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12Ghosts 99 (2.0) History


12Ghosts Newest History


New in 12Ghosts 99.9 - 8/19/99

  • All: Changes in the 12Ghosts Help.


New in 12Ghosts 99.7 - 7/2/99

  • ShutDown repaired: /BootNT:N now boots into all available NT boot menu entries.
  • ShutDown added: /DefaultNT:N changes the default NT boot menu option, supports /s for silent. By adding a shortcut with this parameter in the Startup group, you can restore the default after using /BootNT:N.
  • ShutDown repaired: When rebooting to MS-DOS under certain conditions the system could have locked - problem solved.
  • ShutDown: when initiating the shut down process via command line, only one tray icon appears blinking.
  • ShutDown displays a list of parameters when called up with /? or /h.
  • ShutDown pops up a dialog box if a parameter is entered that is not recognized.
  • All: Saving General Options should be working again normally in all situations.
  • All: Several minor improvements.


New in 12Ghosts 99.6 - 5/27/99

  • All: Maintenance, slight changes in the license scheme.


New in 12Ghosts 99.5 - 5/5/99

  • 2ndBackup: Better resource management with stabilization time. Pause menu command.
  • 2ndBackup should open faster when started through the Explorer context menu command.
  • 2ndBackup no longer removes the Startup shortcut at shutdown.
  • ProfileCopy now supports /save and /restore command line options.
  • Quick: Added commands: Stop All Ghosts, Start All Tray Ghosts, accepts command line options /startall and /stopall.
  • ShowTime registry option to start any program rather than just ClipNotes, for example, PACT Notepad.
  • ShowTime time-date window now supports dual monitors.
  • ClipNotes also supports upper-case hyperlinks.
  • Timer: further improvements in snooze window.
  • Timer restarts a snoozing reminder also after having been stopped or even if Windows has been rebooted!
  • Timer supports the registry value "StopTimerAfterNextStart". You can launch a program at a certain time and then let PACT Timer stop it if you are running low on resources.
  • All: Corrections in help file, the Web hyperlinks should work now.
  • All Ghosts now support dual monitors.
  • All: Several internal changes for higher robustness.
  • All: Tested also on Windows 98 Second Edition and Windows NT 2000 Beta 3.


New in 12Ghosts 99.2c - 3/5/99

Quick now supports quick resolution switching.
ShellX now copies file properties correctly.
All: problem solved on Windows 95/98 with certain sound drivers. Occasionally all sounds could have been muted. If you don't have problems with sounds you don't need this update.


New in 12Ghosts 99.2b - 2/18/99

ClipNotes with new option "Clipboard to TEXT ONLY"! This works in any application, whenever you copy text to the clipboard all formatting is removed!
ShowTime new features in settings window:
    - Click on the world times to highlight the times most important for you.
    - To start the countdown just click on the countdown scale number.
ShowTime now handles a question mark in Internet links correctly.
ShowTime world times 12/24 hour format corrected.
All: Minor enhancements in stability and usability.


New in 12Ghosts 99.2a (Beta) - 2/2/99

Help: New 150 pages "real" Windows help
Context help: right-click on a control, press F1, or use the question mark (?) in the title bar to get help on every control.
Download size reduced by more than 400 KB!
Several enhancements to speed up the overall performance.
General: Apply all General settings to all 12Ghosts at once.
General: Apply same animation to all 12Ghosts.
General: Save now remembers the path last saved to.
General: Once started the Ghosts had not checked the shortcut options. Now the Ghosts create or delete shortcuts in the Start and Programs menu, desktop and Startup folder accordingly.
Setup: 2ndBackup did not close the sound module on Win95/98 if closed by setup. The effect was that the CPU was used 100% and users had the feeling that the Ghosts were slow or didn't work very well (like JumpReg). Resolved.
SL Major Update Now connected to General Options, FlyingIcon(TM), hotkey to access the desktop and minimize all windows.
Timer now responds to changes of the PC's time and date.
DeskTOP now gets notified when SL restores the layout
All: Many, many corrections and enhancements in detail.


New in 12Ghosts 99.1e - 1/25/99

Timer double-start issue found! If a timer was fired too early (inaccurate timing of Windows 95/98, not NT, can be more than 10 seconds in 24 hours) a recurring timer could have been issued a second time, still before the true start time. This has been taken care of.
If two or more recurring timers were scheduled at the same time only one really started. Corrected.


New in 12Ghosts 99.1d - 12/18/98

Timer, ShowTime, SL, and DeskTOP: did not start on some Windows 95 systems without Service Release 1 installed. Resolved.
Setup: All Ghosts are now stopped before setup to make sure updated files can be copied.
ShutDown executed by hotkey, will now do the default tasks even if Ctrl was pressed too.
ClipNotes: when auto-saving is on, the window position is also saved immediately.


New in 12Ghosts 99.1c - 12/14/98

All: DirectX (ddraw.dll) is no longer required for the 12Ghosts since some older Win95 systems don't have DirectX installed.
JumpReg Major Update New list technology for unlimited entries! Supports Jump-to-Values: just add the value name after a double-backslash. Does not close RegEdit before every jump. Get current key, jump to key in clipboard, close on jump, jump to same key under CU or LM.
ShutDown was crashing if no boot.ini is found and the menu command "Boot into this OS" is selected. This has been corrected.
Timer In the settings window it was not possible to right click and paste into an edit box at a certain position. Corrected.
DeskTOP: focus set correctly when activated by Alt+Tab

New in 12Ghosts 99.1b - 11/26/98

All: Four animations for all windows (optional)
2ndBackup Major Update Animated tray notification icon, sound confirmation during copy, Explorer menu entry optional, also connected to General Options, FlyingIcon(TM).
JumpReg with general options for icons and startup


New in 12Ghosts 99.1a - 11/12/98

SaveLayout Major Update Keep every change of your desktop icon layout automatically. Automatic restore on move of taskbar or resolution switching! Tray notification icon, commands to hide or minimize all windows
Quick Major Update Now with graphics cached to open faster, 12 additional commands to access the desktop, hide or minimize all windows, clear history lists, start screen saver, initiate standby, shutdown, restart, power off, log off, restart shell, and start all 12Ghosts!
ShowTime context help delay time corrected.
DeskTOP now restarts on taskbar icon switching.


New in 12Ghosts 99.1 - 10/29/98

ShutDown, Timer and ShowTime now support saving of all user defined settings, a comfortable way to secure your carefully selected options!
ShutDown Major Update Terminate programs not responding automatically with two additional time-outs!
- initiate standby
- start screen saver
- play sound while shutting down
- eject CDs
- clear history lists
ShutDown - Screen Saver Ghostlet New Lock Workstation and start screen saver simultaneously! Nutek power management, even in NT! Change screen saver, stop it per scheduler, start with password protection, set time-out within seconds (!), enable/disable screen saver, set/reset password protection, or easily initiate standby mode.



12Ghosts 98 (1.0) History












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