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12Ghosts 98 (1.0) History


12Ghosts Newest History


New in 12Ghosts 98.10.2 - 10/2/98

Timer: On some versions of Windows 95 the Timer is now working again! (We accessed a DLL not present on all versions of Windows.)
Holidays now displayed in the dialog box!
To execute a timer you can now click on the small application icon!
More/Less button to enhance the overview in the dialog box.
Shuffle through all timers with Up/Down keys (after selecting the description field)!
Be more productive with the Timer: Select from nine interesting examples! (No longer added by Setup.)

ShowTime: detailed information about world times, accurate daylight saving times.
On some older versions of Windows ShowTime tried to access a new feature not present - and crashed. Workaround applied.

Shutdown: Play siren on mouse over icon (optional).
Support for "/silent" on the command line.
Move FlyingIcon™ with arrow keys.

ShellX: "New Folder Here" now works on root drives c:\, d:\, etc.
Setup and Uninstall are now aware of and replace/remove a DLL in use.

2ndBackup: Setup and Uninstall now replace or remove the DLL if in use.

JumpReg, DeskTOP, and Quick: Support for "/s" or "/silent" on the command line. With "/s" specified in a shortcut, no dialog is displayed, just the icon will appear in the taskbar tray. In other words, as long as no "/s" is specified, the JumpReg dialog and Quick now open immediately!
You can now move the FlyingIcon™ per arrow keys (if it has the focus after a move, click or a double-click).

All: As always, minor enhancements in stability and usability.


New in 12Ghosts 98.10 - 9/15/98

ShowTime Major Update Now provides more than 70 options to customize! The tray icon can now be formatted like the main window in all colors and font styles. Now integrated is an alarm clock, countdown timer, world times, chimes and hour signal, and exact phase of moon.

ClipNotes New Small sticky notes editor. Optional auto-saving, auto-scrolling and auto-selection.


New in 12Ghosts 98.8 - 8/12/98

Transition to "12Ghosts" and 12Ghosts.com


New in Ghosts 98.7 - 7/98

ProfileCopy Final Save your Windows profile and restore the settings easily on a new installation of Windows 95/98/NT, on a new computer or notebook, or for a new user account. Copy settings for the selected wallpaper, screen saver, sound and cursor scheme including the files themselves, desktop appearance and icon layout, mouse and keyboard settings, and also the contents of the Start menu, the Desktop and Favorites folder, and more! You may also backup user defined registry settings for other applications, and document files and folders.

ShowTime Major Update displays the time and date, is always on top, even over the taskbar! User defined date and time string, formatable font style and size, change text and background colors. Taskbar tray icon with day and day of week, FlyingIcon™. International dates supported.

Timer Don't-start-after time, set defaults for new timer, FlyingIcon™, tray icon optional.
On launch of PACT Timer a recurring timer will not be started if it is overdue. In other words, if Timer is not running although a recurring timer was scheduled, this occurrence will be omitted. (However, a "Start Once" timer will still be started if no "Don't-start-after" time was given.)


New in Ghosts 98.5 - 5/98

Timer On working days only option, Drop-down list to directly select a timer, set reminders to snooze.
The Timer icon is displayed as small as it should if no start path is given.
When a recurring timer can not be started at the specified time (because the computer was off, or the Timer not running) it sets the new time correctly by multiplying the interval as often as is necessary, instead of using now.


New in Ghosts 98.4 - 4/98

Timer Found an implicit lost handle that ate up memory rather quickly. Investigated lost handles in all places. There are things to be learned... After some ten-thousand displays of the timer dialog box without closing, the colors would have changed to black and white... Solved. A function crashed the NT shell after about 6000 program starts. In Windows 95 the error message "Out of memory" was displayed (although it had nothing to do with memory). Workaround applied. Recurring timer does work now with every recurring time, also with 8 minutes.

ShellX New Adds several new commands to the context menu of files and folders. Just right-click on a file or folder in Explorer, or in any Open or Save As box, to access the new ShellX commands. The user defined commands include: • Copy Path to Clipboard • New Subfolder Here • DOS Prompt Here • Display file properties like added-up folder size or file version.

JumpToRegKey New This useful tool enables you to jump to a user defined registry key per shortcut, tray icon menu or dialog box. Save up to five different keys for quick access. This is an astonishing, not previously available function.

SetColor New This novel tool can set the desktop icon text color, the desktop icon text background color, and is even able to set the desktop icon text background to transparent!



This package of system tools was first called "12Ghosts" with the release of version 98.8, when there actually were twelve of them. Before, we had a package called "PACT Ghosts" (named after the founder Philip Ahrens mainly doing Computer Training at this time). It included about ten nifty gadgets with cute, ghost-shaped icons. For example "TopDay" displaying nothing but the day and day of week in a small, albeit movable window. 2ndFolder without any GUI served as a predecessor of 12-Backup...

The roots of 12Ghosts can be traced back to SaveLayout (or "SL", as we liked to call it). SL 1.0 came into being shortly after the release of Windows 95 and its new desktop. SL 2.0 already had auto-saving and - hey! - a tabbed property window. Version 3.0 featured a new add-on called DeskTOP, an early Quick menu, and a button to shut down. SL was then split up to target different categories of utilities, instead of having just one wonderful, varied package. They were still offered together, though - the foundation of a magnificent suite of Windows extensions.















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