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Unattended Installation


Automatic Installation

To install 12Ghosts automatically start the downloaded installation file with the command line parameter /silent. For example:

        12gcomplete.exe /silent /path:X:\Applications\12Ghosts /nostart

You may add further parameters for the installation folder and startup options:

/silent Unattended installation
/path: Installation path. Default is the folder where the program was installed the last time. If this is the first installation the subfolder "12Ghosts" is created in the "Program Files" folder (usually on the Windows partition).
/nostart Don't start the program(s) after setup is complete. Otherwise, any Ghosts running before setup are restarted automatically.
/noshort Doesn't create a shortcut in the START - All Programs (all users) menu.
/language:N   The initial language used for setup. The N-th entry in General Options -> Language, e.g. German would be 3.


Pre-Configure User Settings

You may configure all user settings and distribute them to all clients during the installation. All you need is a .12G settings file. First, set up all options according to your needs. Then, create a .12G settings file by clicking the button '12Ghosts' in the tab 'General'. This will create a .12G file containing all settings for all Ghosts.

Setup will import settings automatically if it finds a file named "settings.12g" in the same path as the installation file.


Reset to Defaults

To import settings later just call the .12G settings file from a logon script or put it into the (All Users) Startup folder. Use the parameter /s for stealth operation. For example:

\\userprofiles\users\all\settings.12g /s













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