more interruptions by error messages (optionally)
   Backup: Full Backup now keeps a backup of the backup. Even more security for you!
   ShowTime now fully transparent, free-movable circular moon!
   Replace: additional filter to exclude files or folders, more command line options
   QuickStart: Show contents of folders in submenus! Faster then ever!
   Toolbar for IE: Fast picture harvesting from thumbnail gallaries with one click
   Toolbar for IE: Auto-Stop dynamic page elements, such as animated GIFs and sounds
   Tower completely rewritten with icons, custom colors, favorite entries
   All Ghosts: faster, smaller, enhanced and extended!
More changes compared to version 6.0...


New in 8.11   January 11, 2007

   ShutDown: super fast termination (3rd option) now correctly uses the termination delay.
   QuickStart: the icon of a selected item in the configuration list is displayed black if the column width is too small. We've changed the default width so that it fits.
   Help: We removed some graphic-laden pages from the help file (which are still available on the web site). This reduced the download size by about 200 KB. Nice!
   All: help reworked, navigation enhanced.


New in 8.10   November 16, 2006

   Wash: NEW! Suppress programs from START menu! Frequently used programs are added to the start menu automatically (XP/Vista). Protect your privacy and prevent certain programs from ever appearing there again.
   ShutDown: NEW! SUPER FAST shut down! This will just exit Windows and turn off the computer (or restart). Nothing is saved, though. Windows is NOT properly shut down. Use in emergency situations only!
   Backup: The destination folder now is allowed to be below the source folder. It is excluded from backup automatically. For example, if you backup "C:\" to "C:\12-Backup" everything is backed up, except of course "C:\12-Backup" itself.
   Shredder is now checking if clean up of "delete_me...XX.del" files is required at startup of 12-Shredder. This may be necessary if Wipe Disk was interrupted before it could complete a Remove Old Names pass. There is a confirmation message that you may cancel cancel out of.
   Wash: If started from the command line, and Always Running was enabled, 12-Wash kept running. Now it stops so that, for example, 12-ShutDown can continue.
   Tower faster again! No longer using up the CPU when just open.
   Tower: New color scheme with light background. Hey, send us *your* 12-Tower settings in a .12G file (General -> Save)! We may add your color scheme as one of the defaults!.


New in 8.09  October 5, 2006

   Shredder: New wipe option to remove file names of previously deleted files (works in conjunction with Wipe Empty Space)
   Wash: Enhanced washing for Internet Explorer 7.0, tested on IE7 RC1
   Wash: Corrected AOL Themes option, it should no longer crash with this option enabled
   Backup: Enhanced translations for German
   Backup: 'Add to 12-Backup' now supports a multiple-selection
   Lookup: US tab: Updated current 'Heads of Government' of US states, Canadian provinces, and EU members, including party and 'in office since' information. Population data for Canadian provinces now up to 2005 data.
   Tower responds faster when UP or DOWN keys are held down
   Tower: The sort order of Ghosts (if sorted by package) is now the same as on the web site
   Tower: Optional mark beside favorite Ghosts so you find them even faster
   Tower: You can now change all colors, including highlight and button colors
   Tower: ShellX is now considered "running" when enabled. You can also enabled or disable ShellX from 12-Tower
   Toolbar: 'General' and 'About' tabs now work
   Toolbar got a new icon ("warm, bright, and with fire")
   All: We changed the default dialog box font to the default in Windows. This should fix issues where controls were too large for some dialog boxes.
   Web and Help: Top row of icons now including 12-IETools and 12-FTP


New in 8.08  September 21, 2006

   All: Packages renamed, slight changes in composition
   ShowTime: Unfortunately, 12-ShowTime 8.07 tried to save a log file on drive D: and issued error messages if it couldn't create it. Corrected.
   ShowTime: If only tray clock was enabled, and not the Main window, the time sometimes showed 00:00. Also, if #, w, D, or u were used in the date field, these characters were not interpreted. Corrected.
   ShowTime: The separate world time window could be moved off the screen or become invisible if the screen resolution changed. Now it is always displayed at the edge of the screen.
   Lookup: Acronyms added for "Mobile", e.g. HSDPA and HSUPA
   Lookup: Acronyms now available online
   Tower: Change Colors! New command in the Options tab: 'Colors' to change the text and background colors


New in 8.07  June 28, 2006

   ShowTime: Tray clock can be set to transparent background, displaying exactly the same background as the original windows clock (on Windows XP the gradient of the taskbar). Default font, color, and settings changed accordingly.
   Window: Remember positions and restore all windows at startup
   Window: Store positions in 10 quick-dial buttons
   Toolbar is now a separate program (no longer included in 12-Popup). It comes as a free LE version, and a PRO version with more features.
   Toolbar: Toolbar button added to hide all IE windows (Boss-Key) from within IE
   Toolbar: Auto-Stop any dynamic page elements, such as background sounds and animations, immediately after the page has loaded.
   Toolbar - Fast Picture Download: download pictures referenced from a sub .htm page. For example, a web page lists thumbnails pointing to pic001.htm, pic002.htm, and so on, and each of these pages display a picture which you want to download. The 12Ghosts Toolbar for IE does this now automatically.
   Toolbar - Fast Picture Download: Now works with more than one set of images. Let's say the following images are referenced from a web site: blue001.jpg, blue002.jpg, etc., as well as red001.jpg, red002.jpg, etc. You will be able to select either [blue*.jpg] or [red*.jpg] from a drop-down list.


New in 8.06  April 10, 2006

   All: correction applied for the error message "This application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect. Reinstalling the application may fix this problem."


New in 8.05  April 6, 2006

   Replace: new option to exclude files or folders. Now you can search for certain file types only and still exclude certain files
   Replace: new command line options for /sub, /only, /case, /word, and /contents, so you no longer depend on what was selected in the dialog box the last time
   Replace: the dialog box now is large enough to allow easy access even for long search texts
   All: optimizations for speed, including dual core processors. (In case you wondered, we switched to the latest version of Microsoft's C++ compiler, 8.0. Why? It produces the fastest code optimized for current processors, that is, for your computer!
   All: optimizations for size, installed size reduced by 419 KB (Supremacy package, compared to version 8.04)


New in 8.04  March 23, 2006

   All: Released to the public
   All: Online help enhanced, updated screen shots (Our web site is now maintained using Microsoft Visual Web Developer 2005, which comes with an easily extendable editor, the same that we use for developing 12Ghosts. We've finally dumped Frontpage 98/3.0, although we were quite happy with it through all the years. Alas, it does things in funny ways at times and we wanted more control. We are now using CSS throughout or web. Includes are controled by scripts and <shamelessplug> 12-Replace. Indispensable! </shamelessplug>. We hope you will notice a nicer and better structured web site and online help for all our programs!
   All: Setup and Uninstall overhauled for all Ghosts
   All: Setup for new packages: X12, High5, and Security. See home page for an overview of all packages. With the new packages all tools are sorted by catagory matching different customer demands. Prices are down, too! (Note that X12 is not yet complete, our new program 12-FTP is in beta testing.)


New in 8.03 RC 1  February 9, 2006

   Lookup: Acronyms and explanations for HD video added, e.g. H.264/AVC, SLI, PEG, HDR, S/PDIF...
   Startup: Temporarily disable programs to start after logon. Now you can disable annoying startup programs and, at any time, enable the program if necessary.
   Startup: Size the 12-Startup window any way to see all entries
   ShowTime: click on left half (to start programs) now optional
   Tower now is more useful then ever! Showing which programs are not running but should (set to be Always Running), or set Always Running with one click for all Ghosts that are currently running, or highlight the Ghosts that you access most often: more power to the people (you!)
   Tower: Large display with all Ghost icons (optional)
   Tower: Highlight favorite Ghosts to find them at a glance
   Tower: Remove or add Always Running or Tray Icon check marks for ALL Ghosts with one click
   Tower: Sort by package or alphabetically - three distinct groups to find similar Ghosts more easily
   All: we use more of the new controls available in Windows XP
   All: support for both themes, Windows XP and Classic


New in 8.02 Beta 2  November 17, 2005

   Toolbar for IE: Fast Picture Download: allows you to download and save all pictures off of a thumbnail web page. You may also choose to download only those that are numbered. The pictures are saved each under a unique name to prevent other pictures from being overwritten.
   Toolbar for IE: button to activate/deactivate ActiveX quickly. ActiveX produces lots of advertising and disturbing animations. Now you may keep it turned off, and easily turn it on for those pages that need ActiveX.
 - Note, you need to open a new IE window for the change to take effect.
 - Tip: Add websites that need ActiveX to 'Trusted Sites' where you always enable ActiveX in the Security options of IE - 'Trusted Sites' - 'Custom Level' - 'Run ActiveX controls and plug-ins'.
 - You may want to set up 12-Robo to automatically close the message "Your current settings prohibit running ActiveX...")
   Quick: Show contents of folders in submenu. If Start Path is a folder, as well as for all QuickCommands that open a folder, the containing items are displayed in a submenu. (Note: double-click to open the folder itself; set Parameters to "no" to prevent a submenu for that entry; hold down the key 'N' (for 'no') before opening the 12-Quick menu to prevent all folder submenus.)
   Quick: Move menu entries up and down in the menu: just hold down CTRL and start dragging!
   Backup: Full Backup now keeps a backup of the backup before trying to copy a changed file. That way, if a file is locked or otherwise can't be copied, the backed-up file is reserved. Total security for you!
   ShutDown: change the transparency of the Flying Icon: in the registry, add "GeneralFlyingTrans" to HKCU\Software\12Ghosts\Shutdown and set it to a value between 100 (fully visible) and 1 (almost invisible).
   All: the Flying Icon is transparent and really Ghost-shaped! Very ghostly.
   All: Numerous smaller itches, twitches, tweaks and peaks!


New in 8.01 Beta 1  August 18, 2005

   ShowTime is now transparent: clock display with transparent background in Main window. (Note, transparency is supported only on Windows 2000, XP, and Vista.)
   ShowTime fully circular moon (without black square around) (requires Windows 2000 or higher)
   Wash: new option Close When Finished. (May still be selected/unselected after starting the wash process.)
   TrayProtect shows all tray icons in it's context menu, not only those hidden.
   TrayProtect lets you access tray icons with the keyboard. First, set up a hot key in the 'General' tab of 12-TrayProtect. This key combination now opens the context menu with all tray icons at the top. Just select the icon with ARROW UP/DOWN and ENTER. Holding down CTRL means double-click, SHIFT means right-click.
   TrayProtect option to show icons of Explorer or Task Manager, or rather not.
   Backup: now keeps a log file, and optionally suppresses any error messages
   Backup: New option in addition to Synchronize: keep deleted files in a common '_deleted' folder (located in the main destination folder). Even more security for you!



12Ghosts 7.0 History












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